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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2199315
When two opposite people fall deeply in love with each other.

Unexpected Love

The sun rays peaked through the trees, illuminating the temple ruins. Evelyn stood in the middle of what was the main hall of the temple. The roof of the entire temple had collapsed, some of the walls had also collapsed. Grass began to grow over the stone floor and moss was growing on the walls. Some of the windows from the main hall walls were still intact. Evelyn took in a breath of fresh air. She walked up to the far back wall of the temple, there stood a giant door with words engraved into it. She tried to imagine how beautiful this temple must have looked in its prime. She closed her eyes, hiding her smile, she spoke softly.

"I know you are there, Silas. You can come out." Silas poked out from behind the still standing front entrance of the temple was. He jumped down from the broken stairway and walked closer to Evelyn. Silas is not like any other normal human. Silas's village was attacked when he was a child. Silas was bitten by an Immortal, a demon breed that cannot die. Immortals survive by not only eating humans, but they consume human souls to make themselves stronger. Silas is half-human and half-Immortal. He grew up alone, being called a half-breed. His older brother, Drak, was never seen again after their village was attacked. Silas has moved passed his brother's disappearance. From time to time, he does make his way to visit his mother's final resting place.

"How did you know I was there?" He asked. Silas sat down on a giant piece of rubble. He watched as Evelyn was running her hand down the Sealed door.

"I can sense the Immortal blood within your veins. You are very easy for me to notice." Evelyn turned her head to the side looking out through the hole in the wall. The forest was peaceful and quiet. She looked back at the door.

"Do you know about this temple?" Silas just kept quiet as he looked at the temple ruins around him. "This temple was destroyed one-hundred years ago. This is the Temple of Mora; she is the Goddess of Time. Legends say she was also the fateful lover of Talis, the God of Light. Malis, the God of Shadows, is the twin brother of Talis. The tale is, Malis had grown jealous that the woman he loved fell for his brother. So Malis decided to destroy her temple, and he had consumed her heart. Her soul was lost forever in time, but her memory was forever with Talis. After her death, Talis created the Four Goddesses, also known as the Four Sisters."

Silas looked at the door Evelyn was in front of. There was a woman carved into the double doors. It was an image of Mora, but it was very faint.

"The Four Goddesses are Rayne of the Water, Nova of the Fire, Tera of the Earth, and Avis of the Wind. Each goddess has a shard of the amulet known as the Maiden's Light. This amulet, when put together, grants the holder the powers of all four goddesses. The only who can wear this amulet is a summoner who is chosen by Talis himself." Silas crossed his arms and closed his eyes as he continued to listen.

"No one knows why Talis has chosen to create the Four Sisters and chose a summoner to hold the Maiden's Light. But people believe the Maiden's Light, is Mora's soul. That is why only a summoner with a pure heart can hold onto it, because Mora's soul was pure." Evelyn turned around to face Silas. He could see she seemed troubled. Tears formed in her eyes, she tried to fight them back, but she just covered her face. As soon as her bow touched the ground, Silas was already standing in front of her. She wiped away some of her tears as she looked up into Silas's eyes.

"Do you think my heart and soul are pure?" Silas pulled her into his arms as she soaked his shirt with her tears. Silas remembered the last conversation Evelyn and he had a month ago. She seemed at peace, but she still looked as though something had been bothering her.

Evelyn and Silas were sitting along a riverbank, watching the clouds roll by. Silas was nervous, he couldn't help but keep looking at her. She has such impeccable beauty. She was so calm, and her heart was too kind. He wondered how a woman like him wanted to be around a man like him. He was a half-breed, he was different.

"Do you think there is a chance I can act human?" Evelyn asked. Silas didn't know what to say. He could only answer her question with a question.

"What do you mean?" Silas looked deep into Evelyn's emerald eyes. Her eyes were as beautiful as the forest. Her blonde hair blew in front of her face, he pushed her hair back from her eyes.

"This is what I mean. Us. Do you think there can ever be an us if I continue to be a summoner?" Silas was surprised, he looked away hoping she wouldn't notice he was blushing. His eyes suddenly opened wide, he felt Evelyn's hand atop his. He turned to her, but she was looking out to the sun beginning to set beyond the mountains.

"Evelyn--" She stopped him by giving his hand a gentle squeeze. She had a smile on her face. The sunset glimmered in her eyes. Silas couldn't stop looking at her, let alone stop thinking about her. He was in love with Evelyn. He wanted to always be by her side.

"You don't have to say it, I know the answer." Evelyn rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the sun set together.

That was the first time he knew he was in love with Evelyn. He knows she loves him too, but she is terrified to admit it. He continued to hold her close as she cried. Evelyn did feel the same about Silas, but she was afraid to show her weakness. She had a duty to the King, and to this land, she had to protect it from the evil that evades from the shadows.

"Evelyn, you are the most strong-willed woman I have ever met. That is why I am deeply in love with you." Silas's words were so tender and full of heart. Evelyn quickly looked up with her red, teary eyes.

"Silas, I--" Before she could finish her sentence, Silas pressed his lips against hers. Evelyn was shocked, but she couldn't help but realize she wanted this to happen. She closed her eyes and took in the taste of his lips. She loved the warmth of his embrace, his body against hers as they were lost in a moment that made time stand still around them. Evelyn could feel her heart racing.

Is this what true love feels like? Evelyn was paralyzed as she stood there in Silas's embrace. Silas pulled back and looked deeply into Evelyn's eyes. He could see the flush of pink in her cheeks. He let out a soft smile.

"Evelyn, you can live a life. You can live a life with me. We can even have children if you wanted." Evelyn laughed. "Evelyn, I am so in love with you. I want to be by your side for the rest of my life." Evelyn pulled away, turning around, wrapping her arms around herself.

"This wasn't supposed to happen! This can't happen!" Evelyn tried to walk away, but Silas quickly pulled her back into his arms. This time he embraced her tighter. Silas knew they weren't supposed to fall in love. He only tracked Evelyn down in the beginning because he was going to kill her.

Silas was approached by a woman who he thought was a witch. She appeared with long curled black hair. Her eyes were like amethysts glimmering amongst her pale skin. The woman's outfit was revealing to Silas's liking. Silas was smitten by her looks.

"I know what you seek. The only way to reverse the curse upon you is to consume a pure heart. The blood will purify the Immortal blood that runs through your veins, making you a full human again." The woman had shown an image of Evelyn through a purple flame in her hand. "This is the woman you must seek for. She is the summoner that resides within the Sacred Forest. Her name is Lady Evelyn."

But once Silas saw Evelyn for the first time, he couldn't hurt her. He looked into her eyes and suddenly the thought of killing her was gone. She was all he could ever think about after that. He recalled the moment Evelyn told him that she liked him the way he was.

Evelyn and Silas were walking through a small farmers market in a village just a few miles from the Sacred Forest. Silas followed Evelyn with his hands behind his head. He had a piece of wheat stem hanging out of his mouth. Evelyn was putting fresh vegetables and herbs into her woven basket. She noticed some fresh baked bread and grabbed a loaf.

"Where do you plan to stay tonight?" Evelyn asked. Silas just shrugged his shoulders and continued to follow behind her. He wasn't quite sure yet on what he had planned. He just shrugged his shoulders.

"I'll probably just camp out somewhere close to the village." He noticed Evelyn began to blush. She quickly hid her face from him. She could feel her heart racing. Silas could tell she wanted to ask him something.

"Well I was going to suggest if you wanted to stay with me tonight." Evelyn's heart was racing even faster. Evelyn was nervous to hear his answer she began to have hot flashes.

"Yeah, okay." Evelyn was shocked to hear he agreed. This made her even more nervous. Soon, they made it to her house. Her house was just a mile from where the temple ruins are. He noticed there was a lake by her house. He could see the village they were at from her house. He stood outside looking at the moonlight's reflection on the lake. Evelyn came up and stood next to him.

"Silas," Evelyn touched his hand. His skin felt rough from all the scars of all the battles he fought. She looked up into his eyes. His eyes were golden, sparkling in the moonlight. She knew he was a half-demon. "Do you plan to stay the way you are? Or do you wish to be either full human or full demon?" Silas sighed. He looked up to the moon and the stars. He remembered his original plan when he first met Evelyn.

"I want to become a full human. I was placed upon this curse because a hoard of Immortals attacked my village. One bit me and I have been this way since. My body can heal quickly from wounds, but they leave scars. I am even stronger than any normal human." Evelyn put her head against his arm.

"Well I like you the way you are." Silas looked at Evelyn, she was occupied with watching the shooting stars fly though the sky.

Alright Evelyn. I will stay this way for you.

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