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Mao Mao discovers Maxwell's feelings for him (Furry Au)
Mao Mao lays on his back on his bed a hand on his growling stomach, "Ugh, shut up will ya. . ." he grumbled. "Hey Mao Mao, have you seen my laptop?" The mage says as he walks into the shared room of himself, Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat ears twitching and skunk tail swaying behind him. "No, I haven't, why?" Mao Mao says, distracted from his hunger. "Huh I thought I left it in here, I was writing a story about a legendary ninja warrior who goes through trials, adventures, hardships, and loss." Mao Mao's ears perk up. "Does the warrior go on his adventures because his father said he shouldn't become a ninja?" Maxwell stops looking for his laptop and turns around to look at Mao Mao, "Mao, listen to me; you don't need to be discreet about talking about your problems." "W-what, no!!! I'm genuinely curious about the character!" Mao Mao shouts, a pink hue finding it's way onto his face. "You know your a bad liar right?" Mao Mao looks at Maxwell, "Well, do you think I'll be a better hero than my dad?" "Dude, I don't think so, I know so." Mao Mao smiles, Maxwell hugs him. "And besides, your dad is a dumpster fire who deserves to be ran over by a semi-truck, then get thrown off a cliff." Mao Mao laughs, "Yeah, yeah you have a point." "So what do you say we take our minds off things and relax at this new café that just opened up?" "Yeah I'd like that." Mao Mao's stomach let's out a loud growl. "Quiet, you!" Mao Mao yells at his stomach, causing Maxwell to giggle.

Mao Mao sits in front of me in the café with a smile on his face as he eats the crepes he had ordered. "So, isn't this nice?" I say, taking a sip of my coffee. "Yeah, admittedly this is nice. Not having to worry about anything. No monsters, no sky pirates, just relaxing with one of my best friends." Mao Mao says, stuffing a crepe in his mouth. I frown a little when he says 'best friends'. "Um, Mao Mao there's something I need to tell you." I say, blushing as I place my pale white hand on his black furred one. Mao looks at me, his mouth still full. "I was just thinking, we've known each other since we were little and I always looked up to you. You were my hero back then and you still are now, whenever I cried you were always there for me, I honestly loved how jealous your sisters were that I looked up to you instead of them. They would show me their skills and, sure they were cool, but nothing was more awesome than watching you help people who needed it. You are what makes my world perfect." I grab his hand with both of my own, his warmth making me feel like melting butter. "What I'm saying is, I. . . I love you Mao Mao. I want us to be more than 'just friends'." I start to tear up, hoping he accepts my feelings. Mao Mao swallows. ". . . . . . . . . . . .I. . . Love you too.", he answers slicing through the tension as if he used his katana. "R-really?" I say letting a few tears fall. "Yeah, you've made my life perfect too. You, Badgerclops, and Adorabat, are always there for me." I smile and let my tears cascade down my face like raindrops on a glass window. "And I knew you loved me," My face turns to one of confusion, "Either that or your just a pervert, what with all of those comics of me dominating you." "Ah n-no! I only drew th-those to get practice w-with drawing that stuff!" I sputter out, embarrassed that he mentioned those drawings in public. "And besides I-I'm only a little perverted b-baka. . ." "Hahaha, alright why don't we head home."

I walk into the living room and sit down, Mao Mao following suit. "So, what say we have a movie night?" "With Syfy monster movies?" I look up at him hopefully. Mao Mao chuckles, "Yes, with Syfy monster movies AND double stuffed double meat lovers pizza." My eyes sparkle when Mao Mao says this. "Like you said I need to take time and relax." Mao Mao says pulling me into a hug and nuzzling my cheek. "I love you babe." my cheeks slightly burn as I nuzzle into the crook of Mao Mao's neck. "Heheheh, I know, I am pretty great." he says as he flexes one of his biceps. I blush even darker at this.

Mao Mao sits back down after placing the order for our pizzas. "So, you ready?" Mao Mao smirks down at me. "I'm always ready." I say, taking a sip of the margarita I made. "Alright, first up 'Mega Python Vs. Gateroid'." Mao Mao presses play on the remote and the movie starts. I take a few sips from my drink, feeling the chilled alcohol go down my throat. The movie get's to the first kill and the doorbell rings. "Oh that must be the pizza." "Wow, that was fast." I say draining the rest of my margarita. Mao Mao sits down after placing the four boxes of pizza on the coffee table in front of the couch. "Whoa." I say, mouth agape. "Yeah, I got enough so Badgerclops and Adorabat don't feel left out." "Well, that's very thoughtful, like a true legendary hero." Mao Mao blushes, "Well, I get it from you." he smiles and looks into my pale blue eyes. I blush at his words. "I'm going to go grab some drinks." I say as I walk to the fridge.

I snuggle into Mao Mao, his black fur extremely warm against my normally cold skin. We were now on the fourth movie; 'Python' when he started drawing circles on my thighs. "I know we just started this thing, but I want to go further in this relationship." My face and insides of my ears turn a dark red. "Oh d-don't you uh y'know, want to have a few more dates first?" I ask, nervously. My boyfriend laughs a little, "No, I want to take you and I want to take you tonight." my face begins to steam my blush became so hot. "Well let me get changed into something more. . . fitting." I say, my blush lessening into a pinkish shade. I get up and walk to our bedroom, looking for an outfit sexy enough for Mao Mao. "Aha." I say as I find what I'm looking for.

"Mao, I'm ready!" Maxwell exclaims from upstairs. I walk in to see him sitting on the floor, wearing a tight French maid uniform, seeing him like this made a tent pitch in my pants. "You put that on for me?" "Yes master, and I've been a very bad girl." Maxwell says a finger on the corner of his mouth. "Well, I guess you need to be disciplined, baby girl." I say the last part in a sultry tone, making him shudder. He get's down on the floor on his hands and knees, "Turn around." He does, and his skirt rides up and I see a pale blue pair of lace panties. 'Panties! God damn, I'm so close to a releasing, yet so far.' I think smirking. "Lace panties?" "Yeah, I never know when I have to seduce someone as sexy as you." Maxwell says turning his head to look at me. "Well, you need to be punished for letting all those other boys flirt with you." I sit on the floor and pull him closer to me, then pull down his panties. "Mmm, this is some nice looking cake back here, I wonder how it tastes." I start to lick up the bottom of his crack and Max shudders, slowly working my way up, I reached the top. I then work my tongue into his tight hole, smiling a little at his moans and little mewls. Maxwell starts to pant, so I shove my tongue a little deeper and start wiggling my tongue around along with moving it in out, and after a few minutes of this he shouts out; "Ah d-daddy I-I'm cumming!" ,as he releases on the floor, making a few white splatters on the floor. "Delicious." I say, pulling my tongue out, with a wet popping sound. "Now, get on the bed." He slowly crawls onto his bed. I take off my armor, cape, and gloves, as Maxwell looks at me, 'God, he's just so sexy, I'm glad I'll be taking his v-card.' I crawled on to the bed. "Let's get those clothes off you, shall we?" I say as pull down his skirt. "I g-guess you did learn something from my art." "Hmm, what's that?" I question slipping his skirt the rest of the way off. "You know how to use your tongue." Max says, as he slips off his top, revealing his pale, slightly chubby stomach.

"Say it." "What?" "You know what I'm talking about." I said knowing that he had a daddy kink. "P-please daddy,;let me suck your juicy cock." Maxwell says, blushing. "Good girl." I say, his breath washing over my erect cock, making it twitch a little. His lips wrap around my member, swirling his tongue around the head. "Oh, your so good, baby." he looks up at me and back down, he suddenly picks up the pace, going a little further down every time, slowly but surely he gets my dick so far into his mouth that it bulges out his throat a little. I roughly grab fist-fulls of his hair and start to buck my hips forward, face-fucking him. After five minutes of me thrusting into his throat, my member twitches and I shoot several ropes of hot seed down his throat, Maxwell swallows it all, his stomach bulging out; making his midriff slightly more pronounced, I let go of his hair, his head landing on the bed. "Please f-fuck my ass master." Maxwell says as he turns onto his stomach. My cock goes full mast once more, and I press the tip into his ass stopping once he winces in pain. After a few seconds of adjustment he tells me, "Okay, you can move now." I smile and begin to slowly move further into his tight hole. When I'm fully hilted inside of him I begin to slowly thrust in and out, picking up speed. "Oh God, fuck me harder daddy!" Maxwell says through his moans. I comply and pick up the pace. All you could hear in the room was; grunts, moaning, and fur slapping against skin. I make one final thrust inside of him and we both release once more. I pull out and lay down next to my boyfriend. Maxwell turns onto his side and smiles, "That was amazing." He says in a hoarse voice. I begin to stroke his hair, "Yeah, it was amazing." I smile back at him.

I yawn, exhausted after the sex I just had with Mao Mao. "Daddy Mao, I'm tired; cuddle with me." I beg in a scratchy voice, throat a little sore after Mao Mao decided to take it for a ride. "Alright baby, I'll cuddle you." He says with a smile, pulling my naked body towards him. I snuggle into his chest and I feel him plant kisses on the top of my head. "I love you Mao." I said my voice slightly muffled from Mao Mao's chest. "I love you too, baby girl." He says as he slowly drifts to sleep. I follow close behind as I drift into the land of unconsciousness. My last thought before falling asleep was, 'I going to love this man.'
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