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Two elderly men become friends over birdseed.

"Hey old man, what chyou got in that bird seed?"

"Excuse me, who are you calling old? You have more gray hair than I do. What year were you born?"

"Lord Almighty. Don't be touchy now. What chyou got in that birdseed anyway?"

"What do you mean what do I have in my birdseed? It's birdseed. Why don't you go back to your bench on the other side of the path?"

"How come the pigeons flock around you like yer some Pied Piper or somethin'? I could be sittin' here all day with birds swarmed round me as thick as molasses, then you come along, and they all 'werble,' werble,' werble,' with their heads a bobbin over to you. What chyou laughin' at?"

"Werble isn't even a word. It made me chuckle, that's all. Hey, give me back my birdseed. What are you doing? Don't eat my birdseed. I pay a lot of money for...great, the bag is half empty."

"What's that almost tanginess? Where you get yer food? Some fancy, schmancy pet store? Is that it?

"As a matter of fact, I do. I buy it from the veterinarian's office near my house. There are blackberry seeds in the mix; the pigeons love it."

"Are you serious? You gotta fork over some cash for that. Isn't that a little ridiculous? I mean, come on, they're birds. They'll eat whatever you throw down."

"Well, they like what I throw down now, don't they?"

"You got me there; you do hog all the attention. A poor old man like myself can't compete with that."

"Look, I don't mean to monopolize the feathered population. It's just that the pigeons really love the seed. I lost my wife last year, and these birds bring me joy."

"You think yer the only fella to lose a wife?...... I'm sorry; that's insensitive of me. Yeah, I know what chyou mean. That's why I come every day. Me and the birds, we were tight though until you come along with yer fancy bird food."

"Why don't you brush the dead leaves off of the bench, and sit with me? Why don't we meet here every day to feed the birds? I'll supply the birdseed."

"That sounds alright, and since I'm not gonna spend my money on pigeon food, I'll stop by the gas station and get us coffee. How do you like yers?"

"Gourmet. Don't worry about the coffee. I'll bring that too."

"Well, that ain't right. That won't be no fun fer me if I ain't contributin'. I'll feel like a bum."

"You can bring whatever you want to share, but let me tell you, just having a friend is a contribution enough. It means a lot to me."

"Well then, I can't wait until tomorrow comes."

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