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by jimmar
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going back in time
You can't believe that you're looking at this much time, so you start--believing in the lie--that one you tell yourself--that you think you've got this. I didn't plan for my life to be spent in a room or in a cubicle and you have to learn to adjust very quickly. That means distinguishing between what's real and what's maybe. You have to know your role and be ready to protect your side of the aisle. It's the younger ones, the first-timers, they think they can reach out and take-- they're the ones who get hurt. --It's really uncomfortable when they're taken--screaming for another chance--it's funny they've been told the rules, but they reach a point--they just don't care. The future? Don't go there--a fools journey--sometimes hope has that sneaky way of jumping into your mind--that always got me in trouble--but a quick thought of a bike leads to a ride in familiar territory--a Big Mac? sad, compared to the food here. it could be a photo in a newspaper and you start dreaming of a Ball Park--the clock is meaningless--it never moves--no need--nobody's going anywhere--at least not for now. The decisions that affect me are made--I'm out of the process. It's not so strange that I blame my parents for my present position, I realize that I'm childish in placing my discomfort now on whats happened in the past. That expression"'they did the best they could" does not ring true to me and I would be the first to say "no you didn't". and show some positive documentation to support me. One of which is their decision to place me in this Kindergarten--I thought-at least--1st grade.

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