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A word about digital books
eBook definition: a book publication made available in digital format.

The following is part of an article written by Jordan Wahl, a senior content and SEO specialist with G2. As she so eloquently explains, "in this day and age of electronic everything, people love the idea of doing everything from virtually anywhere on any device, including a new way of enjoying one of our favorite leisure time activities, reading."

How to make an eBook

by Jordan Wahl

It can be overwhelming learning how to make an eBook, but they’re actually fairly easy to put together and promote with a little guidance.

The process begins with defining your objectives and audience. Why are you writing the eBook and who are you writing it for? Knowing these things will then allow you to choose a topic that will not only interest your audience, but also fulfill the reason you’re writing the eBook in the first place.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, choose a specific title to pull in your readers. It should also give them a reason to want to read your eBook; a vague title won’t get you very far.

From there, begin outlining your eBook by planning an effective introduction, breaking your eBook into chapters, and planning appropriate calls-to-action placements throughout the eBook. Creating this outline will save you time once you start writing.

Writing your eBook should be fun. This is your chance to show readers that you’re an expert on the subject you’re writing about. Include details, be creative, and show them what you’re made of. Be sure to proofread once you’re done!

Next comes the design. From color to visuals to branding and font, the design of your eBook should complement the content it will include. Your title should pull the reader in, but the design should help with that too.

To make your eBook appear easy to read, consider the formatting too; break up large blocks of text with lists and visuals.

Finally, you’ll want to convert, publish, and promote your eBook! You’ve put a lot of thought into it, as well as invested a lot of time in it. So promoting it is an important step. You want to make sure your eBook is seen and read. Creating a landing page, using social media marketing, and incorporating your eBook in your blog strategy are all simple, yet effective, ways to start promoting your eBook right away.

Addendum from Jonblair -

eBooks read on a non-Kindle device (may) appear discombobulated (that's a real word) on the display/monitor which (might) necessitate a download of the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad, or computer. You can then select and download Kindle books directly into the app for appropriate reading.

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