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A prophetic dream from a tube in the ground. (Part 1, incomplete)
A Mars native who would not be named decided to start a cult around a black chrome like tube in the ground, of about three meters across and an unknowable depth, because he heard what to his alien ears was the best music he ever heard of. This native was hard of hearing so nobody really joined his cult at first. With the amount of fuss he was making, the acquaintances he had decided to investigate this tube in the ground. They could not find any tubes. The was something that the budding cult leader thought of.
"Maybe the location of this tube was unknowable, as it appeared to be in multiple places at once."
There was some truth to what this guy thought up. A deity whose just was born fresh from the center of a fold in space/time tends to be in multiple times and places at once. Every decade it would reappear. Each time it attracted more attention, each time different noises where heard. This cult that was eventually formed decided to investigate even farther and hop in one of these tubes. There is not much to tell, one cultist jumped in and had genuine curiosity. She asked what made the tube and how it got there. She did not get an answer. She got spat out a decade later, out another tube, but it was as if a minute passed for her.
She had many dreams after that, about Earth, which to her seemed completely foreign. She thought the blue planet was beautiful. One time she had a sort of nightmare, she was dreaming that she was a child on Earth looking through a telescope. This child was guided by her father to see Mars. She did not know that it was Mars at first, but the look of the red planet the child was looking at seemed very familiar to her. Chills came to her the night she had that dream. She stopped having this dream after she had children.

A deity whose just was born fresh from the center of a fold in space/time tends to be in multiple times and places at once.
"You see I was born in a place that death would be familiar with. I was made in the depths of void. The void was bored, so it made me."
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