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Be Ye Democrat or Republican -- Think! -- To Whom Does This Rhyme Speak Of?
The Other Side...

As times grow ever dark and gray
we MUST stand tall and strong!
The forces long behind the fray
don't care what's right or wrong.

We shake our heads in disbelief;
each day - a new torment!
We gripe and curse with NO relief -
no way to circumvent.

Their nasty and duplicitous ways
lay waste around the globe.
With freedoms seized and rights ablaze
they plot and strike and probe.

They stoke their crowds in seas of hate
as lies sustain their haze.
It sends a chill to hear them chant
with shouts of love and praise.

Oh woe to those who cannot see
the lies of what's been told.
By God! I wish you could foresee
how this will all unfold.

For now - it pains to have to end
with no retort to share.
We'll scream, we'll cry, we'll pray to mend...
Our - hope - upon - a - prayer.
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