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From the first telephone creation to the cell phone, the evolution has been fast
1/Alexander Graham Bell: Before 1876 it was a utopia to talk to each other from long distances. The end of the 19th century America knew a giant step in Industry and knowledge vogue was born. This constituted the era of inventions. Among them in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell has metamorphosed human beings life mode forever. He let a dream came true. He invented the first telephone. A telephone device allows people to communicate between each other from long distances. Telephone has rendered distances short and accelerated the speed of the development wheel. This was possible towards radio waves frequencies. The first telephone was an immobile device.
I can imagine Alexander Graham bell victory and excitement to inaugurate the first call towards America. It was really a deserved success.
Since that telephone device has evolved synchronizing the technology development steps. The telephone device has known different shapes.

2/Martin Cooper Motorola: Technology has evolved at light speed and from radio frequencies to network concept. The great revolution development was where telephone has become wireless and then cellular. The first wireless telephone device communicated with radio waves frequencies too. However it was a too big phone to be transported. It was called "Car phone". Dr Martin Cooper is the first who invented such phone in 1947. However 1983 Motorola model had evolved and became smaller and able to be transported: The first model was: Motorola DynaTAC 8000x.
Recently in 1991 the new generation of portable phones or cell phones has been innovated under the concept of network. In 1991 a new cell phone has been innovated by Giesecke and Devrient. They develop a cell phone with SIM card and GSM. In 1992 Nokia is the first phone innovation which uses GSM standard. The great cell phone revolution has continued since in a cosmic speed. 2010 Dell has innovated Venue Pro a windows cell phone. Day by day new applications have been incorporated within such cell phones like knowledge, business applications, video games, messaging, digital camera and Bluetooth. Who knows what kind of applications would be added tomorrow?
However Nokia knew a great defeat. Indeed even though he was the first in the market of GSM standard cell phone, he has not synchronized the quick technology evolution and remained in the ancient windows concept.

3/Here it is a summary table of the main dates of cell phone inventions according to Cumputer hope web site:
1876: Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone
1917: Eric Tigerstedt makes the telephone at pocket size
1945: the first idea of a cell phone or cellular network by Bell Labs
1973: Martin Cooper and his collaborators invented the first cell phone Motorola
The first call made by a cell phone by him.
1979: the first cellular network innovated in Japan and it constitutes the G1 cell phone (first generation)
1983: the innovation of a cell phone: MOTOROLA DYNA TAC 8000x. It allows a communication of 30 minutes. It was coasted and reserved to the commercial market class.(1983_1984)
1991:Giesecke and Devrient innovated the first SIM CARD
1992: Nokia innovated the NOKIA 1011 the first cell phone which uses GSM standard
1993:SMS message innovation and the first message sending.
1994:IBM SMARTPHONE: e.mail capabilities/address book/calculator/calendar/notpad.
2001:NTT Do Co Mo a Japanese company innovated the first cell phone third generation:G3.
2002:RIM innovated the BLACK BERRY 5810 with phone call capabilities(2001_2002)
2007: Apple innovated the first iPHONE: 02G cellular network
2008:the first WIMAX/04G cellular network
2008: HTC dream innovated the first smartphone to use the android
2009:Telia Sonera innovated the first LTE network 04G cellular network
2010:Dell innovated VENUE PRO the first cell phone to use windows phone.
At first telephone phone and cell phone later, was allowed to business and wealthy social layers. Indeed it was coasted and only wealthy people could buy it. During years the increase of the marketing and commercialization has rendered mobile phone price accessible for all. Human being has lived during centuries without such mean of communication but it becomes later an essential life mean.
The cell phone becomes a personified domestic device. It is natural that it possesses many effects on our both corps and environment.

4/The impacts of cell phone on the environment and corps: According to Wikipedia and some web sites:
*People change cell phone in an average frequency of 11 to 18 months. This causes the waste of devices and their electronic parts. This has a negative impact on both the economy and the environment. Secondary this is harmful for human health. Australia is the first country that has introduced mobile phone recycling scheme.
*Magnetic waves have a negative impact on both the environment and human health (biological disturbance and cancer).
Indeed many studies have mentioned the link between the long use of mobile device and the increase of cancer brain incidence. This has been noticed in children and especially with salivary cancer. However some researches have not arrived to attest the cause to effect.
*The usage of cell phone during driving becomes a direct cause of the increase of accidents.
*Also the usage of cell phone at school decreases the student attention and yield. One London study has proved that banning the usage of cell phone at school will increase student performance which is equals to one week extra schooling.
*Robbery of cell phones is also something frequent.
*Children spend more time in mobile phone. They use games applications most often. They communicate less with their parents, family and friends; a thing which has a bad impact on their natural psychological development. Also long hours spent on mobile device has a bad impact on children's sight.

5/The future of cell phone: (Wikipedia and others sources)
*The technology advances at light speed and each year new applications are added to cell phone device. Some predict that all electronic devices will be unified in one cell phone device.
*As the technology advances at giant paths the market of cell phones knows a harsh concurrence. The new models become quickly unavailable. The market is in a constant renew and lacks stability.
*Some researchers think that mobile phone would become more intimate human device which will assess our both physical and emotions.
*Grullon believes that cell phones of the future will be adapted to appeal more to our emotional senses:
"I believe in the future, cell phones will become even more naturally in sync with our biological reflexes and processes such as eye movement, thought processes, kinesthetic, cultural preferences," she says.
*Mobile phone might become more specialized. They might be domestic ones and professional ones. For example a mobile phone might possess only medicine applications for example.
*Or may be technology will create a new concept of communication and then mobile phone might disappear.

The telephone has been first created as a mean of communication but henceforth it has evolved to an important mobile cell phone and an indispensable mean in our daily life. It not only allows live communication towards internet but it contains featured applications. It contains the time, calendar and Google map and allows someone to be updated according to his surroundings. Also someone should take full benefit from it. Someone can learn different competences and a huge amount of information and knowledge towards a huge amount of web sites. It is not out of bad effects, that is why we should use it in a manner which could provide less harmfulness to us as adults but as children as well.

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