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a still arrogant Mortog goes in search of magical weapons, then freeing prisoners, kinda.
         Dopey's          Brother: A Prophecy Rises                    Where be Dargus!

Chapter 9

Where be Dargus!

Darcey arrived at the rink ahead of schedule; she wasn't going to miss anything. She had this idea brewing in her head and wanted so bad for Dargus to hear her. This plan couldn't implement her or any of the groups in any way. She was positive that this was a sure-fire way to get rid of Keldron.

She waited and waited; it was long after the meeting was supposed to have happened when she left. 'Maybe they went te The Cherub. I'll go's dare an look around.' They weren't there either. She was now worried that the meeting was over and that they had lied to her, or that something bad happened to them. She started off to the hideout.

'Don't do anythin out o' da ordinary.' She remembered what Thrazzulin had told her about not looking suspicious. She wanted so bad to go and talk to her but instead decided that maybe it was better to just go home, that's what she would have normally done; but tonight wasn't one of those nights. She needed to know that Dargus was alright. She turned and headed toward the stronghold after making sure that nobody was following her.

She knocked the secret knock and said the secret password and she was in. She waited in the front entrance for Thrazzulin. She came out from one of the tunnels followed by three other ladies.

"What are ye about Darcey? Why ye bein here an no' at home wit yer family?"

"I's supposed to have met Dargus at da rink, but he wasn't dare. I's thought maybe he'd be goin to The Cherub, but he wasn't dare either! What happened to Dargus?" Darcey's hands clenched and unclenched as her breath quickened. 'I's hopin he wasn't captured, I's don'no what i's be doin without him!' Darcey's mind screamed.

Relax Darcey, nothin bad happened to him. He be doin fine, this happens all da time, it be bein a safety measure we all be doin. We just change up da meetin place at da very last minute. It's in case there be a spy among us. An ye were not invited to dis particular meetin. Dis be about somethin totally different an we needed te have dis meetin go smoothly tonight, it be imperative."

"Then I's shoulda been dare!" Darcey yells.

"There be no need te put yer life in danger too."

"But I's be needin te-"

"Darcey, ye can'no control everythin. Ye donna even know what da meetin was about." Thrazzulin explained.

"She's back Thrazzulin." Another girl came in to inform her.

But I's be guessin ye'll find out soon enough."

"Okay, we were almost recognized so we had te split up fer a while, we met up at the prearranged backup site an worked it all out. Our sorceress and their archmage will be da ones puttin dare lives on da line, who' dis?" The woman said nodding her head toward Darcey.
"Dis be a very new, very enthusiastic member o' our group."

"Well I aint be talkin in front o' her." The woman said, nodding toward Darcey.

"It's okay, I trust her an dat's Darcey by da way." Thrazzulin told her.

"Great, yeah, yeah, we got it all set up, just before he orders it, we be lightin off those barrels and then dare archmage will unlock all da locks, it's up to them to get out o' dare from dat point. I's just pray they take the cue. We weren't able te contact any o' 'em te discuss da plan."

"Oh dear, that could be most unfortunate if they don'na take da cue." Thrazzulin said with her head down deep in thought. "What if we. . . no, or we could. . . no dat won't do either."

"What er ye on about, maybe I's can help." Darcey said. "What's goin on dat I can help wit?"

"Darcey, this has been in da works fer a week now an we can'no change anythin now, It just be too late, da plan goes off tomorrow."

"Wait, yer not gonna try an free those prisoners are ye?" She asked hurriedly. "I's bein able te help wit dat. What ye need me's te do?"

"See . . . Very enthusiastic." She looked over to the other girl in the room. "I don' know Darcey, what ye be thinkin ye can be doin?" Thrazzulin asked her.

"I don' know, what be da plan?"

"What do ye think? Should we let her in?" Thrazzulin asked the other woman in the room.

"I don'na see why not now, she knows almost everythin anyway." The other woman said in an irritated tone.

With a heavy sigh and a twitch of her finger she guides them to another room where there are a couple of other dwarves standing around looking at a map, one of them happens to be male. He looks up as they walk in.

"Darcey." The man said with a nod of his head going back to talking with the woman next to him, while pointing at different positions on the map.

"Who be him? an why does he know who I am?"

'Really Darcey? Who doesn't know you, you're infamous round here." Thrazzulin said, the other woman dropped her hands to her sides, rolled her eyes and breathed out a sigh of frustration.


"We's should be gettin close to 'em by now, don't ye think, they's probably slower an us cause they never seen this kind of weather afore."

"Never underestimate da power o'enthusiasm of young kids an new things, Graggum."

"Bah, Then they probably at da citadel by now." Graggrum responded.

"Remember," Snaznock said. "We are not te hurt these kids ye hear?" They all signify their agreement with a soft moan. "I don'na care what Keldron says, he's not here now an I ain't fer havin no unnecessary kids deaths on me hands."

"But what if they attack us first?" Tranvock asked.

"NO!" Snaznock told them. "This is non-negotiable! Ye all know da prophecy fer this kid. If'n he is da one, than we needin te be helpin him, not stoppin him."

"Yeah, but they stole a sacred text from da library!"

"An if'n they can be pullin dat off then they can do almost anythin. So ye be watchin yerself, an Dargus hisself told me te watch out fer Mortog, cause he can learn yer fightin style in mere minutes and be able te predict yer moves. Ye better be watchin yerself around them, ye got it Travnock?"

"Yeah, yeah, I's was just jokin anyway, They are, after all, just kids."


"So what ye be hearin about this 'prophecy'?" Mortog asked finally.

"Well it seems that you're handpicked by the gods to retrieve the Dragonstone amulet."

"But it's not called dat in me book." Mortog told her.

"My guess is that every race has a different name for it. The Dragonstone is what the elves refer to it as."

"Well me sacred text calls it da healing stone amulet. I like Dragonstone though, it has a prettier ring to it. Anyway, what's it do? Me text tells me nothin about it, well, that I's can make out anyway."

"Legend has it that it can heal a broken people and unite them in a common cause." Ryuul tells him. "It is said to have enormous power and there is nothing like it in the world."

"Then why it be hidden all this time, why keep it away from da people it be belongin te?"

"There is a horrible curse on the amulet and nobody knows what it is." She finished her warmed up breakfast meat and picked up her staff. "I'm going to spar, care to join me, I need to get in my workout for the day before we head into the catacombs. I want to be ready for anything. So bring your axe or your sword, whatever you feel like you can beat me with."

Mortog looks over at Branthony, who is sharpening his sword with a piece of the yellow stone wall that sat behind him. Jackel was getting his daggers ready for combat if he needed them. Mortog thought about it for a minute and decided to go with the sword. 'She's a young elf girl, how good could she be?'

She stood at the ready holding her staff out in front of her like a walking stick. Her knees bent a little and she shrank down just a bit, her outstretched hand bidding him to attack. He tried a simple swing to her left side, the side without the staff. The staff moved from one hand to the other in an instant to block his attack. 'An easy attack, maybe I should show her a lesson in how to block.' He thought to himself with an evil grin, after all she was just a girl.

He lunged forward feigning a straight stab then twisted to bring the sword high and down at an angle. She anticipated his move and countered it easily without even taking a step back. In fact the next three moves he made she blocked easily, then she made a move that, in his arrogance, didn't realize she was going to make and disarmed him completely. She jammed her staff into the soft grass and looked over at Branthony.

"Maybe you can give me a better challenge, Branthony." She looked at him with a rigid stare, she really wanted to spar with him. Mortog, looking mortified sat down to watch his former nemesis face off with this highly skilled elf, noting to himself that he needs to take his axe next time to the sparring match. Now he could watch her moves and win the next time they sparred. 'Dats not happening again, stupid foolish mistake is all.'

Branthony got out onto the field with Ryuul and stood there in the defensive stance with both of his swords at the ready. He didn't underestimate her and let her make the first move. At one point in time he thought he had disarmed her only to find that her foot had caught the staff and when she ducked his attack she flipped her staff into her hand twisted it knocking both swords from Branthony and swung it around knocking him on his back with a staff pointed right at his throat and his swords not even close to him. He was done.

"Better, now let's see what our mister Jackel has for me."

"Bah I's just an archer is all."

"Can you handle your bow as a staff, or maybe those daggers at your side aren't just for show." She challenged.

"All right little missy. I's can try an beat ye, but I's knows when someone better enters me arena." He stepped up to her and in traditional fashion, he bowed to her, something the younger two failed to do. They both got into position, her with her staff pointed down but towards him. She started out at him and he immediately moved his decorated bow to block, but cut her with an arrow as he sliced it down. She drew back, feeling the wound on her shoulder. She smiled and looked back at him.

"Finally, a real challenge." She put her staff back up at the ready as he did with his bow. They battled for what seemed like a half an hour. They thrust and blocked and spun around, both of them trying to catch the other off guard. They were both real good at anticipating each other's movements. He was a lot better at using his bow as a staff than he let on. Mortog was thrilled to watch this little sparring match; after all, she had humiliated him right off the bat. As he watched he realized that not only was Jackel good at staff fighting, but so was she. They might do well to have a mage in the group, especially one that fights like that when needed; and he liked her attitude and it didn't hurt that she was easy on the eyes. Jackel loosed one of his daggers and cut her hand right across the knuckles making her drop her staff as he kicked her in the chest knocked an arrow and in a flash had an arrow to her throat.

She lay there on her back with her head held up so that the point was touching her Adams apple in pride. He pulled his foot off of her chest, put his bow down to his side and reached his hand out to help her up.

"You make a real good sparring partner, where did you learn to fight like that?" She asked him still laboring to breath.

"Oh, they teach ye a thing or two at our schools in da citadel." He said with pride. Mortog looked on knowing he could do better but thought against it because he wanted each team member to think they were useful. "Plus I fergot I wasn't actually fighting fer me life until ye looked up at me from under me arrow."

"Well, I'm grateful that I did then." She chuckled.

Both her and Mortog were somewhat humbled at Jackels performance and now Mortog knew what kind of fighter Jackel was and what he could do if prompted to do so.

"Is everybody ready to check out these catacombs?" Mortog asked the group. "An who be gettin da torch so's we can see?"

"I've got that, it's one of my innate abilities but I haven't ever had to use it, so let's take a regular torch also." Ryuul tells the group.

Mortog was out in front with his shiny double bladed axe leading the way. Ryull's light orb made it bright enough for all of them to see what was ahead.

After about an hour of hiking in the dark, damp and moldy smelling cavern, the dirt floor suddenly opened up to a larger chamber where there were unmarked graves were built into the walls. They appeared to be human upon closer inspection.

"This must be where da Harpies lay in waiting fer us." Branthony reasoned. He looked over to his right and saw another small room with a doorway only wide enough for one. "Hey guys, I think I's found another room, maybe dare's stuff in dare, can I's gets some light?"

Ryuul walked over to the room and the light spilled into the room like daylight. They could see everything and there were all manner of items and weapons and packs, lanterns, bedrolls.

"They must've lived out here in these nests and stored all of da people's belongings in dare." Mortog said. "Let's see if dares anything good in dare. Maybe a good quiver or arrows in dare for ye Jackel."

"There are magic weapons in here, I just can't pinpoint where or which ones they are." Ryuul told them.

"How ye be knowin dat?" Mortog asked sounding a bit skeptical.

"It's just one of the skills I have, I'm a druid and all druids can detect magic." She explained.

"Aye an apparently all clerics too, cause I's can sense em too." Doc grumbled. Ryuul just looked over smiled and nodded.

Branthony had already begun going through some of the items in the room. "They must've been luring people in here for a long time." He said as he was rummaging through the assorted items.

Mortog found a larger backpack with a sword sheath on either side of it for easy access and a spot to tie up his dragon's breath axe. He thought about giving it to Branthony but decided against it because he wanted to find two good swords to use in battle if he needed to. That's okay because Branthony found himself a good pack with a better bedroll than the one he had.

Jackel found a quiver that seemed fancier than his so he traded it out, just because he thought it looked better. He also found a large decorative staff that he brought outside for Ryuul to take a look at.

"Ye thinkin it be magical darlin?" Jackel said as he handed it to her. She took the staff into her hand and found that it did have a better weight to it, but as she looked at the carvings a little closer she could've sworn she saw them move slightly. Thinking that it was only a trick of the light she let the thought slide. She decided that she liked the weight of the new staff better than her old one, but still she kept both.

She walked out into the room and performed some practice manuevers with it and the balance on it was perfect. Her other one rested silently against the stone wall.

Before the boys could find their swords, if there were some magical ones to find, Ryuul, made a noise outside the room.

"Guys!" She said getting into a crouching position, looking through her spells in her mind. "Get out here now!"

As they exited the room, they saw two giant spiders standing in front of the exit tunnel. They had maneuvered from another tunnel to the exit tunnel to block their escape route.

She had already tried her level five charm animal's spell and apparently spiders aren't considered animals.

Doc sat back inside the room and put protection spell on three of them, he left Jackel alone to put a luck spell on him.

Jackel knocked an arrow that he pulled from his new quiver and fired at one of the spiders; it hit it in one of its many different eye's and sparks erupted sending that spider and the one next to him backward a tad. 'That be awesome!' Jackel thought. That spider took aim crouched one of its legs and raised another one to shoot a ball of acid at Jackel, who jumped in the air just in time, as he did he took out another arrow and fired it again at the same spider and again it erupted in sparks on one of its other luminescent eyes.

Mortog and Branthony took up spots in front of the other spider and prepared for battle, but the spider seemed to just stand there.
"What the hells?" Mortog yelled.

"I dazzled him, just kill it now!" Ryuul said.

"Were going to have to have a little chat later." He said that and both Branthony and Mortog attacked at the same time. Branthony, bringing one sword behind his head pointed directly at the spider's eye, reached out and stabbed the creature causing it to rear backward. Mortog lifted his axe high above his head, pushed off the dirt floor to jump trying to get above the spiders head to perform a downward chop at the thing. He connected but it wasn't enough to kill the monster. All he managed to do was piss the thing off.

One of its six legs connected with Branthony sending him into the far wall and landing him in a pile of bones on the floor. Just as Branthony went to get up he heard a hissing noise and when he looked up, saw a globule of something heading straight for him. He jumped to the side to avoid getting hit when some of the splatter hit his armor and started to burn. He struggled to unlatch the burning breastplate to take it off.

Once clear of the breastplate he looked down to see that some of the soft leather armor that rested below his breastplate had been singed
nd almost burnt through. 'What do I's do?! I's has no armor! Maybe there be some in da room over dare, I's hope da torch still be in dare.'

Meanwhile, Jackel was still firing arrows into the creature by the door backing him into the passageway. He decided to try a ricoche shot directing an arrow onto the floor directly below the creature and into its belly, hopefully hitting its heart. He knocked, drew, and let loose the arrow. It hit a rock at the exact spot he was hoping it would hit and the arrow went straight into the belly of the beast with a fiery explosion. At the same time he had to jump out of the way of an incoming acid spit that hit right in front of Doc causing severe burns all over his body. He was standing right behind Jackel and casting protection spells and throwing small stones at the creature. Jackel had no idea he was even there, in fact he forgot all about him. When he let out a yell Mortog was in the middle of disabling the lead spider by taking out his leg. Mortog turned fast to see Doc rolling around on the ground screaming in pain. The spider right in front of him knocked him into the wall and spit. Mortog had no idea if he was able to dodge it in time or not, he was blind with rage, he went after his spider with a vengeance and with his axe held high he slid underneath the spider and caused its guts to spill out onto the floor behind him.

Ryuul heard the screams and took a look behind her to see Doc on the floor, she quickly threw her lightning bolt, not having any idea if it had hit or not, and ran back to help out her new friend. Luckily being a druid she was able to cure major wounds, so after finding something to wipe the stinging acid off of him she went to work curing his massive wounds. He would no doubt have many scars from this attack to show off when he got home.

Lightning struck the last spider and Mortog heard a hissing sound as it turned to face him. Mortog ran forward hoping to throw the creature off when its mouth exploded in fire. Jackel came in with his daggers to try to do exactly what Mortog was hoping to do, so together they were able to gut the second spider as well. Mortog got up from the ground and ran over to where Doc lay in pain, where Ryuul was tending to his wounds. Jackel looked back and saw Mortog running over to his friend and decided that he needed to collect his arrows; after all, there was nothing he could do about it now. If only he knew that Doc was behind him. He collected all but one of his arrows, the one stuck under the creature's belly. He only had seven arrows so he needed to look through that room and find more; but first he needed to go see how Doc was doing and if Ryuul was as good as she seemed.

"How is he?!" Mortog yelled. "How is he?!"

"Quiet, let me work."

They all stood back as she worked to heal Doc's wounds. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that he was in pain, though he wasn't screaming at all. Branthony even came over; armor less, to see how Doc was doing.

"How did this happen!?" Mortog yelled looking right at Jackel.

"I's-I didn't know he was behind me, I's just moved out of the way is all. If I's knowin he be behind me I'd've taken him wit me." Jackel said with the utmost concern on his face. Mortog pushed him backwards, grunted and turned around to watch as Ryuul made some of his scars disappear. When she finally stopped, she looked absolutely exhausted. She knelt down on the ground on her hands and knees unable to get up.

Doc sat up at last looking at his hands and his lack of armor, then looked at Mortog, smiled and said, "Did we's win?"

Mortog bent down and gave Doc a big squeeze of which doc winced in pain.

"Ye still in pain?" Mortog looked at him in bewilderment; then he turned a glare to Ryuul. "Ye's finish healin him now!" He yelled as she stayed on her hands and knees as she was so weak she couldn't even sit up straight.

"Ye be leavin her alone Mortog, she done all she can fer right now. I know, I's can be doin da same thing as her, but not as good, she be way better an me." Doc said with his hand out trying to stop Mortog from getting too mad at her. "She be needin te eat, in fact, we both be needin te eat. I's glad we packed everythin up to bring wit us, now go an get us some food, makin sure ye let her eat first, she be spent!"

Mortog and Jackel went to collect the packs with the meats in them. Ryuul got some meat from Jackel and at the same time Mortog made sure to give Doc his food.

They would both have to sleep for a while before the crew could move on. So while the two ate and were tended too, Branthony went back to the room looking for a breastplate that he could wear. There was more than enough armor in the little room. He had his choice of damaged and weak armor to choose from. He wasn't looking for anything special, just something he could wear for now. According to the map, they think there is a small village up ahead in the hills somewhere; he figured he can get whatever armor he finds here fixed.

Meanwhile Mortog was investigating the room they were in. they had backed one of the spiders right into the tunnel they had just come from and the passageway was now completely blocked off. The light in the room just went out and had to be reignited by Ryuul but she was in no condition to use her magic again, at least until after she got some sleep. And if the light was any indication, she had just fallen asleep.

Suddenly a light went on in the room that Doc was in.

"Ye might want te grab ye some torches and light 'em afore I's goes te sleep. Hurry!" Doc said sounding very weak.
They all went and got torches, there was now light again in the chamber.

"Where'd them spiders come from anyway?" Jackel risked the question.

"Me thinks from this other tunnel over here, it seems the only likely place, they wasn't in here when we first got in here." Mortog said.
"Mortog!" Came Branthony's voice from within the treasure room. "I's be findin somethin. Come take a look."

Mortog took his torch and went into the room with Branthony. He had laid out five swords for them to take a look at. Each looked very different from the others.

"Why ye be wearin a woman's armor?" Mortog asked Branthony.

"Cause it be da only one in da room dat fits me. It also doesn't have any damage te it."

"Well it suits you." Mortog said with a grin. "I's bein sure Ryuul'l get a kick out o' it."

"Ha ha, very funny, now look at these swords, I's fer knowin ye want a couple o' swords, at least one te replace dat plain one ye carryin around wit ye." Branthony said. "I's sure there be more in here but these ar da only ones I's could find right now."

"They'll have te do cause we gots te figure a way out o' here when our two mages wake up an eat again, so pick yer sword and I's be pickin out me own swords when ye done, then we meet outside te discuss our next move. . . Me-Lady." He said with a grin. Branthony just grunted knowing that he was going to take flack for his choice from all of them at some point.

Ryuul had been carried over and placed next to Doc so they could sleep. Mortog took a good look at the swords. Two of them seemed plain and useless, they were dull and didn't feel like well made swords at all. Mortog discarded those two and left the other three leaning against the desk.

"Ye take yer pick first, if'n ye be needin a new magic sword, I's be thinkin dat at least one o' these swords be magical in nature. Me own swords is just in case me can't get te Dragonsbreath."

"So that's what ye named it huh? Seems te fit ye." Branthony said sarcastically.

They chose their swords and neither of them knows if any of them are magical.

They let the two mages sleep and they made camp there and stayed there for the day, or night, they had no way of knowing, only they had only walked in the tunnels for about an hour before they found this room. They knew that they were tired because of the battle but they had all just woken up so none of them wanted sleep.

"We's gonna have te keep going into da catacombs." Mortog said after examination of the entry tunnel. They, Branthony, Mortog, and Jackel tried to move the spider but to no avail. Nobody was moving that thing. It got itself wedged in that tunnel good. They even tried to climb over it but it was too high and with no way to get over it, they decided that the only way to go was further into the catacombs.


The crowd of Dwarves that stood around the execution stage was incredibly large; that's because these people needed some drama in their lives, and were undoubtedly ordered by the city guard to show up to witness the executions. Keldron liked large groups that paid homage to his awesome power.

Darcey stood on the side facing the front of the guillotines. This way she could get up on stage quicker. Her job was simple, to let the captives know to escape, quickly. It was an easy enough job, she felt she could handle, and they said if she couldn't it wouldn't hurt any other part of the plan, not that she really knew what that plan was, they only gave her a brief outline-just what she needed to know.

All elven victims were men. They were all of one cell; one of the groups they had caught. Keldron ordered them lowered onto the guillotines and locked into place. He stood on that stage like it was his own personal throneroom. He looked proud and majestic as he stood with his head held high, his black cape hanging from his neck, a neck Darcey wishes she could strangle with her bare hands.

From behind him, underneath the platforms came explosion after explosion and still, he just stood there but that was her cue. The other mage had unlocked all of the restraints that kept their heads locked in place.

Darcey jumped into action, she pushed off the ground with one leg and landed on the stage and sprinted to the closest guillotine and lifted the bar restraining his head. It immediately slammed down on his head. She tried to lift it again but it just wouldn't budge. She motioned to the others to get out, that the locks had been unlocked but they all seemed to be stuck. She stood on top and pulled at the bar and when it wouldn't move, she got down under it to push it up and it wouldn't budge. The man just looked at her with sorrow in his dark brown eyes and as he did so the blade came down chopping his head clean off. She now looked down into the basket at a lifeless head. A head that she couldn't save. His eyes just stared up at her with that look of sorrow that a puppy gives you after its first shit on the floor. She almost started to cry as she looked down the line at all the baskets. They were all full.

It occurred to her that she needed to get off stage fast, now! She leapt off the stage and her foot planted itself right into the chest of a city guard knocking him to the ground with such force that his head bounced off the ground to cause him to lay there unconscious. That's when she turned to take one final look at the eleven's final resting place.

She stood in horror, frozen, her feet unmoving as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. The heads of all of the dead floated onto, the now erect bodies of the newly dead elves.

"Okay, dats not supposed te happen!" She said more to herself than anyone in particular.

The large audience started screaming and tried to exit the courtyard through the only exit there was, but the city guard was standing in their way. They were all halted by the guard and no one could get through. The eleven dead men crawled off the stage and started slaughtering the onlookers one by one.

It was time for her to move and when she did she saw a guard coming straight toward her off the stage. She got to the edge of the stage where he was going to meet her in battle when she dropped to her hands and thrust out her foot with her momentum moving forward landing her foot square into his chest Knocking him to the ground. His head hit hard enough on the cobblestone street to knock his helmet off and knock him out. She reached down as if in slow motion, grabbed his sword and plunged it into his chest, only to have it slide off to the side and hit with a spark onto the cold stone of the street below him. Looking at the magical armor she did the next best thing she could think of.

The sword point slid nicely into his throat causing him to bleed out in mere seconds. She put the sword down seeing that there were no other guards around, slipped the armor off the dead man and put it on. Picking up the sword, she twisted her head and looked at the unsuspecting, frantic crowd of dwarves all trying to get away from the eleven dead corpses chasing after them.

Some had their heads completely ripped off their bodies, in fact that's what she saw first. She stood in horror for the first few moments as she watched the inhabitants get decapitated by shear strength. When she saw a dead elf stick his fist through a young woman's chest, she had had enough. She came up with a crude plan to get those people free from certain death. Keldron would see them all die by his own devious ways, ways that would turn his fellow dwarves against the elves; but she had other plans for them.

She leapt into action charging the first undead elf; she cringed at the thought but knew what she had to do. The nearest elf was about to rip the head off of one of the villagers. She came down with a chop and it did almost nothing, the blade was too dull. She spun around and used all her momentum to come down and chop his arm off at the elbow. Immediately the arm fell limp inside the shirt. The dwarf she saved paid no mind and just started pushing through the crowd like everyone else. She knew she had to make it to the front, so posing as a guard she scared everyone to her sides to make her way to the front.

She battled the guard to her extreme right and his sword was thrown away from him and his throat was cut in a matter of mere seconds. 'I's hate hevin te do dis to a fellow dwarf, but it's gotta be done!' Her mind rationalized. She got behind the second guard and stabbed him through the back; luckily the back wasn't protected like the chest plate. She took a mental note and would have to remember that in the future. Moving over to the last two guards they had turned to face her and were overrun by villagers. She managed to stab one in the throat but it was pointless to get to the fourth as he was being trampled to death.

She looked up, as if being summoned. She saw Keldron on the stage laughing. As she labored to breath he was standing, mid stage, laughing. He brought one finger into the air, then down to place it on his nose. He stopped laughing and pointed directly at Darcey eyeballing her fiercely. She turned and followed the crowd out of the courtyard, now fearing for her own life. 'Where be Dargus?!'


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