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My entry into The Writer's Cramp Contest
Waiting for my appointment, I suddenly felt strange,
In the restroom mirror, I saw my whole expression change,
My skin appeared diseased as if I'd spawned the mange,
The look inside my eyes was of someone gone deranged.

I noticed that the lights appeared much brighter than before,
And the movement on the carpet was not a part of the decor,
Like flares that flash and trace their way underneath the door,
An astounding number of shadow rats raced across the floor.

The next thing that happened left me in deep shock and awe,
Out of the corner of my eyes in the other chairs I saw,
Outlines of people sitting as still as old scrimshaw,
When I directly looked at them I saw no one at all.

Then it dawned on me this was an LSD flashback,
A result of my past activities on the wrong side of the track,
I resigned myself to opine all I could do was kick back,
So I rescheduled for another day and backtracked to my shack.

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