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Welcome to the strangest party ever
I opened the door to a hall. The hall had pictures of ghosts and goblins on each side. The walls were black as night with an occasional white spot.

When I reached the attendant, I already was completely spooked out. I had to yell, "I'm here for the party" for him to hear me.

He responded by yelling back, "Where's your invite"

I couldn't believe I had accepted the invitation to come even though it was my friend's birthday after all.

I showed the attendant my invite and he ushered me in.

As soon as I walked in, I bumped into a boy with two heads. I was shocked and wondered what type of party my friend invited me into.

I went to the bar to get a glass of water bypassing many strange creatures and realized the waiter had six arms.

The waiter arms moved so fast that I couldn't keep up even though I was a very alert.

After I finished my much needed glass of water, I began pushing creatures aside to find my friend. A few of these creatures including a women with a long neck and a man with a skinny body and chubby feet shoved me. It was a good thing I had quick feet and slipped away.

A female lizard with a human head came up to me and asked me what I'm looking for.

I told her that I was looking for my friend.

She asked me what my friend's name was.

I replied, "Angie"

The Lizard pointed to a door and told me to go through it.

After I went through the door, I was relieved to find my friend all alone at a table.

She kissed me making me feel like my whole experience at this party was worth it.

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