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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2199140
Audrey becomes suspicious of an unaware Kayla; a demonstration at the W.F.C.N goes wrong.
Chapter 6

"Hey Kayla? Maybe we shouldn't go to the that gym anymore," said Audrey as they sat outside the building with Kayla's dorm.

Kayla gave her a puzzled look. "Why? Doesn't it feel good to let all that energy out?"

"Sometimes, I guess."

"Is it because your belly hangs out?" Kayla pointed to her own bare stomach. "I know the feeling, this uniform has not been kind to me."

Audrey was glad to be wearing her uniform, something that covered her round gut, despite a tiny bit poking out. She was also glad that she didn't have to wear something like that sports top here, not wanting to even think about what her comrades would do to her because of it. Kayla, on the other hand, wasn't glad to no longer wear the sports top that covered her belly and instead wear the uniform that showed off all of her belly.

"Anyway," continued Kayla, "I don't know what the deal is with Chelsea and Melanie. They went from nearly stabbing Erika to listening to her every word," she took a deep breath, "to acting all buddy-buddy together! I don't understand."

It puzzled Audrey as well, but she didn't like to think about the two girls nowadays, especially after Chelsea's drunken threat. Her mind was on Mia and her seemingly threat; although she did laugh after saying as such, Audrey couldn't help but think that something seemed off. Now Audrey had considered voicing her suspicions to Kayla, but still remembered that it was Kayla who suggested that she go to the gym, who put her up with Mia, who was friends with Mia longer than with her, and who was abandoned by her at the F.F.C.N HQ, at the mercy of the leader and her knife nut.

Audrey came to the decision to spin a half-truth. "Kayla, I thin-" just as she started to speak, her phone went off: it was text from Dani Bedlam, one of their W.F.C.N partners who was quite the scientist. "It's Dani, she wants us to meet her and Lydia at the lab."

"Hold on, we have a lab?" asked Kayla. Now she knew what was past the conference room doors.

"Yeah, where do you think Dani and Lydia go after our meetings?" Audrey quizzed. Kayla shrugged and the two picked themselves up to walk back to the W.F.C.N HQ.

Upon arrival, the two entered the lab. What was once a classroom was now filled with beakers, test tubes, and little machinery with the desks pushed to the side. The two walked up to a former teacher's desk that had more lab materials on it, where Dani, a 4'9" brunette with cropped hair and lab apparel, and her similarly dressed partner Lydia Thomson, a 5'4" woman with long, black hair tied in a ponytail, awaited them.

"What's this about Dani? What do you have for us now?" Erika's stern voice startled Kayla, having not notice her until now, combined with the fact that Erika's voice was so unlike the fearful whimpers Kayla had heard.

"Yes! I'm glad you're here!" exclaimed Dani, "we've just invented the means for us to best infiltrate the F.F.C.N. She held up something very tiny that, upon further inspection, was a tiny apple.

"Ssoooo... it's a toy apple?" asked Kayla confusedly.

"No ma'am! This is a normal apple we shrank with that!" Lydia told her excitedly, pointing to a large machine with an antenna sticking out of it. "Now we can shrink down and sneak into any place if need be."

"But isn't that dangerous?" questioned Erika. "It sounds like something could go wrong."

"Oh no, trust us. Here, let me show you how it works." said Lydia, fiddling with the controls. A beam shot out and hit Erika's white shirt. Erika gasped as it shrank slightly, becoming tighter on her skin, her midriff becoming more and more exposed until her fat belly hung out over her black spandex. Kayla stared at the machine in frightened awe while Erika shot Lydia an angered look. "Oops! Sorry," said Lydia, although she was holding back a snicker, "hold on, let me-"

But the machine interrupted her by shooting out two large blinding beams of light. Minutes later, Kayla woke up on the floor, only to feel something strange; it wasn't carpeted, it was solid hard. She saw Erika wake up next to her close to the machine which seemed bigger...much bigger.

It was then Kayla and Erika realized what happened: WE SHRUNK!!!
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