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This story is about a young girl and an unexpected encounter
“Mommy,” the little blond girl ran excitedly down the hallway, heading for the kitchen where her mother was. Each of her tiny footfalls left a fleeting impression in the plush tan carpet. Her blonde curls bouncing around her excited face as she ran.

“What did I tell you about running in the house, Ashley?” Her mother knew the little ball of blonde energy couldn’t contain her enthusiasm when she discovered something new or she had to tell her Mom something spectacular.

“Sorry, I know Mom, but this is really, really important. See, my tooth came out all by itself.” She held the small, white tooth in her tiny hand for her mother to inspect.

“Oh, I didn’t know. I guess that is important, still, no running in the house. Can I see it? I’ll wash it for you.” Ashley’s mother loved to joke with her little girl. She held the tooth up between her thumb and forefinger for examination. “Are you sure this is yours? Maybe I should go check the cat’s mouth. This looks like a cat tooth.”

“Mom, you know it’s mine.” Ashley giggled. “I would never try to fool the Tooth Fairy. She would know and she wouldn’t come here again if I lied to her.” Ashley’s little face was full of smiles. She couldn’t contain the joy she felt that the tooth was finally out.

“Ok, I guess it’s yours. What are you planning to do with it?” Her mother wanted to hear the little girl explain what she planned.

“Now that it’s clean I’m going to put it under my pillow tonight and ask for a whole dollar.”

“Ashley, honey, I think all you get is twenty-five cents for a tooth. Besides it’s so small.” Her mother cautioned.

“How much did you get when you were little?”

“Well, we got twenty-five cents. Why?”

“Mommy, you were little a long time ago and I hear you talk about in-fla-tion,” she pronounced it slowly unsure if she had it correctly. “You know money doesn’t buy much. Well, twenty-five cents don't buy much now that I’m bigger. So, I’m asking the Tooth Fairy for a dollar.”

“And you think you’re going to see her so you can explain this to her.” Her mother fought back the smile. If only her husband were back from Afghanistan to hear his little girl.

“I can leave a note under my pillow with the tooth. Can you help me write it?”

“Sure. We’ll do that after dinner and your bath time. Deal?”


“Go play while I finish dinner. I’ll call when everything is ready. Go. Don’t lose your tooth.” Ashley ran off to put her tooth in her desk drawer and then play with her dolls. While in her room she laid out her pajamas for the night.

Dinner and bath were finished quickly as little Ashley had a goal. “Mom, can you help me with the letter now?”

“Of course. What would you like to say to the Tooth Fairy?” Mom had pen and pad ready to take Ashley’s very impassioned plea for a whole dollar. She reached out and ruffled the blond curls on her daughter’s head. “I’m ready.”

“Dear Tooth Fairy, thank you for coming to pick up my tooth. It took a long time to come out, but now it doesn’t hurt. I would like a dollar for it because now that I’m getting old, everything costs too much. I know you understand. Love, Ashley.”

“That’s a very nice letter, Ashley. Very grown up.”

“If you’re sure then I can put my letter and tooth under my pillow. Bedtime is soon.” Ashley gathered up her letter and headed to the bathroom to wash and brush her teeth. Ashley was not going to make the Tooth Fairy sad by not brushing. She wanted her dollar.

In the early morning hours while her mother slept, Ashley felt something move her pillow. She opened one eye cautiously, then the other. Flutter around in front of her was the Tooth Fairy. Ashley excitedly sat up in bed. The tiny winged figure darted behind the pillow.

She stretched her tiny arms and tried not to yawn. “It’s okay Tooth Fairy. You can come out. I won’t hurt you.” Ashley heard the faint humming of tiny wings and then from the pillow, a tiny figure flew in front of her and landed.

“Look, kid, you’re supposed to be asleep. That’s the rule.” A tiny winged man dressed in white stood directly in front of her. The night light shone on him and Ashley could see his face.

“Who are you?” Ashley rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Who am I? Who were you expecting, kid? I’m the Tooth Fairy. I came to get your tooth, leave some money and go.” The little man stood looking at her.

“Something wrong kid?”

“You’re not a girl. You’re supposed to be a girl. Everyone knows that.”

“Sorry, kid. Now about that tooth. I got your shiny, new quarter. All I need is the tooth and I’m out of here.”

“Can you read my letter? It explains everything.” Ashley placed the open letter and tooth in front of the Tooth Fairy. The little man took to the air, wings flapping, and read her letter. Then he landed gently on her bed.

“A dollar, huh. Inflation. You’re pretty grown up for your age. Let me tell you a joke and then we’ll see. Okay?”


“What do you call a bear without teeth?” He smiled waiting for her answer.

“I don’t know. What?”

“A Gummie Bear. Get it?”

Ashley began laughing out loud. “You’re funny.”

“Tell you what, kid. You go back to sleep. I’ll leave the money, this time, but I’m taking the tooth and that note. The other Tooth Fairies aren’t going to believe this one. Inflation.”

Ashley’s mother woke her up early morning. “Time for breakfast.”

Ashley quickly looked under her pillow and saw four bright, shiny quarters. “See Mom.”


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