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Emma lived in misery, until her childhood crush found her and changed her life forever.
I moved in with my "boyfriend," Marcus when I was twenty years old. He wasn't so much of a romantic and I honestly didn't care, because whatever I did was never good enough for him, and I was so done with trying to impress him. So one day, I went out to get some groceries. As I came back home, my jaw dropped. I saw Marcus making out with my school bully, Audrey on the couch. I started screaming in disgust as I watched them. I was so angry at him because not only was he cheating on me, but he was cheating on me with the girl that made my high school life a living nightmare! He slapped me and told me that I was nothing but a fat and worthless slut and I should pack my things and leave. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! And to top it all off, my bully was laughing at me and said, "Once a loser, always a loser." and she laughed at me. I tearfully packed my things and left. I went to my friend's place and what happened came to me like a stab in my chest. She started throwing comments at me saying she did not want any fatty living in her house and she slammed the door to my face. I started crying as I ran away in horror. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, my boss called me and said that I was fired. I fell to my knees and started crying hard. I passed out. When I woke up, I decided to stop crying and find a place to sleep. When I tried to cross the street, I got hit by a car injured my leg. The driver came out and saw that I couldn't move. He asked if I was okay, and mentioned my name.
"Emma? Is that you?" was what I heard from his mouth. I was scared. I didn't know who he was and I wanted to cry. But he told me something that poured a heavy bucket of relief on me.

"It's me, Chase," he said.

I was so surprised to see him after 18 years. He had moved to Los Angeles and came back! He had been my best friend since childhood and my first crush. I wanted to tell him how I've felt about him for so long, but he had to move to LA and it made me so sad and I thought I would never see him again. But here he was in front of me and looking into my sad and hurting eyes. I cried with joy as we hugged each other. I didn't want to let go. He looked and noticed my bags and lugged. Confused, he asked me where I was headed. I told him the whole story. About how I caught my ex cheating, how he kicked me out of the house, how he kicked me out, and how my friend refused to let me in and body-shamed me, AND how I lost my job. I just couldn't hold my emotions anymore, so eventually, I cried again. He held me in his arms and for the first time, I felt safe.

"Can you stand?" Chase asks me.

I almost forgot about the pain, but it came back as soon as he mentioned it. I tried to stand but I fell back down. He then took me into his Ford jeep and drove off. When we arrived, I was taken into the X-ray room and apparently, it was my shin that broke and the doctors had to perform a surgery that will cost me a lot. I agreed to get the surgery, but I had to find the money. Chase agreed to pay. I look at him, saying that he shouldn't worry about me, but he kept insisting. After minutes of arguing, I gave in and had the surgery. A few weeks later, I recovered fully and Chase surprised me with an offer I could not refuse. He asked me to be his secretary in his office, and I gladly said yes. I started working three days later. I would work from morning to evening and go home when I was done working. It was raining one night, and I missed my bus. I stood in the rain, waiting for the next bus. A vehicle pulled over and the driver put down the glass. It was Chase.

"Do you need a ride?" Chase asks.

I wanted to say no, but the bus wasn't gonna arrive for the next hour. So I had no choice. I accepted his offer and went into his car. It was so warm. I was shivering so hard that he noticed it.

"Emma? Are you okay?" said Chase with worry in his words.

Everything became fuzzy and all of a sudden everything turned black.

When I woke up, I found myself in a humongous bedroom. Everything was fancy and looked expensive. I looked down to see silky sheets on me. I took them off to see that I was wearing a shirt that wasn't mine. I got up from the bed and looked in awe. The house was so beautiful.

"Chase?" I call out, "Where are you?"

It was still raining outside. I went downstairs and into a huge living room, still looking for Chase but there wasn't any sign of him. I sat down on a couch, asking myself a lot of questions.

"How did I get here? What in the world happened? How did..."

All of a sudden, my thoughts were interrupted by Chase

"Thank goodness you're awake."

I looked behind to see Chase shirtless. I felt like I was drooling; it's like he was sculpted by Aphrodite just for me. But I knew that he and I were never meant for each other like, which guy would fall for a chubby girl like me. I gave up the idea and sighed in sadness.


I look at Chase with a surprised look.

"Were you saying something?" I ask.

"Wanna watch a movie?" he asks holding a blanket

"Sure... yeah," I say in excitement

"What do you say about horror movies?" Chase asks

I flinched a little before answering. I was scared but excited. So I said yes.

We sat down next to each other and he started the movie. Thunder was crashing outside and the atmosphere was really tense. There was this one scene that jumps frightened me so much that I screamed. Chase laughs at me and I smacked his arm crying

"It's not funny!" I say with tears running down my face.

"Alright. I'm sorry," Chase said, "How about I make it up to you?"

"How would you do that?" I ask wiping away my tears.

"I take you to the gym, then we can go to your favorite cafe and get you an ice cream. Favorite flavor cookies and cream."

"You still remember..." I say with a smile across my face

"My treat," Chase says with a smile.

My phone beeps and I pull it out to see...

"It's Marcus," I said.

"What does he want?" Chase asked.

"He sent me a picture," I replied.

I tap my screen to look at the picture: It was a picture of him and Audrey, making out in a park. It was the caption that caught my eye. The caption read: "Got rid of the huge sack of fat I called a girlfriend to be with this beautiful skinny legend #emmaallenisafatslut."

I couldn't hold it anymore. I screamed and ran out into the rain crying. Chase ran behind me, calling my name. I kneel on the driveway and smash my phone without thinking twice and broke down again.

Chase came outside and knelt in front of me.

"I'm not worth anything! I'm useless! They were right! It doesn't matter if I' gone! They'll always haunt me and succeed to humiliate me!" I cried.

"STOP! Enough!" Chase said in my face, "I can't bear to see you like this. He is not worth your tears. You're so much stronger than this!"
" I've done everything I could to block him out of my life!" I reply sobbing heavily, "No matter what I do, they'll never let me be."

I started shaking because if the cold. It was raining cats and dogs out here.

"Come on. Let's get you inside," Chase said as he helped me stand.

We went into the house and he led me to the guest room, which was supposed to be my room for the night. He gave me new clothes to put on and left the room. Once I was done dressing up, he came back in with a cup of hot chocolate and a first- aid kit
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