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by Flair
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This is a fiction story about four teen girls sharing a dorm, but the have powers.
Alex’s P.O.V
Step. Step. Step. I walk down the carpeted hallway reaching into my pocket and listening to the metallic clicking sound coming from the key ring I had pulled from my pocket. Pushing the small key into the lock and twisting the key. I inhale and exhale as I pushed the door open and stepped inside a large room only lit by the setting sun beaming through the half opened windows. I look around to see one of my roommates sitting on the black leather couch book in hand. I turned my head to look at another human washing dishes in a rather small sink. Feeling a gust of cool air hit my back, I realized I hadn't closed the door behind me. I looked at the door reaching out my hand to grab and shut it. But I quickly saw the door closed. I began to panic and think but was interrupted when I heard the girl on the couch speak.

“Don't worry, I closed the door for you.” I heard the black-haired girl speak.

“T-Thanks..” I stuttered out confused and shy to speak another word

“My name is Lily, I will be one of your roommates and my room is around corner on the left.” Lily said calmly pushing her glasses Further onto the bridge of her nose.

“A-Alright. I-I'm Alex..” I said gripping onto the strap of my bag tightly.

I look back into the kitchen and see that the girl washing dishes was now drying her hands.

“I'm Molly! My room is around the corner as well, but mine is the second right” The freckle faced girl said.

I nod as a response and looked at the door that seem to be untouched. I knock on the door to see if the room was vacant or occupied. Nobody responded so I slid the door open, and swooped inside. I set down my bag down next to the door and gazed around the dimly lit room, and began to map out the placement of the new furnishes will go. I then keeled down and rummaged through my bag to find my notebook and dotted down my ideas as to not forget them. Walking over to the old work desk I set my notebook on top with the pencil in the binding. I grab the rest of my stuff from my bag, hanging up my black-out curtains and setting my laptop on the desk charging. I grabbed a few photos. and some thumb-tacks, so I pinned the photos from home to the wall, before stepping back and taking a look. I smile at myself

“I di-” I say getting cut off by a knocking on the door, then molly poked her head inside

“Hey Alex, we’re ordering pizza. Is cheese alright?” Molly asked.

“Mhmm” i said nodding in agreement.

Molly ducked back out of my room, shutting the door behind her. I spotted my headphones hanging out of my bag, so I decided to grab them and another thumb-tack. I pressed it into my wall and hung my headphones on it. Glancing around my room empty room once again I found out I forgot my other bags in the trunk of my car. I began to think and stress myself out. “I'm too lazy to go outside… I also don't want to know the others to see me… but my power… I don't want people to know…” I began mumbling to myself while pacing back and forth. “Wh-”

“Food is here” an unfamiliar voice spoke.

I looked up my face streamed with tears. I wipe my eyes and put on my hood then open my door and step out shutting the door behind me. I see Lily at the table reading while Molly sat next to her eating a slice of pizza. An unfamiliar girl sat across from molly, pizza in one hand and a pencil in the other. I look down as I slowly made my way way across the hall and grabbed a plate and sat a small slice of pizza on it. I was about to open my door when the unfamiliar girl spoke.

“Don’t be a bum hiding in their room all the time, eat dinner with us! I'm Christa”

I tilted my head up enough to see the three girls and muttered out “a-alright…”

I walked over to the table and sat in the empty chair beside Christa with my head down. I took a bite of the pizza when Molly was about to take about to take another bite, but she asked “ Alex, are you alright?” I respond, “ Y-yeah, I'm fine” Molly then crossed her eyes then nodded.

Molly’s P.O.V
I nodded at Alex as her color changed from blue to purple. I uncrossed my eyes and took a bite of pizza, while beginning to think about what made Alex upset. I continued trying to process what happened while stuffing my face with more pizza. I came to the conclusion that it was homesickness, and finished the last few bites of pizza before asking, “Anybody done? I’ll bring your plate to the sink and wash it for you.”

“I am, thank you Molly” Christa said to me handing me the plate.
“T-Thanks...” Alex said while her hands were shaking.

Lily’s P.O.V
I flip a page in my book then when I heard two doors close in unison and the faucet disperse water into the sink. I look up to see that the others have left to do their own thing. I pushed up my glasses, and closed my book. I stood up and pushed my chair in, and went to my room. I stared at my bare room and sighed. I took off my shirt and thought of the chemical compound and physical appearance of a desk and chair while closing my eyes. A few seconds past and I opened my eyes to see the empty white desk and simple black work chair in front of me. I put my shirt back on, and moved the desk to the corner of the room and the chair to the side. I set my book on the desk and laid down on the mattress. I began to doze off after laying in the quiet for a few minutes.
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