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Tric awoke in a dark chasm, his sparkly green eyes flashed around the cavern.
“Where am I? “, Thought Tric.
His hands were bound by blacksilver chains, which sent a deep coldness throughout Tric’s body, besides for pinning him down to the cold stone floor of the cave.
He tried to release his chains, but he could not, because the chains tightened every time Tric pulled at them and his wrists were sore.
Tric was disturbed by the eerie silence that filled the cave.
He heard light footsteps echoing through the chasm and saw two dendriforms approaching him. Were they going to kill him? It was likely, for it was certain that they were conspiring with, if not entirely servile, to Overlord Vexler. He was aware of how desperately OV was trying to capture him and kill him, so it wouldn’t surprise him if the dendriforms would kill him. But he knew he must not show weakness, for that was precisely what OV wanted to see.
He tried again to rise from the cold floor of the cave, but the chains were so heavy he could barely move. He looked at the dendriform which now stood by his head and his heart began to race. They would not kill me now, he assured himself. “They would wait for some sign from OV.” Or they would probably just wait long enough to discourage him before he died.
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