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Rated: E · Fiction · Writing.Com · #2199575
A guys first day at school where he falls for a girl at first sight.
"You are up early." My mom notices, eyeing me through her half-moon spectacles.
"Yeah I couldn't sleep." I sit down at the table and randomly pick an apple from the basket. I don't have much appetite, on account of my stomach being full with butterflies. My mom is still scrutinizing me.
"First day anxieties?" she asks.
"Yeah something like that." I bite into the apple and start chewing as slow as possible. I want this morning to go as slowly as possible. My sister and dad enter the kitchen.
"Mom it's Sam you are talking about." She says, rolling her eyes. "He is always anxious." She sits down beside me and starts pouring her sugar free, low fat cereal in a bowl. "Chill." she says to me, "It is just school."
"If you want, I can drop you off." My dad looks at me, from above his newspaper. "Thanks dad but I want to walk." I say and get up. "Bye mom, bye Felecia, dad." I say my goodbyes and start to head out.
"Now Sam," my mom stops me, "if anything happens, you call. Okay?" she looks up at me and pushes my bangs back from my forehead. I hug her. "I'll be okay." I say. "It's just school."
I head out and start walking. I walk as slowly as possible, but I reach it in a few minutes since the school is really near my house. I can see all the students. And I notice that there are a lot of people. My social anxiety gets activated, as well as my awkwardness. I can practically feel my voice going away.
I put my hood up, push my hands in my pocket and start walking in.
I bum into a girl. Or should I say the girl bumps into me. She's short, at least in front of my height. Her forehead is covered by a thick black fringe and she's rubbing her forehead. Her face is very pale but her checks look really red. I can also see freckles. I also notice that she has thin pink lips, which look very shiny. Lip gloss?
"Sorry." I say. "Although if you just pin back those bangs, you would be able to see and not bump into anyone again." I take one last look at her and start walking.
"Hey you! Wait!" surprisingly her voice is very rich and somewhat deep compared to her girly appearance. I stop walking, but don't turn around.
"I am talking to you. Hey." I still don't turn around. After a few seconds she comes in front of me, her arms folded.
Now that her hands aren't covering her eyes, I get a full view of her face. Her eyes are black. Like that bottomless black tunnel I sometimes see myself falling, in my nightmares.
I blink.
"Uh, what?" I ask.
She peers at me for a few seconds and then bites her lips. I notice that it disturbs me a lot seeing her bite her lips.
Let me bite them. I swallow. Shit.
"This fell." She hands me my direction map of the school. "I guess you would need that."
I notice that her hands are small but she has very slender fingers. I want to keep staring at her. She tucks her hair behind her ear. "Um I guess, bye?" she asks.
"Yeah I guess."
She then turns around and starts walking.
"Hey weren't you supposed to go that way?" I call her. She pauses and turns around, her face confused.
Then her expression clears and she smiles.
Thud! Thud! My heart beats.
I guess school isn't going to be that bad. I guess it isn't going to be bad at all.
I grin.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2199575