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If you're just so, so on a subject--try more of everything until you strike what works
There are too many college drop-outs that wasted college. As for me, I was a college drop-in. In that I returned to my studies after a periods of time passed. Even though I made it to only my Senior year in college, I did learn a lot for it. My efforts fell short when I didn't pass a few hard classes in math and economics and quit. I was also at the end of my rope with expenses, student debt and time.

In fact, my last class in music was when I turned 50 years old. Yes, an oldster studying to refresh my skills. A few years earlier and into my 40s I took up marketing and an online technical writing course that I really liked. And, before that in my 30s I took up journalism. So, I'm a mish mash of subjects called Liberal Arts leaning on writing.

I see the whole college experience as an adventure into the unknown with all its lessons that weave you into being you. Now, I'm known for my writing and marketing skills. And, only through the college course experience did I find myself here at this point in time at 64 years old.

Skill get easier with life's lessons as one ages and grows older and wiser. It is easier to see through things from past experiences. Everyone of age should write their own story of their being. All people have a different angel on life although some go no further than high school if any. I always get shocked by what I've learned along the way--saying to myself 'I never knew that'. It is a wonder what will shock me next and how I react to it to fit into my life as it was and is.
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