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A student of class 1-A falls in love with none other than Tomura Shigaraki.
I am Farrow Vess, son of necromancer queen; Lilliana Vess. I don't have a quirk, but I have powerful planeswalker magic. In the class of 1-A, everyone says I'm on the top of my game, even Bakugou, if you count 'You may be a fuckin' nerd, but your a cool fuckin' nerd.' as a compliment. But this is the story of how I'm married to my now anti-hero husbando; Tomura Shigaraki.

I lay face down in my bed, my mana completely drained from my sparring match with Aizawa-Sensei earlier today. I start to drift off before I hear someone sit down in the kitchen. I lived alone. I brush it off as my tiredness until I smell something sweet being baked downstairs. My curiosity gets the best of me and I start to walk downstairs. I reach the bottom step and see a person sitting in a chair in the kitchen, by their frame I could tell that they were male and they had pale blue hair. "You know It's rude to simply stare at your guest." He says without looking back at me. "What are you doing in my house?" I said, wanting this mysterious man out of my home. He gets up and turns around revealing his scarred face. "Wait, your Shigaraki!" I exclaim a pinkish hue on my face at this discovery. "Yes, I am. Your a fan, I presume?" He asks me with a smirk. "Oh um, s-something like that." I blush even darker. I take a few steps backwards and Shigaraki takes a few steps forward, keeping the distance between us the same. "I know you like me." "N-no I d-don't!" "Really, then how do you explain, this." he says as he pulls out a tape recorder, he presses play and my voice is heard. "I mean, haven't you ever crushed on a villain?" "Well maybe once, but I got over it." The voice of Uraraka Ochako answers. "We understand your longing for someone dominant, but Shigaraki?" Iida Tenya adds. "Yeah and he's tried to kill us multiple times." Izuku Midoriya says, slight fear in his voice. "I understand, but you guys are my friends. I don't think he would do anything to you because it would make me upset." "You really expect a dangerous villain like Shigaraki to bend to your every emotional whim?" "No, I just want a caring, loyal, and dominant boyfriend who will treat me like his puppy and or kitten." I say quietly, but loud enough for the tape recorder to pick up. The recording ends and my face is beet red while Shigaraki simply smiles at me. "So, do you admit it now?" He says smugly, but eager to hear my answer, as his face is right in front of mine. "Maybe I have a little something for you." I say, my blush heating up with each word. "Oh it seems like a big something." He says as he brings his knee up to stroke the growing tent in my pants. "My, my, your so naughty." Shigaraki says teasingly. Beads of sweat roll down my face while it was a slight shade of pink. "Well," Shigaraki says, taking his knee away from my clothed member, "Since I AM a villain, I'll leave you wanting more." He says, a pinkish hue on his face. A purple looking portal forms behind him, "Well that's my ride." Shigaraki says turning around to walk through the portal. "W-wait, will I s-see you again?" I ask, my blush and hard-on still present. He smiles, "Oh, you'll see me plenty more times." Shigaraki says, smiling at me genuinely. I smile back and give a small wave as he steps through the portal. After he steps through, a small piece of paper falls through the portal. The portal closes and I pick up the piece of paper and it reads; 'Figured you might want my number.' with a small sketch of a bleeding human heart and 'Your welcome.' under his phone number. I open my oven to see, fresh cinnamon rolls. I hold the piece of paper to my chest, 'He's a villain, but he's so thoughtful and a dominant tease. He's just my type.' I think as I blush a little bit brighter.

I walk to school, the events of yesterday still present in my mind. My friends walk up to me, "Hey dude, are you okay after yesterday?" Kirishima asks. "Oh I'm fine, I just used a little more energy than I thought against Aizawa-Sensei." I say as I summon a bubble. The bubble held the treats Shigaraki had made me yesterday, a fourth of the bubble opens and I pulled one out. The bubble closes and I take a bite of the sweet cinnamon treat, relishing the frosting, warmth, and care used to make them. "Ooh, are those cinnamon rolls." Momo Yoayorozu asked me, a smile on her face. "Yep, they were made by someone I met yesterday." I say, blushing. "Wait, your blushing. Did you meet someone?" "Yeah I did. He's tall, has pale blue hair, and is very kind despite his public image." I say, eating a bit more of my cinnamon roll. My friends faces pale. "Y-you met Sh-Shigaraki and lived!?" Mineta exclaimed, sweat rolling down his face in waves. "Yeah. And it turns out that he shares my feelings." I say, blushing a darker shade. A small purple portal opens in front of me, my blush fades, and a hand holding a chibi-looking cat plush of Shigaraki with cartoonish looking plush cat paws on him instead of human hands. I grab the plush with two hands and the hand goes into the portal, the portal closing after the hand was inside. I look at the plush, smile, and my blush returns, this time; a bright red. "I guess Shigaraki does care about you." Uraraka says in disbelief. I smile, "Yeah, yeah he does."

I sit in Aizawa-Sensei's class, thinking about Shigaraki. "Mr.Vess." "Yes Sensei!" I say, snapping out of my thoughts. "Some of the pro heroes want to see you." 'Oh no, what did I do?' my blood runs cold as I think nervously, since Aizawa-Sensei said 'heroes'. I get up and begin to walk to the principles office. I stop in front of the door and try to think of a spell that could get me out of this, before I think of anything useful Allmight slides the door open, and I see; Midnight, Mt. Lady, Endeavor, Present Mic, Aizawa-Sensei, Madame Rouge , and an anti-hero. . . My. . . Mother. 'Oh, well. . . I'm completely and utterly screwed. I step in and instantly feel the aura of my mothers power like a fall from the top of Tokyo tower into a kiddie pool. Allmight closes the door and the eyes of the people in the room feel like there staring into my soul, but mothers gaze makes me feel like she's trying to rip my soul from my body. "So young Farrow, do you know why called you in here?" Allmight asks, his voice strangely calm. "Umm. . ." 'Tell the truth!' I think to myself, I breath in and say; "Because, you all found out that I'm in love with one of the top members of the League of Villains." Everyone looks surprised, "No, we called you in here, because we wanted to know if you wanted to set up one-on-one training schedules with us." Midnight said, still in shock from my answer. "Oh. . ." I sweat-drop, "Well yes I would love to, now if you'll excuse me, I need to go. . . Iron. . . My. . . Dishes. . ." 'Wtf iron my dishes, I have better excuse material than that.' I think to myself, as I turn to leave. "Oh no you don't." My mother says picking me up with her magic. "Which villain have you fallen head-over-heels with?" Madame Rouge asked, eager to 'get this tea spilled, Sis'. "Well, I've fallen in love. . . with Tomura Shigaraki."
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