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A fake thread on what I look for in a friend
1. I need to know that this person cares about me and won't judge me for my issues. While I have learned not openly to be a bitch all the time, I would still appreciate having someone in my circle to vent to if need be. If a friend is going to get all pissy because I'm feeling like a rainstorm in a graveyard rather than a pretty rainbow unicorn prancing through pure sunshine, then she's not worth my time anymore. I understand that no one wants to be friends with someone who's grumpy all the time, but I'm not going to pretend I don't have problems and that the only emotion I feel is happiness to keep a friend by my side. Doing that feels fake to me, and I don't have it in me to be somebody I'm not. If you sincerely only want to be around me when I'm all sunshine and glittery rainbow flowers, then I'm sorry, but I am incapable of being that 24/7. If it means that much to you, you can pull up some influencer's Instagram and pretend you're in my company.
2. I identify real friends by their ability to love me at my worst. If a friend only likes me when I have all my shit together, that's when I begin to think her friendship is so shallow that if it were a puddle, I could step in it without getting my feet wet. I'm a living being like everyone else, so it's only fair that I'm treated as such even when I look like a rotting ballsack. If I show up looking like shit or drained of all my fucks to give, a true friend would understand that I'm not like that because I'm lesser than her or because I want to ruin her good day- which is never the case!
3. For the love of Knuckles, respect my damn needs! If I want privacy, I should be allowed that! I appreciate you enough to not snoop at your Instagram to see which VSCO girls you're following, Chunky, so you should respect my wishes to write in my diary without all the barn patrons watching! I refuse to sacrifice my self-respect and neglect to care for myself to suit others' needs. If you don't want me to act like a living, feeling organism, get a stuffed cat. You can do whatever the fuck you want with a stuffed animal, and it won't give a damn about its maltreatment.
4. I don't choose who I offer compassion to based on a person's looks, so I want nothing to do with you if that's why you're friends with me.
5. If being pretty is the sole basis of your entire identity, then we can't be friends. I need to be around people with substance to feel valued.
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