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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2198703
A man's heart torn between two women that he loves dearly. But only wants to be with one.

Silas's Heart

A black mist filled the inside the Sacred Room of the Temple of Rayne, the Water Goddess. Silas and the others stood outside the sealed door waiting for Mae to come out. Mae stood inside the Sacred Room before the statue of the Water Goddess, praying for the darkness to disperse. Within her mind, her spirit has traveled to the Spirit Realm where she alone fights the darkness within the tainted heart of the goddess, Rayne.

Mae stood before the Dark Shadow, an apparition of the Auron, the Dark Lord. The Dark Shadow summoned up shadow demons. Mae pulled out her bow and began to shoot as many demons as she could before they got too close to her. She jumped back from an up-close attack from one of the demons. Mae quickly put her bow away and pulled out her twin dagger blades. She cut down every demon in her path as she made her way closer to Auron's apparition. But one of the demons grabbed her leg and pulled her down. Mae tried to get out of the demon's grasp, but its claws were digging into her skin. She cried out in pain, she cried out for Silas, but she forgot she must be alone to fight these battles. She continued to scream out in pain as the demon's claws dug deeper into her skin.

Outside the sacred room, Silas was leaned up against the wall with his eyes closed in deep thought. He couldn't help but worry about Mae. The toll that these battles can take on one's body is very harsh. He heard long ago that summoners have been known to die from trying to purify the darkness that lurks within these temples. This is the second temple they have arrived to. Mae was weak after she purified the Temple of Tera, the Earth Goddess. Mae, please be careful. Silas raised his eyebrows and quickly opened his eyes. Luella took notice to Silas.

"What's wrong?" The others turned their attention to Silas as well. Luella stood to her feet, making her way to Silas, but he stopped her.

"I sense someone is here. I will go check it out. You guys wait here till Mae gets out." Silas made his way outside the temple. He noticed someone walking towards behind the temple. He quietly followed behind them through a curtain of moss. He could hear water rushing. When he made it through the tunnel of hanging moss, he found himself at a spring. The water in the spring was purple with an aroma coming from it. The water became tainted with poison from the curse within the temple grounds. He noticed the back from a familiar person standing in front of the spring. Silas felt his heart drop to his stomach. He was shocked at the sight. He stood frozen as he watched the woman he once knew look out to the spring.

"Evelyn." He mumbled under his breath. Evelyn turned around; her face expressionless. She was still in the same robes as he had last seen her, one-hundred years ago. She looked as though she never aged. "Is it really you?" Silas asked. Evelyn turned her head to look down at her reflection in the tainted spring water.

"Silas, I see you haven't changed." Her voice was still soft and kind. Silas walked up to Evelyn and grabbed her hand. She felt real, but her touch was not warm. She was still so beautiful to him. Silas embraced Evelyn, holding her cold body so close to his. Evelyn could feel his heart beating in his chest.

Silas, your heart doesn't beat for me. Evelyn pulled back to look up into Silas's eyes, but Silas pressed his lips against hers. Evelyn wanted to pull away from him, but she couldn't. She wanted to feel his embrace once more. She wanted to taste his lips again. Deep within her heart, she knew they couldn't be together. Her time in this world was limited.

"How are you here, Evelyn?" Silas held onto her hands, hoping the warmth of his touch will warm them up again. Evelyn knew his idea was futile. She pulled away from him and turned her back. She looked down into her pale, cold hand, tears formed in her eyes.

"Maylin brought me back from the dead. She used a spell to release my soul from the statue that was made with my ashes at my resting place." Evelyn balled up her hand into a fist. She began to shake with anger at the mere thought of Maylin's plan.

"Why would she do that?" Evelyn wiped away her tears before facing Silas. Her eyes were heavy with sorrow.

"Auron wants my spiritual powers, but he couldn't gain access to my soul since it was sealed within the statue. So Maylin used a spell to raise me from the dead. She fed my body with souls of dead women. But I do not have all my spiritual powers back. So, her plan was flawed." Evelyn sighed and looked back down to her hands. Silas then realized why her powers weren't at their full potential. It was Mae.

Mae is the reincarnation of Evelyn. Mae holds all of Evelyn's spiritual powers. Does Auron know about Mae? Silas's thoughts were interrupted by Evelyn's voice.

"Auron is in search of my reincarnation. I assume you are traveling with her." Evelyn's back was towards Silas. His eyes grew heavy.

"Don't let him have her. He will not hesitate to kill her and absorb her spiritual powers. He has incarnations of himself out hunting for her, as well as Maylin." Evelyn started to fade into the darkness of the woods surrounding the spring.

"Wait, Evelyn don't leave!" Silas yelled out. Evelyn soon disappeared leaving Silas alone, once again. Silas looked up into the into the orange sky. It was dusk, Mae should return soon.

Mae's daggers blocked attacks from the apparition's blade. She continued to try and fight off the darkness, but her strength was beginning to weaken. Suddenly, she heard a voice call out to her.

Do not give in. You must fight to survive. Do not let the darkness consume you. Mae tried to find where the voice was coming from. But there was no one there but her and the apparition. She could feel her strength restoring and jumped back quickly drawing her bow. She shot one arrow directly into the apparition's chest. It turned into a white dust and faded up into the sky.

The black mist within the temple began to fade away and the spring was beginning to return to normal. Mae was lying on the ground in front of the spring. Her body was numb and weak. Silas held Mae's weakened body in his arms. He softly caressed her cheek, pushing her hair out of her face. He could see Evelyn within her face. But she wasn't Evelyn. He could feel his heart beating faster when Mae is around.

Mae. Silas put his forehead gently against Mae's. He felt at peace when Mae was around. But is there room in his heart for Mae? Silas was still in love with Evelyn, and he was sure she still loved him too. Now that she has returned, they could be together again. But would that be possible with how she is now? Silas heard Mae trying to speak.

"Mae, are you okay?" Silas felt her forehead, watching as Mae opened her eyes. She looked up at Silas, she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Mae still felt a little weak from the sacred room.

"I'm okay." Mae sat up, her back facing Silas. Mae put her hands on her chest. She was trying very hard to not cry in front of Silas. Something isn't right with Silas. Mae could tell by the look in his eyes that something was wrong. His eyes reflected a pain from deep down in his heart. He was thinking about her. He was thinking about Evelyn.

"Silas," Mae slowly stood to her feet. Silas was behind her holding out his hands waiting to catch her if she fell. "What do you think of me?" Mae continued to face away from Silas. She couldn't face him, not with tears in her eyes. Silas couldn't help but think of Evelyn.

"Mae, I--" Silas was interrupted by the sound of the others coming out to greet Mae. Luella wrapped Mae up in a big hug. She was most joyful out of the others in the group.

"How are you feeling may?" Luella asked. Mae just replied with a nod and a smile. Ruby, along with Colin and Woodrow, all gave Mae a hug. While Mae was surrounded by all of her friends, Silas stood back and looked up into the starry night sky.

Mae, I'm not sure if there is a place for you in my heart. I still love Evelyn. I just don't think I can love someone else. Silas looked in the water at his reflection, and he imagined Evelyn by his side. Ripples floated across the reflection, and Evelyn changed into Mae. Silas looked over to find Mae standing there, her hands behind her back, looking out at the spring.

"I have two shards of the pendant now. We should rest here at the temple for the night and head out in the morning." Mae sighed and went to walk away but she stopped for a moment.

"Silas, I want you to be by my side. I have made room for you within my heart. I just hope you can make room for me in yours." Mae walked back over to the others to help them set up camp. Silas looked back up into the night sky.

I don't know if I can, Mae.

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