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A play with two couples in love is tested by their outside relationships.
{/justify} Engaging Promises Play-(The setting):
The couples were in a frenzy. Everyone at the ceremony was a bunch of nerves waiting for the festivities to begin. The bride and groom were perfectly groomed and dressed, for each other's family complimented one another. Dina and Richard loved each other for a very long time. Everyone was happy when they announced their engagement to their close friends and family two years ago. (The settings theme was icicles decorations similar to a palace). There were rows of white chairs lined up in the backyard of the reception area hall. This was a neighborhood hall rental which they dished out a small amount of cash for this day. Dina was happy with her choice, but something was still tearing her up inside. The groom Richard was excited!
Scene One: The bride and groom had dressing rooms right around the hall from one another. The maid of honor and bridesmaids were preparing and helping the bride. She was all flushed and melancholy about a secret that was bothering her. Her hair was wrapped in a pretty big bun with curls falling around her face.
Scene Two: The groom was fiddling with his hair and tie. He had twisties in his hair. He kept asking his best man to check his hairline from the back Because it kept bothering him. The music was playing loudly in the background in the room. They were listening to Drake's song on the Pandora station on his phone "Started from the Bottom now we here".......
Scene Three: Enters the bride and groom. They happened to walk away from the crowds inside the rows and see one another in the hallway and gave each other a kiss and a hug. Dina told Richard, "I have to tell you something bad that happened before our engagement. Richard looked at her with concern. Well, we can both confess anything bad that happened between us before we get married hope, and pray it's not too bad to tear us apart. The air was warm and it silent.
Scene Four: Dina and Richard looked at each other in the eyes for assurance. Dina said, "Richard I love you! and I kissed my ex before you gave me my engagement ring. He looked with a sour look on his face," Is that all? That old school dude better not be still hanging around on our wedding day. " Richard said, "Anyways, I bought Lesa a cubic zirconia ring too before I knew this was going to take place. "Oh no, you didn't! Oh my God! Richard, how could you go and do something like that? " I need a moment to breathe! Before the tears started to swell up into her eyes. He tried to hug her and she pulled away and ran back around the hallway into her room.
Scene Five: His right-hand man was looking for him. "Man, what the hell did you do? " You better not be messing up on Dina! " No one would understand why these two would confess before they said their vows to each other. Dina's mom knocked on Richard's door.
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