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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2198280
A short story based on a monthly contest about a pig that does something unexpectedly!

         The Jaguars are loosing, it's 6 to 1. The Jaguars have a white and black baseball uniform and the Mongooses have a white and brown one. Peggly the pig's the number one player of the Jaguars. His enemy, Pesley's the number one player for the Mongooses. Both are enemies and don't like each other very much.

"Swing batter batter, swing!" said Pesley teasingly to Peggly.

"Snort!" said Peggly back while ignoring Pesley and swings the bat and makes a home run.

         Everyone cheers for Peggly on the Jaguars team. At least two others made the home run too. Everyone was happy on the Jaguars side. Unfortunately, the score remains 6 to 4 and the Jaguars lose. Everyone on the Mongooses side cheers because they won.

"It figures that the Mongooses win again. I'm the best player of the Jaguars and we lost again. That darn Pesley tried to mess me up again and even though four of us scored a home run, we lost anyway," said Peggly disappointed.

         A week goes by and another game's being played. Everyone on the Mongooses side's happy because they believe they're going to win again. Peggly hopes that his team wins and readies himself at the bat.

"Swing batter batter, swing!" said Pesley teasingly to Peggly this time at another new game.

"Snort!" said Peggly back hoping that he'll hit a home run again this game. For some reason, he didn't hit a home run and got a strike. He tried one more time and hit the ball close to the Mongooses pitcher. The pitcher threw it to first base and Peggly was out!

"Darn! Pesley somehow got to me this time! Maybe I should start saying swing batter batter, swing to him too. No, I'm better than that, I won't," said Peggly.

         The score's 6 to 3 and the Jaguars are loosing again. Peggly wants to tease Pesley but still doesn't. Peggly didn't make any home runs this game for some reason. The final score's 6 to 4 and the Jaguars lose again. Peggly doesn't understand why he didn't make a home run and is disappointed in himself.

"I can't believe I didn't make any home runs! I'll have better luck next time I guess," said Peggly positively.

         Another week passes and Peggly's intently lecturing the Jaguars. He says that he wants everyone to do their very best. Worthly who's the second best player of the team's especially told to do this.

"Worthly, you do your best this time and try to make at least one or two home runs!" said Peggly to Worthly.

"I will!" said Worthly.

         Meanwhile, Pesley's giving the same kind of lecture to his team. Everyone agrees to what he says. His second best player's name is Wently.

"Now Wently, I need you to make as many home runs as you can! Let's crush the Jaguars again!" chuckled Pesley menacingly.

         After a few players including Worthly played and got a home run, the score's 5 to 3. The audience is cheering the Jaguars on. But unfortunately, once again the Mongooses win and the score's 7 to 5.

"I wonder what would happen if I'd ask Pesley if I could join their team?" questioned Peggly to himself after the game was over before returning to his team to talk to them after the game.

         Right before both of the team's went home, Peggly went to ask Pesley if he could join their team. Pesley disliked Peggly and was his enemy and didn't like this idea. He was surprised that he asked him this!

"You want to what? Join our team? You're my number one enemy! How could you do this?" chuckled Pesley while scratching his head in confusion.

"I know that this sounds crazy but with our skill in baseball, imagine what we could do together as a teammate for the team. I'll make tons of home runs and you'll make them too. I'd love to join just to see what we could do for your team," said Peggly merrily.

"Let me think about it. Alright, I'll let you join. But you better make those tons of home runs you told me you'll make!" said Pesley.

"Don't worry, I will! Thanks Pesley!" said Peggly happily.

         When the game started, Peggly was the first batter up. Just like he said, he'll make tons of home runs! He hit the ball and it went into the audience! He scored a home run for being the first up to bat! The audience was surprised that he was now on the Mongooses team! They didn't quite know what to do! Peggly's team members were also confused.

"I can hardly believe Peggly chose to leave us and join the Mongooses!" said Worthly to the team knowing that Peggly’s now the number one player for the team while at the dug out.

"I can't believe it either!" said another team member.

"Well, let's see what happens I guess," said Worthly.

         Peggly hits another three home runs and Pesley hits two. So now the score's 5 to 2. The game ends and everyone cheers on the Mongooses side. Peggly decides that no matter what he's going to stay and play for the Mongooses team. He doesn't even miss being on the Jaguars team. Over a short amount of time, Peggly and Pesley even become good friends.

         ~ The End! ~

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