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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2198526
A short story about a leprechaun that changes in some way for some reason.
         Patrick the leprechaun's counting his gold in his giant pot-o'-gold. Just like any other leprechaun, he's always counting and adding gold to his pot-o'-gold. He has at least 100 million gold coins in it that he counted and he's happy that it keeps growing.

"That's great! One hundred million coins! I wonder what I can do with all of them? I don't know. Guess I'll just count them again!" said Patrick laughing.

         All of a sudden, a little 7 year old girl with short, blonde curly hair comes skipping down the road. There's a rainbow in the sky so she wants to travel to the end of it. Then she see's Patrick and continues to skip toward him where the rainbow ends. She waves at him and begins to speak.

"Hello Mr. leprechaun! I'm Dotty. What's your name?" said Dotty smiling at Patrick.

"I'm Patrick. This is my pot-o'-gold! Now keep away!"

"Patrick, I want to give you a gift in return for your pot-o'-gold instead of just taking it," said Dotty while showing him a giant cloth bag filled with what looked like golden coins.

"Are you serious? No one ever offers us a gift! You must be joking right?" asked Patrick confused.

"No! I'm offering you a gift! Here!" said Dotty.

"Oh alright. Let me see here. Gold coins! You want me to have your gold coins? How silly is that!" said Patrick taking her gold coins and looking at them.

"Yes, enjoy them. Can I have your pot-o'-gold now in return?" said Dotty holding out her little hands.

"Yes, go ahead and take it. Thank you for your gift!" said Patrick.

         Patrick looks closer and bites on one of the gold coins Dotty gave him. His teeth sink into it! Patrick becomes confused!

"What is this? This isn't gold! You tricked me!" said Patrick a little upset.

"No! They are gold coins! Take the gold off of them and you can eat them! Try one!" said Dotty trying to figure out how she's going to take his entire pot-o'-gold home.

"Alright. Why not. At least you didn't trick me!" said Patrick trying one.

"This is delicious! Wow! Chocolate gold coins! Thank you Dotty!" said Patrick happily.

"Patrick, I can't take your gold home with me! I think you should keep it," said Dotty.

"Thanks! That's very kind of you. I can't let you leave without a few of them at least since you gave me such a great gift. Here, take a handful of them," said Patrick handing her at least 7 gold coins.

"Thanks Patrick!" said Dotty putting them in her blue jean pocket.

         Patrick and Dotty became great friends. Dotty continues to keep visiting with Patrick and keeps giving him her chocolate gold coins. Dotty's parents wonder how she keeps finding all of these gold coins. Dotty told them about Patrick but they didn't really believe her.

         Years later when Dotty was a teenager, she still visited with Patrick and gave him her gold coins. Eventually, Dotty just put the gold coins back. This is because it's their love and friendship that means everything to her more than just Patrick's gold coins.

~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2198526