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by Fangus
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2198499
You Tell Me

And The Answer Is...

The Exorcist. Poltergeist. The Conjuring. The Shining. You name it, I’d seen ‘em all. Ghosts, spirits, phantoms, lost souls, it didn’t matter; I was obsessed with the afterlife and who or what we become after we die, but even more about why these specters haunt us.

My wife warned me. She told me the more I researched this taboo subject, the more likely I was to become a ‘victim’ of a haunting myself. She said I was just inviting trouble.

“Fine,” I said. “Bring it on. I’d love to see some ghosts.”

I guess I should have listened to her, because she left with our 13 year-old daughter and moved into her mother’s house last week after a book flew off the shelf and missed her head by inches.

It was the Bible. The Old Testament, wouldn’t you know?

Hell, can I blame her? I don’t want to be here either. But I’m not leaving until I get my answer.

I’d read how Ouija boards could open—shit! Here they go again, even while I’m writing this. It’s that little girl in the wall, crying for her mommy again. “Mommy? Where are you?” she’s saying. “Help me, Mommy.”

Anyway, I’d heard that Ouija boards could open up portals and allow spirits to manifest themselves, so I bought one and messed around with it for about three hours. Nothing happened. At least I didn’t think anything happened.

Besides the little girl in the wall (who’s still whining for her mommy!), there’s other noises too. No rattling chains, but weird noises, noises I can’t even describe. The only one I can come close to is the one that sounds like an old rusty nail slowly being pulled out of a board.

I’ve seen some strange things too, besides the flying Bible. Every time I try to watch a show on TV or listen to a song on the radio, they change the channel. I wasn’t too surprised when I turned on the kitchen faucet and saw blood running out of it, though. I think I was almost expecting it. Kind of funny. Makes me think these spirits watched the same spooky movies I watched.

The wildest one I’ve witnessed was when I watched someone walk across my ceiling! Well, I didn’t actually see them, but I watched muddy footprints appearing as they walked step by step. They were small, like a kid’s.

They’re still there.

Have I become numb to their games? A little bit. But the last two nights, things have gotten personal. I was almost asleep when I felt something grab my leg, and the next night I watched a long scratch form on my chest. It started bleeding for a minute or two, and then it just disappeared.

The scariest one was last night when I felt hands on my throat choking me. I tried—whoah! I’m feeling hands on my shoulders right now! Somebody’s whispering in my ear. They’re saying the reason they haunt us is becau

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