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The extension of Evermore written for my dying mother.

Hold The Line Evermore

By Scott S. Batchelor

Burn out like a blazing star across a sunset sky.

Fallen from the mountainside, Go catch the wind to fly.

We all fade like winter snow; your memory will be near.

Be at peace with all you know, I'll hold the line right here.

Gentle night is falling now, your windows slowly close.

I'll give to you a final gift within these lines of prose.

Sleep while I keep watch nearby, hold your hand with love.

The time for last adventure nigh, to float unseen above,

And in the mornings evermore please know I think of you.

In time, the season's robes I wore shall take me out there too.

For once a blue moon, someone leaves us too soon in life's race

And sadness is still evermore always will in this place,

Till late in the eve, hearts on our sleeve break and bleed.

Our cycle comes 'round when we're deep in the ground under weed.

The dark rivers dealt and fireflies will melt into fall,

Stars slow blink out, the harvest moon's route down the hall.

Candles burnt down into whisper wisps drown - no one's home.

Dry pages break, leaving ash in its wake where I roam.

Clockworks will rust as we all turn to dust, fade away,

For no more are we but a ghost memory, so they'd say.

The children would weep as those shadows soft creep out the door.

Sunsets afire on the last funeral pyre, Evermore.

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