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Lore for the Sun & the Moon's timeless romance.
Once upon a time, the Sun was lonely and hung in the blackness of space. He stared into it without purpose surrounded by lifeless rocks. He tried to warm them but only a few things would grow very weakly on one world below and his sadness grew as the cold of the darkness seemed to close in on him. He tried with all that he was to bring life to the small world that meant so much to him.

Just when he was ready to give up and cool his core, a comet of ice, so large that he thought it would kill him, came shooting through the void and collided with his heart. Though his flames consumed it, a piece of his heart broke off and cooled and the Moon was born. She was dark and cold, his complete opposite, but something in her glistening eyes took his breath away. He held her and warmed her, drying her continuous tears. He loved her with abandon and she flourished. They grew very close and soon felt incomplete without being enveloped within each other's energies.

The Sun and the Moon had a fiery romance for eons. They loved each other so deeply that they always embraced and their love lit the skies, but their passion destroyed what little lived on the world below them. When they were together, he flared so fiercely that both the moon and the world below were scorched and nothing could survive. He could not bear what he was doing to her and yet he still wanted the world below to thrive. So, with great sorrow, the Sun sent the Moon across the horizon and left her cold and dark again for part of the day, while lighting her up from afar to watch her beauty shine so he'd never have to truly be without her.

The Moon shook with grief. She tried to chase him and get him back every day, but he'd always run, shouting his love for her across the skies even though he'd dive beneath the horizon as she cried out for his flames. Sometimes, they would sit in the sky together, distant yet longing for one another. He'd be so far away that all she could see was that he had his back turned as he hid his secrets. She shouted for him to please come closer and he couldn't bear to ignore her pleas. He'd try to move a little closer as his desires for her grew but the world below would begin to scorch, again. So it was, every summer, that he'd nearly succumb to her charms, but then he'd realize his mistake and go back into hiding working on his secret as the world cooled from his overflowing passions, burying the world in the Winter of his own sorrows.

The Moon basked in the Sun's love from afar as it lit her up and wrapped her in the memory of his sizzling touch. The more he warmed her, the more she glowed, and the more she yearned for him. Her tears filled the world below becoming the oceans as her misery overflowed. The waters washed upon the scorched lands in the darkness and in the day he would warm it with his love. Soon, life began to spring up. This balance made the world below them thrive. Whenever she'd mourn for their love, it would tug at the oceans, but he persisted, saying it would remain this way until his fires cooled and they could intertwine once again. He did not want to hurt her anymore and he did not want to burn all that he loved.

The world below grew quickly with new life and the people began to worship them both. But the Moon watched the love that occurred under her glow and this made her miss the Sun even more. Her tears fell into the ever-growing oceans and creatures began to glow beneath the waves just like her. They washed up on the beach and lit up the darkness like a million moons in a blackened sky with their luminescence. This vision made her feel even more alone. She started to grow cold and sank in the sky, heavy with heartache. When the Sun peeked above the horizon and saw her, he told her she was the most beautiful celestial body in the sky, tears and all. His warmth melted her soul once again.

So, she chased him again begging for his full attention, wanting to be in his fiery embrace. They'd been together for eons, she cried, how could he abandon her in the darkness teasing her with his love while she yearned for him from afar? He told her it simply could not be. She needed to shine in the darkness to bring out the beauty of the world below in a way he could not. He told her she fed the love beneath them and brought the people of the world below together in the coolness of the dark to be together like they could not be. He said she was his light and that watching her shine from afar with her love for him gave him a reason to go on every day. He said that her love inspired him to help others feel the way she had made him feel and to not share that was a true tragedy. The balance of their separation created life and the people below were their children. He brings them life, feeding them with his love, while she brings them security and the ability to love each other. He said her tears inspired fires of passion below and this was worth their sacrifice. Then he turned to his secrets and dove beneath the horizon as her love grew and her glow brightened with his warmth once again.

The Moon vowed to do something. She couldn't live without the Sun, but her sadness took hold. She continued to follow him but she began to wane, growing darker, and wrapped within herself. She slipped away until she was but a crescent and then disappeared completely for a few nights hiding from his warmth as she explored her own dark side. This became the way of things. His love would fill her soul and then her sadness would make her fade. The patterns of the world adjusted and a rhythm was created. Though the Sun was sad to see her mourn and hurt, it filled the sands of destiny and helped those below understand their own darkness. They experienced their own sadness in her Void but revived their inner love as she grew pregnant with his warmth. He saw that this was good.

Then one day as the Sun rose, there the Moon stood before him in all of her brilliant glory, bathing in his fire like she had been so willing many eons ago. He looked down upon the world and it was flooded in darkness but before he could speak she embraced him and kissed him deeply. He flared up with familiar passions and feared the worse, but saw that she protected the world below by taking in all of his fire into herself. He let himself fall into her embrace and they loved each other fully for that day, but then she moved on so that he could keep his word, leaving tears behind her as she crossed back over the horizon.

The Moon promised she would return once in a while to eclipse the world again so that they could love, too, and never forget why they made the sacrifices they did. The Sun smiled and cried tears of his own as his heart ached in longing for the next time they could embrace. He promised her a gift when she returned and he turned back to his secrets as he dove once again into the horizon. As always, she followed in chase.

When some time had passed and the Moon came to visit again, he reached for her and embraced her willingly, casting a shadow upon the world again. He would not let a moment pass without having her in his arms and he loved her like he could never love another, his lips never left hers. As she began to leave for her shawl of darkness, he kept his promise and gave her his gift, sharing his secrets. He told her he'd gathered her tears over the eons and filled each of them with a piece of himself, imbuing them with the essence of them both. He tossed them out into the utter darkness that surrounded her and they blinked and shone like a million mini suns in the night sky. He said now when he was away, she would never have to be alone. That pieces of them, their true children- the Stars, would hang in the sky to remind her of his love. They would keep her company until the world below came to an end and they could embrace once again for eternity until their lights both blinked out and all that remained was their children to light the way.

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