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Today Seems a wee bit Strange

Bitter Brews
WC 242

Margaret sat in her usual chair by the window. The coffee shop was not crowded. Penny arrived and took her usual seat beside Margaret.

“What are you drinking today. Megs?”

Margaret held up her cup. “Some strange new tea. The barista said I needed to broaden my horizons, Try something new. Get out of the Earl Grey routine. But this tea seems a little off, kind of bitter or something. Maybe it needs honey.”

“But you like routine. Your life is defined by your routine.” Penny sipped from her cup. She grimaced and put it down. “I don’t know. I like my coffee. But today it seems strange, a bit bitter. Perhaps I need to put some cream in it.”

The two women sat and drank bitter brews, oblivious to goings on. People came and went. Time passed and still they sat. The shop closed for the day. The barista closed the shop. Night descended and still the women sat with their cups of bitter brew.

Margaret laid her head on the table. “I feel strange, Penny. ”

Penny laid her head beside Margaret’s. “I feel strange as well, dear Megs. A bit foggy around the edges.”

When the barista came to open in the morning, he saw two cups on the table by the window. Two spoons were on the table on top of two napkins. Strange, he thought. I thought I cleaned that table before I left last night.

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