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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2198962
a series of poems about loss and pain.
What happens when we feel like falling?
What if a light in the dark was extinguished, so now we just see
What if the light was your only source of happy, and that happy has been stolen.
Why does there have to be a thing called death, that takes the only love in the life of a
Why does there have to be the loss of the brightest light in a life? Why does everything just
Leave and never come back to the light that isn’t so bright, but was made brighter by the light that left them with
What if the light that left made them feel like nothing. Nothing left but sad, and hurt and pain and
Then you feel like you are falling, falling into the sadness and pain and hurt, falling into

Nothing is worse than the feeling of being
Everything feels hushed, like it is mocking you for being
I hear silence, like you are the only one in the world that feels
Like nothing would be able to undo the thing that made you
Everything and nothing and yet we still feel
Feeling crowded, yet all

Someone has stolen my light.
My light in the dark, my one and only loyal friend
My best friend, my reason to be happy, my reason to live
She has been stolen.
I don’t know what to do
She was swallowed whole by the only thing that can separate us.
Why must you steal her from me?
Why must you steal my one and only light in the dark,
My only loyal friend and companion?
What did she do to deserve this treatment?
What did I do?
I’m sorry.
I will treasure the day that I see you again, my friend.
I love you, in life and in death.

Everything, Everything,
Nothing and everything
And yet we still go on.
Nothing can bring us
down to the muddy
Ground of our sorrows.
Most of our lives, we must
Bear witness to the sorrow of
the World, and the life that we live
in. Everything can bring you down if
you are weak, and only the strong can
survive the sorrows of Life. I am weak, and
I do not know how to go on without the one who
was always there, and will always be here in death.

My whole world has gone dark
Playing this game of pretend
Wonderful friend
Don’t the tears just pour
Curled up, still sobbing tomorrow
All of the gloom
Heavy heart
Breaking in pieces
Grieving girl
I miss you
My world has gone dark without your light
Leaving broken pieces of me
I’ll keep you with me
Lay them down to sleep
It wasn’t black and white
Saying that I miss you
My world has gone dark

(Based on the song “Requiem”)

Why does this happen?
This thing that happens to me
The great curse of loss.

My heart can’t take much more sorrow
Nothing left of me, just sad and grief and
Hurt, and nothing to do about it, and all
Alone in this world of sorrow, and all I
have is heartbreak, and loss and I don’t
know what to do anymore. I have nothing
left, nobody to listen to these broken words,
These sorrowful thoughts of loss,
And nobody to share them with. I am lost
In the grieving maze of heartbreak.

I just wish I had something.
Something left over from this horror called loss,
Called death and mourning and hurt.
Just a sliver of memory, but my mind has gone
blank. Nothing left, not a single memory, just tears
and gloom and sadness and a grieving heart.

Your light was blown out by the darkness
that consumes your soul, never to be seen
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