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During stressful times, be sure to hang in there.
We are living in times of uncertainty; it seems like mimes can be confused with what has been defused.

The tides come in and the tides come out; because the water is so dirty, doesn't make it very pretty.

There's so many shootings taking place; it's a disgrace to know that it keeps going on.

Who really wins? Who really loses? It's all in choosing who you want to admire, or who will conspire to be losing when they shall be against you in their plot.

It's a race against time when the political parties commenced, and found that they were dense by what people were trying to say, and the people sensed that all they really wanted to do was play.

Times of uncertainty can bring one down, but, don't lose hope, you can come around, you will be able to cope. First of all, refresh yourself by getting some soap, you can rise up by getting off the dope.

It's no joke when you're called a dork; don't let you're tempers flare, just remember that someone will care. Prove them wrong by becoming strong, and begin to sing a beautiful song that makes you happy, and share it with others, don't be afraid, just join the parade, then you'll see that you've got it made.

I love to see your friendly face, regardless if I don't keep the pace. If I should have a puzzled look, it's because I'm thinking of writing a book, so remember friend, you're off the hook; don't take it personally, and don't become a crook.

Don't be cruel, become a jewel; don't let yourself be criticized harshly, instead, allow yourself to become legitimized. It'll be worth your while to be wearing a smile. Don't compare yourself with everyone, just be yourself and repair any damage that you feel inside, and begin to manage beautiful sayings that make your originality something to be proud of, by reading it to the crowd out loud.

Homelessness is all around us, please don't let this surround us, please help give them places to live, and have goodness and compassion in your hearts, to make you feel good for what you've done, by letting you heal for past deeds done.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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