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A couple argues on how the toilet paper should be hung.
In our civilized history, story of man
this is more than important, so please understand.
The debate carries on and indeed takes a toll;
it is how toilet paper should flow from the roll.

Should it roll from the top or should underneath reign?
Benny Under votes underneath once and again.
Mabel Over wants paper to roll from the top;
I would spare them a square if contention would stop.

Disagreement goes on in wee hours extant
and at times it can turn into toilet roll rant.
Benny’s boisterous babble ‘bout underneath flow
causes Mabel to run for the Pepto-Bismol.

On the other hand, Mabel’s “from top down” defense
is a goad overload and makes Benny feel tense.
“There is less hanging down,” Mabel opines with glee;
“I have heard it before,” Benny yawns with ennui.

“Do you not see with my way there’s more of a grip?”
Benny asked as he stood there with hand on his hip.
Mabel smirked and replied in a bit of a haste:
“But with your way it hangs and it's more of a waste!”

(Per the rules of engagement the two had agreed
  to takes breaks from dissension if they had the need.
  It was their Charmin break to then do as they please,
  and more often than not they would both get a squeeze.)

Once again they are back, disagreeing those two;
overflowing commode—that’d be their Water-loo.
Each in adamant stance ‘bout the paper, to wit;
is it over or under for aesthetic fit?

“Tell me Benny, my love, don’t you think over’s good?”
(Benny said he would tell her if only he could.)
Benny went on to say he had less time to spend
because over the top he could not find the end.

“Tell me Mabel,” said Benny with love in his voice,
“Don’t you think that my under should be the right choice?”
“It was then Mabel heard the first hint of alarm;
Benny said, “With my way, there’s less stress on your arm!”

(When contention is over and sleep comes to thee,
  with the issue of tissue exceedingly wee,
  and the roll’s on the holder secure by the wall,
  whether over or under seems utterly small.)

40 Lines
(Anapestic Tetrameter)
Writer’s Cramp
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