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Rated: E · Short Story · Activity · #2199184
A meeting with nature spirits
Right Over There

"See! She's right over there!"
"Sitting on that very bright drop of dew near the water."
"Oh yes, how could I miss her, she's a feisty little Nymph isn't she!"
"It looks like she's guiding that Bass over to that wood fly on the surface."

"Yes, I see him ... he's got it!"
"Clever thing, making that drop glow so brightly to attract his attention."
"Yes, and look at him splashing his tail as a thank you! Isn't it sweet!"

"Shhh be quiet Seidon, there's some movement over by that log. Can you see what's going on?"
"Let me focus for a minute Daphne ... yes, there are about twenty or so Gnomes adorning it with woodland moss."
"How I wish I could see them Seidon!"

"Just hold on to that wish Daphne and let peace fill your heart! Okay now breathe deeply. Do you feel the peace?"
"Oh yes Seidon, I feel it!"
"Then look away from the stump just a little, and don't blink!"
"I think ... I think I see them! Little fellows, fat and working happily."
"They're letting you see them because of the peace in your heart Daphne."

"Tomorrow, we will return to find the Theoi Nomioi, the spirits who watch over the countrysides and pastures.

You could see Seidon and Daphne rowing that old boat up the stream as they often did, singing, "Nature we embrace thee, always shall we grace thee!" Excited for another magickal adventure!

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