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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2198785
A woman sacrificed herself to save the man she loved and the entire kingdom from darkness.

Evelyn's Demise

Evelyn observed the battlefield on a small cliff side. Her eyes peered over the two armies as they clashed in bloodshed. She kept her eyes mainly on Silas as he was making his way over to Auron, the Dark Lord. A demon was making its way over to Silas, Evelyn quickly pointed an arrow right at the demon. She quickly took her shot, watching as her arrow went right through the demon's head. Silas stopped in his tracks; the demon's blood had splattered on his face. He just rolled his eyes and let a quiet chuckle to himself. Thanks, could have done without the demon blood though, Evelyn. Auron noticed that Silas was closing in on him. He put up his guard as he waited for Silas to make the first move.

Evelyn slightly moved her head to the side; she could sense someone was closing in on her from the trees. She looked up into the dark clouds that hung above the battlefield. It will rain soon. She then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "So, you have decided to seek me out then, Maylin?" Evelyn continued to keep her back towards Maylin as she appeared from beyond the trees.

"It is time for us to see who the most superior summoner is, Evelyn. And trust me, I will not go easy on you this time." Maylin rested one hand on her hip and the other was up in the air open. A dark purple light surrounded her hand and with flick of her hand, a black sword appeared in her grasp. Evelyn just nodded and carefully set her bow up against the tree next to her. She pulled out her sword from its sheath and patiently waited to see who would make the first move.

Silas was doing his best to dodge all Auron's attacks. Auron's halberd had immense strength, but Silas knew it was just the powers of Malis, the God of Shadows. But Silas was impressed with how Auron managed to hold onto his halberd with one hand, the holes it made in the ground with every attack were big. Silas knew he had to come up with a strategy quick if he wanted to win this fight. He quickly glanced up to the cliff and saw Evelyn engaged in a battle with Maylin. Suddenly, Silas felt a sharp pain across his entire chest. He felt himself fall to the ground on his back. He touched his chest and noticed there was blood.

"Damn it." He muttered. He slowly made his way back onto his feet. Auron just stood there laughing. Silas's blood dripped from the blade of Auron's halberd. Auron pointed his halberd at Silas, still with a smirk on his face.

"I am impressed that you can still fight with a wound that deep. But then again, you aren't exactly fully human either. The Immortal blood runs through your veins. It heals your wounds, slowly, but still heals them." Auron wiped his finger across the blade, Silas's blood was thick and almost black, it dripped off Auron's finger. "I can tell by the color and thickness of your blood as well. You can't hide your true identity from me, Silas. Let the real you come out." Silas charged towards Auron at full force.

"No? Well then I guess I will have to make you suffer before you decide to let the Immortal come out!" Auron laughed with such evil intent. Bloodshed made him smile. He loves to kill. He loves to conquer. Auron's soul was truly tainted and tarnished in darkness. As their weapons clashed, Silas could feel and hear the Immortal within him calling out to him.

Why won't you let me come out to play, Silas? Silas tried to shake it off, but Auron knew his plan to distract Silas was working. Silas was losing his concentration on the fight in front of him. He didn't know what to do. He could tell Evelyn wasn't doing well with her fight either.

Evelyn's white robes had blotches of blood on them. She stood holding her sword in front of her, trying to catch her breath. Maylin just laughed, she hasn't broken a sweat. Evelyn was restraining herself from using her spiritual powers. Her spiritual powers were fading because she had lost the will to fight. She wanted to be a normal human. She was chosen to have a responsibility to protect this land with the power of the Gods. But her life would never be normal if she continued to go down such a path. With this feeling within her soul, she had become weak. Maylin had knowledge of this, so she had made her move against Evelyn.

"So, you really have weakened haven't you, Evelyn?" Maylin just laughed to herself. Her blade was engulfed in the dark purple light again, and with one swipe of her sword, a large black crescent blade flew directly at Evelyn. But the attack was blocked by a spiritual barrier that Evelyn quickly set up. But the blade was only inches from Evelyn's face, the barrier was weak, but strong enough to partially hold off Maylin's attack. While Maylin was about to swipe the air with her black sword again, Evelyn quickly drew her bow. Another black blade was coming right for her. She quickly shot an arrow directly at the black blade, and it sent the attack right back to Maylin. The blade cut right into Maylin's shoulder, Maylin screamed in agony. But it wasn't over, Maylin realized that Evelyn's arrow shot right into Maylin's eye. The arrow was being absorbed into Maylin's eye. As Maylin continued to scream in pain, Evelyn looked back to see how Silas was doing.

Auron swung his halberd, slicing Silas in the chest once again, sending him flying back into the ground. Silas struggled to pull himself onto his knees. Silas's breathing was heavy, blood dripped down his face. His clothes were covered in his own blood. He could still hear the Immortal within trying to beg for its freedom. But Silas just continued to ignore it. He knew if he let the Immortal come out, everyone on the battlefield will die by his hand. Auron rested his halberd on his shoulder as he started to slowly make his way over to Silas.

"The time has come for me to kill you, Silas." Auron had a very grimacing smile across his blood-spattered face. His eyes had the look of a killer in them. Around them, the two armies continued to battle. Auron's army was slowly beginning to regain victory over the King's men. Auron picked Silas up by his throat, with an evil chuckle pouring from behind his teeth as he continued to smile. Silas couldn't breathe, Auron's grip on his neck was getting tighter.

Evelyn had to think fast. She looked back to find Maylin had fled. She had to come up with a plan to save Silas. She knew she had to use her spiritual powers to save Silas. There was no other way. Evelyn closed her eyes and put her hands together, she took a deep breath. A white spiritual barrier formed around her and she began to float down towards Silas. Evelyn opened her eyes and they were filled with a white light. She shot an arrow towards the middle of Silas and Auron, but Auron sensed the arrow and quickly jumped back. The arrow was surrounded by a bright silver light. Once it struck into the ground, a great force of air blew Auron back.

Evelyn landed down in front of the arrow. She put her hands back together and began to mouth a prayer. A barrier formed around Silas; he knew what was about to happen. He tried to leave the barrier, but it shocked him. He could feel the tears begin to form in his eyes.

"Evelyn! Don't do it!" Silas yelled. The thunder rolled through the sky, the lighting surfing through the clouds. Evelyn felt a raindrop hit her face, right below her eye. As the raindrop slid down her cheek, she spoke softly.

"I'm sorry." Evelyn closed her eyes and Silas began to feel drowsy. He tried to fight it off, but the powers within the barrier were too strong. Evelyn's barrier began to diminish slowly, and Auron took this as his chance. He quickly threw his halberd at Evelyn. Silas watched as the halberd's blade pierced right through Evelyn's chest. A drop of her blood flew onto Silas's cheek. Tears began to pour down his face. To Silas, it felt like time was still. Everything felt as though it was moving in slow motion. Evelyn fell to her knees, but with the last ounce of power she had left, she shot her last arrow right into Auron's heart. The arrow absorbed itself into Auron's chest. Auron screamed in pain as all of the demonic energy began to leave his body.

"What did you do to me?" Auron screamed. Evelyn fell onto her side, she watched as Auron began to fade away into dust. Evelyn could feel her life beginning to fade away.

"I sealed your powers." Evelyn coughed up blood as she was lying there. The rain began to pour down. "Your soul has been broken and the pieces have been sealed away. Goodbye, father." Evelyn's body then turned cold as Auron's body formed into a black orb and flew off into the dark clouds. Silas fell into an eternal slumber. His body turned into a white orb and flew off into the sky as well. Auron's army of demons stopped suddenly in their tracks and began to fade away into dust. The King's men all rejoiced over their victory.

Evelyn's body was carried back to the Kingdom where they cremated her body. People from across the land attended her funeral. As her body burned, small white lights flew across the sky throughout the land. Everyone wept, but they knew the evil had been vanquished and sealed away. The sun began to poke out from behind the storm clouds, shedding rays of light across the land.

After five years, deep within the Sacred Forest, a statue of Evelyn was built. Within the statue rests her ashes. Her statue stands in the middle of the ruins of an old temple. Through the hole in the roof, the sunlight shined right over the statue. Behind her statue was a sealed room. There, behind the door, rests the body of Silas who is under a spell of eternal slumber. He had a peaceful look upon his face. Within his dream, he was still with Evelyn.

Silas, I will forever be with you in your heart.

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