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by Lee
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The biography Assignment I had my Freshman year of highschool

Cody Williams

My story has never been a happy one, far from it in most aspects, but has been full of comforts I'm sure I take for granted. I was born December 31, 2001 into a family that was soon to split, I know not very unique. My mother found another husband. A man that she would grow to hate with a burning passion, not before having my two brothers though. I was dragged around Indiana for a long time. I have attended five elementary schools, three middle schools, and currently attending my first and, hopefully, my only high school. My biological father never really distilled anything into me, I never had any fatherly bonding or learning experiences with him. My first step-father was an absolute brute of a man but never laid a hand on me, he never had to be forceful in terrifying me. My step-father would often interrogate me on where my mother went that day, what she did, who she met with. My mother lost the few friends she had as she grew more and more distant. My four big step-sisters at the time, I thought, were mostly kind to me, I bonded with the youngest of the four. Sadly, when the marriage ended so did my relationship with my sisters. My mother didn't carry the highest opinion of any one of my sisters and the feeling was mutual between them. I don't remember much as a child but I don't remember any big clashes between my sisters and mother. My time line is also very broken I can only remember bits and pieces. But a huge chunk, one large event was when my mother took a knife to her wrist and had to get stitches. I wouldn't find out until much later that it wasn't just a "pumpkin carving accident". I have always been instilled with the idea that I had to be a "good boy" I was young but not thick, I knew my mom had problems and I didn't want to add to them, and so I strived for the best grades and the best behavior. I had very little problems I was easy. I remember one time when my mother took me aside and told me that I was the only reason she was alive. I don't know how far along this event was in the timeline but I couldn't have been older than ten years old. That statement is a trip to lay on anyone but for a kid who was shy and skittish and self-critical as me. No wonder why I cried for years if anyone so much as raised their voice to me. Everything changed when my mother finally divorced that manipulative prick of a man. She and I along with my two brothers moved in with, what she thought was, a good friend. During this time, I would grow to be even more spoiled. My mom was convinced she was indebted to me. I was a little teenager. My mother met what would be my second step-father, Brad. When the "good friend" heard of this he was livid, he was in love with my mom. My mother burned the bridge between them and we moved into the country. Where I attended my second to last elementary school, I developed a cough. Something in my psyche made me cough. It's could've been stress, but it wasn't like I didn't enjoy attending that school, I had friends, good close friends. My mother snapped which only worsened my cough. I pleaded with my father to let me stay with him. This would prove to be worse than just growing a pair and figuring out what caused me to cough in the first place. I moved in with my father and attended my last elementary school. My time there sucked to put it lightly, I had no friends throughout that year, I was bullied, and I would isolate myself. I was weak and depressed, My first year in middle school was a nice jump, I gained two friends and had one of my all-time favorite teachers that year. I also crushed hard on a girl and by the end of the year I was closer to her. I'd message her and pass notes, she was nice enough to respond. Then seventh grade came, If this time had a happiness graph it was about to take a nosedive. The first few months were the same as the first few in sixth grade, I had my friends and I was getting closer to my crush. The dream of even being friends with the person I loved was dashed on the ground and shot to death when I was caught writing a note to her, I write the notes during lunch and leave them in her desk. I usually sit alone but today a group of guys sat with me. They grew curious of what I was writing, they snatched my note, it didn't say anything personal but it was a private conversation. The kids hand delivered the note to my crush and embarrassed her in front of her friends, at that moment she had two options. She could a. cut all ties with me and completely ignore me or b. stick up for me, for a overweight round faced big nosed coward. I'm sure you can tell which option she chose. She no longer responded to me. My heart broke, but that wasn't the worst of what was about to happen. Some of my friends ignored me too. I had rumors spread about me. I became an outcast of outcasts. I was mocked, belittled, and ultimately ignored. I would isolate myself more often. I thought of suicide. I shutdown, my usual A pluses slipped into a barely passing grade. I stopped talking all together. I developed my cough again, costing my dad a ton of money. I could have relayed what was happing but never did, it was ultimately my fault. I moved back in with my mom and attended online school and failed every class. I was still in that numb sort of mood. It wasn't until I attended North Wood that I was forced to care. My grades climbed back to where they were before. I met my close and treasured friends, and I no longer felt numb. I plan on keeping the ball going. What's funny is I've never relayed any of this information to my parents, and here I am pouring my heart out on a poorly written biography. My life hasn't been the most difficult. That doesn't mean I haven't been through anything.

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