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An essay about the holiday.
It is officially that time of year again-Time again for the unofficial end of summer.
Have you ever thought of those who have put in long hours of labor? Haven’t you ever heard of a particular holiday called Labor Day? Yes, Labor Day-a holiday in which we honor the American labor movement as well as the contributions that every American worker has made to the growth, development, strength, endurance, security, prosperity, productivity, sustainability, laws, structure, persistence, and the well-being of this great country of ours. Labor Day is on Monday after a long holiday weekend, and yes, it is a federal holiday.
But you've forgotten what Labor Day is supposed to be about; You see, Labor Day is about so much more than just a holiday weekend. It is about the honoring of the American worker for the labor that he or she does. Without them, this country would be productive, and we would not have any goods available to us were it not been for the labor of those workers.

Each worker has given 8,760 hours of their time each year to focus on and to work as hard as they ever could. They must do the work so that we can have the goods and services that we do very much enjoy throughout the 365 days a year. They have endured lousy weather, nasty customers, small injuries, and even bad days/mornings.
And recently, they endured being bullied because of their race, religion, and sex (male and female). I do not think that it is right to tease a worker just because of their race, sex, or religion. That is called hate and hate in the workforce is wrong. Every worker should receive the same kind of respect as anyone else on this planet. It does not make any difference if they are of race, creed, sex, or religion.
Even so, we should always treat every kind of worker with respect here in America, not just on Labor Day itself, but every day of our lives. And yes, we should also treat with respect those who work in the police, fire, and medical departments, and even more so, those who are in the Armed Forces: The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. They are the ones who should need as much respect as anybody else here in this good old U.S. of A.

On this coming Labor Day holiday weekend, please take a few minutes to pause and remember the workers in America. And if you pass by a worker as you go about on your weekend plans, please thank him or her for the most excellent work that they do. It would surely make their lives a whole lot easier.

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