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Safe at Last

Dust to Dust
WC 300

“You should see your eyes. They are as big as saucers!” George held Mary’s hands and stroked her hair.

“It isn’t every day a lady gets a gift like this! It’s too much George!” Mary fingered the necklace. It was sparkly and wonderful. The stones were small, that was true. But she didn’t care. That meant she could wear this necklace anywhere. No one would think she was being a show-off or worse. She could wear this and feel her husband’s love around her neck.

She shook off a memory of the last man whose professed love had his hands around her neck. But that was years ago, and she had vowed to keep that memory locked up and on a shelf. That box she should not take down and examine. But it had come down once when she shared the contents with George. Put that back and leave it be once and for all time, Mary, she thought.

“You okay?” George looked at her with concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, fine, Just felt like someone walked over my grave, as they say. I just felt a chill.”

“Harry again?”

“Just for a moment. He’s gone now.”

“Yes he is. You want to go and make sure?”

“A drive may do me some good. Fresh air and all,” Mary sighed and glanced at George.

They got their coats and the dog, bundled into the car. The trip to the cemetery took just a few minutes. The headstone was easy to find. They had made the trip many times.

“There he is, Mary. Harry Matthews. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and all that. Proof that he is gone. He’ll never hurt you again. We made sure of that.”

Mary put a small stone on Harry’s headstone. “Yes, we did.”

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