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A Human is brought to Anthro world at the Whim of the Creation God. Chapter 01
Several hours had passed since Chiseraei had come to the Hospice room with Sherri and the strange looking male. When they were first brought to the room, Chiseraei had been told to stay outside while the Healers and Medics were doing their initial scans and examinations. Sherri's results showed that her energy levels were severely depleted. Her magical levels were almost at zero, her spiritual reserves were flatlining, even her blood-glucose levels were dangerously low. What was very interesting though was the results from her Analyze Scan. Analyze was an ability to detect any and all skills, gifts, and abilities a person may have, along with giving their name and general status. While it showed that some parts of her abilities had gone up, specifically her magical Gifts, there was one thing that was missing: Summonas de Gods Giftan.

For some unknown reason, her Special Gift was gone, and while those who were examining were confused, once the High Magi and Summoner were told this, they were reminded once more of the weight of what they needed to do, the apology they owed her. What they hadn't told her, what had been written in the Tome, was this: Summonas de Gods Giftan is a VERY Special Gift, which partly allows the Deity Reshta to Inhabit the possessor of said Gift, put also that the Gift itself forms the Bridge between Worlds, becoming the Point of Entry for the Summoned. The Power of the Deity may be enough to warp the Fabric between Worlds, but the Gift itself is what Facilitates the Transfer, becoming the Price Paid to Change Causality of the Other World. Such a Gift, if left Active within its Possessor, would become the focal point of a wrip, a Tear in Space Time between the two Universes, which in time could grow, and grow, in the end, causing both to collapse into each other, annihilating all life in both Universes.

The strange male was also an enigma to them. They gleamed the most useful information via Analyze: Name - Jayce Reshta'Son, though it seemed to be a name shift according to what the Analyzer could tell, though what his previous name was, they couldn't tell. This stirred up a lot of questions, ones that would have to wait until he woke up, as he was the only one who would be able to answer them. Race - Human, which seemed to be some kind of hairless Simian species of another world. Those from the Anthropology departments were very interested in learning more when he woke as well. His Magic Ability was zero, which was a first, as even a baby in this world have just a small bit of magical ability, but his mental status on the other hand was high, and he had two Gifts: A Gift of Tongues - A Gift of Tongues gives the individual the ability to speak, read, write, and understand any language the come in contact with, regardless of what form it may take. This Gift is Given to those who come from Another World as a way to be able to speak to the Inhabitants of Tartius Four. Seeing this explanation makes a person realize that the person is meant for more than just staying on one continent, which again makes the High Magi and Summoner wonder 'Why?!', and Reshta chuckle.

The second Gift: Empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, does not need to be in contact to feel the targets emotions. The idea that someone could read emotions the way some can read minds made sense, though it was a very rare Gift. Even in the Academy, there were few in Psy-Ops (Psychic Operations Training) who could read more than surface level emotions, and even they needed to be touching the other person. According to his status, he should be able to read emotions without needing any form of touch. Of course, that all depends on what kind of training the person himself had. Little did they know, he came from a world where such things did not exist, thus there would be a lot he would have to learn, and they in turn.

As to why he was unconscious, they figured it was a result of this form of Summoning. Nobody had seen that Gift used in a thousand years, and it had been forbidden for anyone other than the High Magi and High Summoner to write about it, and, truth be told, it wasn't in the Tome either. It would make sense though that a High Level of interdimensional Energy being used to form a Bond and Gift a being taken from Another Universe entirely when released would cause a backlash effect to those at the center of those energies, rendering anyone unconscious! It would have been stranger had he still been conscious.

Both He and Sherri were laid out on Med Beds designed to keep track of their vitals. Sherri's was also feeding her nutrients and liquid maginergy, a formula created by alchemists centuries ago to help replenish magical energy. A gamer geek from Jayce's world might call it a mana potion, and they might be right, except that there was an item called a mana potion in that world, in parts that weren't as technologically evolved as Feralen. This liquid was created by a device that processed the needed herbs along with the magical energy found in the very air, and had many uses, not just medicinal. For the time being, its use was, replenishing Sherri's depleted magic energy as the nutrients helped rebalance and reinvigorate her physical condition.

Chiseraei stayed with the two of them as they slept. As Sherri's friend, they were concerned for her state of being, but knew that worrying would get them nowhere. Everything that could be done, was being done. It was just a matter of waiting for her to wake up. As for the strange male, this Jayce, there was curiosity: What was the point of summoning this one? What was his personality like? Would he cause problems for Sherri, or help her out? What secrets lay within him? What adventures awaited them in the future? Why was part of his hair violet? What kind of mischief could the three of them get into? Chiseraei liked to come up with wild ideas of things to do to deal with their boredom. The Kyranae didn't need sleep like other species did, thus Chiseraei often got their projects done late at night, while others slept, thus had plenty of free time, as well as a naturally high curiosity typical of her kind. The High Magi and Summoner hadn't been forthcoming with any answers, but promised that once the two woke up, they would explain what they could to everyone at the same time, and the anticipation was getting to them.

It was the middle of the night when Jayce woke up. Unlike Sherri who had expended most of her energy, which even with assistance was taking time to recover, Jayce has passed out as a symptom of Energy Backlash and energy integration. His bodies various systems had adjusted to the difference in the World Energy. Going from a world where toxins filled the air, whether one realized it or not, due to technological advancement, and being brought to a world where magic and science worked in harmony: various toxins were filtered out of his blood and lymph by the energies present around them, partly when he was visiting Reshta's 'Respite', partly by the Energy used to bind him as a Summons. It would not be good after all to bring over some strange virus his world had that they had no immunity to. Thus when he woke, he felt more rested then he ever had, very relaxed, perfectly at ease, his body felt no stiffness or soreness in any of his muscles, in fact he felt limber, light, and full of energy.

Sitting up, he took a good, long stretch, arms extended over his head and to the sides, back slightly arched, head tilted back, eyes closed, smile on his face. Returning to his seated position, he looks around, realizing he is in a strange place, on a strange bed, sees a strange looking female on a table next to his, though her's seems much more medically inclined from the tubes he can see, and then he feels/sees a spider-like being staring at him. "Well," Jayce says nonchalantly "I guess that answers the whole 'was that a dream sequence' question I was gonna ask myself."

'Indeed it does.' Chiseraei answers

"Oh wow," Jayce exclaimed, hearing Chiseraei's words in his head "telepathy! Why not, this is another world, there's a nekomimi to one side, I'm supposed to be an Empath, so why not a telepathic spider-being?"

Chiseraei moved closer to Jayce 'Supposed to be? Were you unaware of your Gift? Oh.....it is new for you.....fascinating.....'

"Ummmm...I would be careful how deeply you look," Jayce said, feeling the strange sensation of someone looking inside of his brain "I get that you are curious, even worried for your friend, but if you try to look too deeply into that...."

The Rose on his throat glowed at that moment, silencing him, and Chiseraei found themselves, mentally in front of a large gate, the same kind of energy they noticed coming from Sherri was there, along with a very strong message being sent their way: 'DO NOT ENTER!' Following that, they blinked and found themselves back in their body, their legs splayed under them in all directions, a look of shock on their face, Jayce stood over them looking down, holding up their body, a concerned look on his face.

"Are you ok?" He said, seeing their eyes open, letting go as Chiseraei regained their strength

'I am now,' Chiseraei responded, feeling their strength slowly returning to their limbs, lifting their body 'what just occurred?'

"Best guess?" Jayce asked, and they nodded "You got whammied. One moment you were trying to look at some memory of mine, I'm guessing dealing with my Gifts, the next, the Mark on my throat glowed, your body locked up, then lost all strength, i decided to try to check on you, but honestly, I had no clue where to begin, I just waited for you to come to."

'How long were we out?' Chiseraei asked, confused as it seemed to have been but a moment between seeing the gate and waking up

"About half an hour," Jayce said "give or take a few minutes, I don't exactly see a clock here to track time, but it feels that long. I did try to warn you though, I mean, I don't mind if you are curious about me and want to look around inside to learn about me, but as for these...Gifts....let's just say that even I am unable to discuss much about them, outside of I didn't have them where I came from."

'Half...an...hour...' Chiseraei repeated, and after looking at one of the monitors near Sherri, verified it, then decided to push forward with some questions 'You said my body lost all strength for half an hour, did you see anything else, and is there a reason you didn't call for assistance?'

"Ummm..." Jayce looked away "not sure what you mean..."

'We would prefer not to search your mind,' Chiseraei said, doing their best to sound authoritative, feeling a bit vulnerable 'but We have clearly lost half an hour of time. Our kind are shifters, and if we lose that kind of time, our bodies revert to their original forms, yet we are back in this form when waking, and we are thinking you may be aware of why...' and looks at him

"I ummmm...." Jayce was trying to figure out what to say, but seeing the look on their face, and knowing they were a telepath... "::sigh:: was told not to call for assistance, that you wouldn't want them to see you like 'that', so I didn't, not that I have any clue how to call on anyone anyways."

'Who told you?' Chiseraei pressed 'Sherri is still unconscious, and if she was to have woken up, she would be by our side, not you, and there are no other Kyranae here right now, We would know.'

"Not sure if you will believe me," Jayce said "but, someone named Kyran hijacked your body and told me. Some kind of unwritten law among your kind, only certain people can see how you really look, the reason you were that way was because you looked at something you shouldn't have, and it would be a while before you would be back...and did I say something wrong? You are looking at me oddly..."

'You talked...to Kyran...through Us?' Chiseraei looked at Jayce with incredulity. It was unheard of for someone outside of the Kyranae to speak with Kyran, one considered the First of their kind, a Deity to them, and this....Human, had spoken to them, through themselves, this was fascinating 'Who, or what, are you really Jayce Reshta'Son? Surnamed for the Summoning Deity, you have piqued the interest of Our Patron Deity, something unheard of happe......are you okay?'

Jayce was holding his head and clenching his teeth, and when Chiseraei put one of their hands on his left shoulder, his breath hissed from a harsh intake, as if he was scalded from her touch. It took but a moment for them to realize what was going on, and another to reign in their feelings of excitement and surprise. As they did, Jayce calmed down as well, but the look on his face was one of shock and surprise, and a loss of understanding.

"What just happened?" Jayce asked, a slight trace of sweat on his face

'We happened,' Chiseraei told him, while bringing over a towel and some juice 'more like, this just goes to show, you need training.'

"I don't understand." Jayce said, accepting both

'What you just experience,' Chiseraei explained 'was the awakening of your Gift: Empathy. Often times, the first time can be very intense, especially when that Gift is of the Mind, such as yours, and when someone, like Us, is experiencing a tremendous influx of emotions: Shock, surprise, curiosity, all aimed at said person. The older one is when first experiencing said Awakening, the more potent it can be. Our apologies for not considering the possibility of such an occurrence.'

"It's fine," Jayce said, feeling slightly better, less shaky "how were you to know after all. Still stings a little. I am definitely gonna have to learn how to control that. It was soft at first, like a tickle of curiosity, then it just grew, and grew, and grew, and there was also this feeling of a need to know, and that feeling seemed to hit something in my head that said 'you shall not pass!', and that's when it REALLY started to hurt!"

'Oh...' Chiseraei said 'We guess there are things that answers will not be forthcoming then. On the other hand, training is something you can gain here, as there are those who can guide you to control said Gift. Might we ask what you are able to share?'

"Well, since it is you," Jayce said, sitting on the bed he had originally woken up on "Kyran says that you should not attempt to go looking into my head again for information regarding my transit here, unless you'd like to spend more time catatonic, in which case, more power to you! It's been a while since They had a Host Form, but it would also mean not being able to spend time with Sherri, or seeing what happens, so think carefully."

Chiseraei nodded their head. The idea of falling into such a state again was not appealing, especially as they were not aware it had happened, and they could not be certain how much time might pass before they would awaken. For someone like them, who lived to watch things, to see how things would progress, if for no other reason than it may be amusing, this was a considerable warning.

"I promised not to talk about what I saw," Jayce said "to Kyran, and I will promise the same to you. Obviously, it is important to you, so I shall give you something in return, something Kyran told me that Reshta said it was okay that I tell you: Reshta chose me because it amused her. My gifts, the markings, even the seal on my throat so I don't talk about our time chatting, all at the whim of a God! My Name change is because I amused her when talking, I figured things out, and that made her laugh, and made her bind my lips. Oh, and my last name use to be Matthews, so now you know it all, well, you and the Gods of course!"

'A.....whim?' Chiseraei repeated, and did their best to retain a calm demeanor 'Now on a whim, you are given permission to inform Us of these things?'

"Well....yeah." Jayce said with a shrug "I did get to see your 'true' form, even if accidentally, and it was felt that a fair exchange was needed, something I had that others would not be privy to, and as I am no shifter, the only thing I have is the truth of my being here, even if it's just a general outline of it." he touched the mark on his throat "As long as this is here, and it isn't shared (not sure what that means), that is the most I can say. Oh, there is one other thing...."

'What is that?' They asked, curiously

"My last name isn't just a name..." He said, feeling slightly nervous "it's also a title...."

'A....title....you mean...' Chiseraei looked at him with a combined look of amazement and amusement

"Like I said," Jayce said, with a light sigh "I amused her, so her changing my last name was also a way to 'claim' me; in other words, I am: Jayce; Reshta's Son.."

Chiseraei started laughing uncontrollably, their arms wrapped around their waist, having difficulty standing up, tears streaming down their face in their mirth-fueled merriment! Jayce could feel their honest good humor, and infectious as it was, did his best not to let it overwhelm him. After a couple of minutes, they calmed down, took a couple of deep breathes and looked at him.

'Well,' Chiseraei said, amusement clear in their thought speak 'it's just one amusement after another with you! Named and claimed, attracting the attention of 2 deities in the span of as many days, uprooted from your own world to another, and let in on one of the greatest secrets on this world, the true form of the Kyranae, what are your plans next Alien Boy?!'

"I'm going to Disneyland!" Jayce said with cheesy enthusiasm and a goofy smile, and when he sees the questioning look on Chiseraei's face "Take a peek through my memories; it's an amusement park with a mascot named Mickey Mouse, and that was a catch phrase back on my world typical after someone had done a bunch of stuff that was listed off like you just did."

'How amusing!' Chiseraei murmured while looking through his memories, including those of his family visit to the park 'So this is your family. You all look so happy together.'

"It was a fun trip," Jayce said, feeling himself appearing alongside Chiseraei in his memories "my grandparents had paid for us to go as an Anniversary Gift for our parents, as this was what they wanted to do with us kids. I had just turned 13, the twins, Josh and Emily, are 8, going on 9, and Abigail is gonna be 7. We had a lot of fun....I hope they are doing well."

'I'm sure they miss you,' Chiseraei said feeling a bit of sadness coming from Jayce and places one arm on his right shoulder 'but they would be proud that you were chosen....'

"Funny thing that," Jayce said, patting Chiseraei's hand in thanks "but they can't miss someone they never knew."

'Never knew?' Chiseraei titled their head, pulling out of his memories 'We don't understand, explain!'

Jayce takes a deep breathe, closes his eyes looking up for a moment as if in contemplation, and for a moment, Chiseraei cannot 'feel' anything coming from him, which is a highly odd sensation for a telepath. After a few minutes, he nods his head in affirmation to something, opens his eyes, and looks at Chiseraei once more.

"Ok, I already experienced it once," Jayce began "talking to you in my head while looking at my memories, so, I decided to ask Reshta if I could explain to you certain....circumstances....about my summoning, and she said it was ok, as long as it was done telepathically on both ends, not just yours. So if you could kinda, pull me in, we can talk about it."

Understanding why he had just spent the last couple minutes in silence, and what he was asking, Chiseraei nodded, took his hands in theirs, closed their eyes, and drew Jayce onto the Mindscape, a special layer telepaths reserved for private conversations.

'As you asked, so shall it be.' Chiseraei spoke 'We have brought you into the Mindscape, where we can speak freely with no fear of others hearing. Please explain.'

"Ok," Jayce said "first off, your friend's Gift was never fully explained, neither to those above, nor to her, but it was a one-shot, and is the reason I said what I did."

Chiseraei listened, simply nodding and wishing him to continue on

"From what I have been told," He continued "that Gift was used to latch onto a being from another world and remove them, but to help balance the other world's causality, the Gift would take in all traces left of said person from that world, and sort of, implode with it, leaving no traces behind."

'Wait a moment,' Chiseraei said, all 9 eyes opening, their Minds eye being visible in this realm 'you are telling us that the Gift acts as a Trade off, then removes the tradee's traces...'

"My parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family, friends, memories, any and all form of records," Jayce confirmed "are reduced to nothing. On the plus side, my family isn't burdened with the worry and concern of where I am! Honestly, that is a load off of my shoulders, not because I don't care about them, but because I do, and I don't need them to worry about my whereabouts all the time! I also get to start a new life in a new world! Yeah, I feel a little sad, who wouldn't, but I know that they are doing okay, even without me, and I hold them in a special place in my heart. Everything from this point on is a fresh start. I have always been the kind of person to look for the best in a situation, and to not sweat the small stuff, and that hasn't changed even with a world shift."

'That is a very mature way of looking at it,' Chiseraei said 'and We can feel how much you mean it. You have been, for lack of better words 'spirited away' from your world, and nobody will miss you, because nobody remembers you were even born. It only cost Sherri's Gift.....oh....'

"Yeah," Jayce could see the dots connecting "so that's her name....but yeah. I don't know anything about anybody here, but I can't imagine ANYBODY being thrilled to find out that their special ability deprived someone of their family, no matter how well the other party might take it."

'That is one point to consider,' Chiseraei said 'the other is Sherri's desire to become a great summoner, and from what you just said, her gift was used to bring you, and clear out your existence from your world, which explains why the Analyzer did not find it while you two were unconscious....oh my...'

"Well, frell....." Jayce said "Now I can't be certain if she will be upset for me, or with me....ah well. It is what it is! I'm just hoping that with your help, the two of us can clear things up and make her feel better."

'Do you speak thus as a Summoned beast, or from inside?' Chiseraei inquired 'You are bound to her through the Summons magic, and the sigils you bare, and while, yes, We could read your mind for the answer, it is better if you answer without being read, especially in the Mindscape.'

"It is quite simple," Jayce stated with no hesitation "I have ALWAYS been the kind of person who looks to help, because it is the right thing to do, not out of some sense of duty or obligation. Are we bound? Looks it, can't deny that fact, and I have zero clues how it works, but regardless, if there is something I can do, let me, even if I have to figure out what it is, let me figure it out! This," points at Rose on his arm "just provides more reason to do so!"

'Nicely said Jayce.' Chiseraei smiled 'We would hope for no less. We can guarantee it won't be easy. Sherri can be a bit stubborn at the best of times, and this may have her flipping between guilt for removing you from your family, to regret over not being able to fulfill her dream. Let Us work together to help her to overcome these, challenges.'

"That sounds gr...." Jayce starts, then suddenly grabs his head and stumbles a little "the heck was that...?"

'Describe what just happened.' Chiseraei states helping Jayce to stand

"It felt like I was waking up," Jayce looked confused "but I am awake...I don't get it..."

'It's Sherri!' Chiseraei exclaimed 'She must be waking up, and your bond is letting you know.'

"If that's the case, I guess it's time to go back." Jayce said, pointing out the Mindscape they were in

'Of course silly!' Chiseraei said mockingly, bringing them out as quickly as they brought them in 'Already on it.' Then headed over to Sherri's bed where she was starting to come to. They helped Sherri slowly sit up, offering her a drink while Jayce sat on his med bed across from them, watching patiently, leaving introductions to Chiseraei.

'How are you feeling Sherri?' Chiseraei broadcast openly so that even Jayce could hear

"Like I slept for a week Chise," Sherri replied, leaning slightly against Chiseraei "and I could eat a whole banquet on my own....but still feeling sluggish."

'That is not surprising.' Chiseraei replied ignoring the look from Jayce who mouthed 'Chise?' and continued 'What is the last thing you remember?'

"The last thing I remember huh..." Sherri said, rubbing her temples, then looking at her left hand and the rose on it, her eyes shot open and as she looked across the way, she saw Jayce staring back, silver eyes smiling back at her, and everything came rushing back "the summons worked....ummm...I mean....the last thing I remember was being in the Chamber of Reshta and performing the Ceremony to unbind my Gift, a very strong power building within me, Him appearing, this mark appearing, feeling exhausted and next thing I know, you were helping me up here....what happened Chise?"

'Well Sherri, you performed the ceremony,' Chiseraei started 'let a deity into yourself, summoned this person from beyond our universe, using up all of your energy, and both of you have spent the last two days sleeping while recovering your energy. As for him, his name is Jayce, he woke about an hour ago, and while talking, he felt you waking.'

"Excuse me," Jayce cut in, surprising Sherri "but did you just say that we slept for two days?! Wow......no wonder I'm so hungry...."

"You can talk?!" Sherri exclaimed

'We did just mention conversing with him' Chiseraei replied for Jayce who looked a bit surprised

"Well, yeah," Sherri fidgeted a little "but I thought it might just be through telepathy, as he is a summons, and not of this world...."

"Ahhh..." Jayce exclaimed "I think I get it. Sure I am from another world, but one of the 'Gifts' I have your people call it the ability to speak fluently with anyone, read and write as well, so no language barrier, not like it gives me telepathy though, unless it is tied to you, I don't how summoning works in this world."

"You mean you have Summoners in your world?!" Sherri asked excitedly

"Well," he answered, scratching the back of his neck "in video games and books, it falls into the realm of fantasy and science fiction for my people, then again, so do shifters, telepaths, and cat-people...."

Sherri looked over as Chiseraei 'Let Us say that We tried to look into something We shouldn't have, and leave it at that....' Chiseraei responded

"My apologies," Sherri said, turning to Jayce and bowing lightly "I meant no disrespect. So little is known about my Gift and how it works, what kind of being it brings over, and what kind of Gifts the being has when they arrive. (Above them, Reshta is compiling a list of complaints while listening, needless to say, the High Magi and Summoner will have some things to answer for...Jayce has a bad feeling about this...), so going off how most Summons are, I just.....sorry." and bowed again, the tips of her white ears slightly red from her embarrassment.

"It's alright," Jayce said dismissively "I'm sure it is confusing, I know it is for me. One moment I'm resting under a tree, enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning, the next thing I know, I'm floating in the air, and finding myself in another world! Pass out, and 2 days are gone! At least I don't have to worry about a language barrier, because THAT would be a pain!"

Sherri looked at Chiseraei, who was suppressing their laughter, then at Jayce, back to Chiseraei, back to Jayce, then let loose a sigh. "You speak truth," Sherri relented "it is confusing, losing time, not just those two days, but even during the ritual, I felt....off...not completely in control of things. I felt that power well up from deep within, then a presence join, the power grew stronger yet, then you showed up, then these markings, then I felt so drained that I couldn't stay conscious..."

'On the plus side,' Chiseraei added in 'you summoned this one here: He's smart, witty, and bounces back pretty quickly. We like him, as does the Summoner Deity.'

"You are right Chise," Sherri said with a light smile "but what do you mean by that last part? What would make anyone think that Reshta would take interest in a mortal?"

"Funny thing that..." Jayce said with a mix of seriousness and a hint of concern on his face "but the fact is, Reshta took enough of an interest to possess you (part of what made up your Gift) and enough in me to Name me..."

Sherri blinked in shock at what Jayce said, then looked at Chiseraei "Chise.....what is He speaking of....and how come I feel like somethings missing..."

'Sherri, We need you to take a few deep breaths first,' Chiseraei said, and once Sherri did and seemed to calm down, they continued 'now, We want you to cast Analyze on Jayce.'

"Ok..." Sherri said, casting, looking, then gasping "That name, but how???....No magic? How absurd....Gift of Tongues....Empathy.....Summoners Bond with Sherri Bentalyn...Keeper of Secrets...Castaway on a far-off shore....He who Helps...One who exceeds expectations....What is with these titles?! Lack of magic? Even a newborn has a trace! And what is with that name?! Jayce Reshta'Son?! What ARE you?!" She said looking at Jayce incredulously, while he just smiled back

'Analyze yourself now Sherri.' Chiseraei said

"Fine, not sure what you expe...." Sherri started saying, then cut off as she turned to look back at her friend, a look of sadness on her face "It's gone....Chise, it's gone! What the frack is up with my magic though?!"

'Calm yourself,' Chiseraei calmly said

"What is this Chise?!" Sherri asked, near tears "What happened to Summonas de Gods Giftan?! What happened to being able to summon?! My dream Chise, what about my dream?! And, and.....and what is wrong with him?" Sherri asked as she noticed Jayce curled up as if in pain and crying.

'That would be why We were asking you to calm down,' Chiseraei sighed 'He has two things working against him right now, and both are named Sherri Bentalyn.'

"I don't under....stand..." Sherri said slowly, finally understanding "No......Really? That....can't be..."

'We shouldn't have to explain,' Chiseraei sighed, rubbing Jayce's shoulders as he slowly relaxed as Sherri calmed down 'this is why We had you Analyze him first. Empathy allows him to feel another's emotions as if his own, which is a powerful tool in the hands of one trained, not in the hands of one who has just awakened to such a gift, and the Summoner's Bind connects both Summoner and Summoned together in a powerful Psychic Link, which may not mean much when the summoned is a lower level life form/beast, but what happens when it is one on the same level?'

"It's not her fault," Jayce said, sitting up slowly with help "one too many shocks to the system. Can't blame ya either Sherri," He offered his hand to her, which she accepted "not nice to find out something that has always been part of your life is suddenly gone, especially with no warning. Take me for example: I'm swept away from my world, no way back, ever, nobody back home remembers me, I suddenly have glowing eyes, roses on my body, meeting strange beings, strange gifts thrust upon me, and all I planned before all this, was a nice nap under a tree before going off to see a movie with friends!" Sherri looked shocked at this sudden confession, and at the depths of what it meant for him to be in their world "But ya know what, I'm gonna make the best of it, because that's what I do! If I can help you while doing so, awesome sauce! Having friends will make it easier to adjust to this new world I will be living in, if you'll let me be your friend. What say you?"

Sherri just looked at Jayce, a complicated look on her face. She didn't have many friends, in fact, Chise (Chiseraei) was really her only friend in the Academy, others were only friends in passing, so having another might be nice, even a male one. On the other hand, she had never heard of a Summoned Beast being Humanoid before, or of a situation like hers. Taking care of his well being made sense as the one who had Summoned him, but what exactly did that entail? There were to many questions, and no easy answers, except the one in front of her: He really was a very honest and upfront person. He didn't blame her for taking him away from his home, and was actually quite interested in seeing where things would lead. Chise liked him, which actually worked in his favor, and it wasn't like he gave her a bad feeling at all, he actually did want to help her feel comfortable, which in this kind of situation, she felt foolish to admit, she should have been the one to help HIM feel comfortable! Weighing the positives versus the negatives, she decided to trust him.

"You are a strange one, Jayce Reshta'Son," Sherri said, grasping his forearm firmly "but I guess I am use to that, for as long as I have been dealing with Chise. My name is Sherri Bentalyn, and as the one who Summoned you, I Swear upon Reshta to provide for you a place to stay as well as sustenance and garments, and to never mistreat you, for Harm to the Summoned is Harm to Reshta." With those words, the rose on the back of her hand glowed Golden.

Jayce gripped her arm in return, words appearing in his head "My name is Jayce Reshta'Son, and as the One Summoned, I Swear upon Reshta to protect you to the best of my ability, and to hold you to the Summoner's Accords, and swear to never turn my hand to you, for Harm to the Summoner is Harm to Reshta." With those words, the rose on the back of his hand glowed Silver.

Energy from the roses came together, wrapping around the arms, then around the two, lifting them both momentarily from the ground, then gently setting them back down, and settling back to their arms, and when they looked again, the Roses were no longer one color, but a mix of both Gold and Silver. Sherri felt inside that this was proof of the Summoner's Accord, the Final Binding between Summoner and Summoned. Jayce looked at the back of his hand, and even Chiseraei was bemused by the event.

'Well, that was most entertaining,' Chiseraei responded 'might We ask what that was about?'

"This," Sherri showed the Silver/Gold Rose on the back of her hand "is the Summoner's Accord. The thing before was to show our roles, this is to show that we have made our vows....."

'Does that make you engaged now Sherri?' Chiseraei decided to tease her 'To think, you two just met....ah....Great Kyran, Our Friend has Grown so quickly! We wish your Blessing for their Future Okapo!'

"Chise!" Sherri shouted, blushing "What foolishness are you spouting! Everyone knows of the Summoner's Accords! Though....most people only know the words from the Summoners...But regardless! Why are you teasing me!!!"

'Firstly because it is easy,' Chiseraei said with more than a little mirth in her mind's voice 'secondly because this whole situation needed a bit of levity, as most of it has fallen outside of what any would consider average or normal. A special Gift that can Summon a Being from another Universe, and bind them to this one; definitely out of the ordinary, it vanished after use, more out of ordinary, never mind the out of ordinary response of said summoned being. Levity seems a good mood breaker.'

"They do have a point," Jayce says "quite a bit of 'wowzers' going on, with a side of 'wtf', so a bit of 'ha-ha!' seems a good retort. There is quite a bit to share though, some I already did with Chiseraei, and some I haven't had the chance to, and since you are awake, might as well start from the beginning."

'Someone will be here shortly though,' Chiseraei said, noticing the time 'between morning shift and both of you waking, we have only so much time, so might We suggest a chat in Mindscape before they get here?'

"Sounds okay Chise," Sherri said, taking on of Chiseraei's hands, and one of Jayce's "shall we?"

"Let's." Jayce said right before all 3 were pulled in.
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