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by Mr.Owl
Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2199447
Joseph learns no good deed goes unpunished.
Joseph tossed and turned. His normally soft and comfortable bed hard and unyielding no matter how he moved. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore and sat up, or at least tried to.

Opening his eyes Joseph found that he wasn't lying down, nor was he in his room. Instead, Joseph found himself suspended in some form of purple mass.

Joseph struggled but could barely move and could see nothing beyond the purple mass around him.

Exhausted from his struggles Joseph hung limply and taxed his memory for an answer to where he was.

The last thing he could recall was lying abed after supper. His walk home from work had been uneventful save for a brief encounter with a beggar woman on the street. Her dirty fingers had left streaks on his jacket but he had still fished a few coins from his pocket for her. Joseph had even kept the little stone she’d given him in thanks.

"That one is stunning." A woman's voice spoke, startling him.

"Yes, that one is my favorite." Another voice, this one distantly familiar, answered.

The world around him spun and brightened until Joseph could see beyond his violet prison. Joseph found himself looking up at two women who seemed giant to his eyes. They were colored purple by the mass that held him but the one that stood to the left he realized was the beggar woman. Now though she was dressed in a clean, flowing gown instead of the dirty rags she had worn.

"I found him yesterday, so rude and prideful, I'll put him to much better use." The woman spoke and the world swirled again until Joseph found himself placed before a mirror.
Joseph screamed in horror as he saw himself trapped within the stone the woman had given him.
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