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A space ship is being used as a colony ship for the human race working for the Imperium.



“We have acquired a target,” Lieutenant June Winds said turned from the targeting screen to face Captain Mual.

“We have received an SOS,” Lance Corporal Jewels said her hand holding the earpiece to her ear peered at Lieutenant Winds.

“Location of the signal?” Captain Mual asked as he turned looked down to see Lieutenant Winds in her chair..

“Bearings 347 latitude 567, it came from there,” Lance Corporal Jewels said.

“That’s where the target is located,” Lieutenant Winds said.her face was pale, eyes large,

“Check it out. Bring it up full on the screen,” Captain Mual said turned to the screen.

There was debris all over the area. It was as a battle happened here. The crew of my space ship followed this until, now. Worried. About what we saw there. knew what happened here. We saw a Imperium cruiser type spaceship took quite a bit of damage perhaps from a meteor shower. But we doubled that. Pieces of its armor missing. Portions charred and scrotched by fire. was rammed by something. Were gaping holes in its hull. We knew what that meant, Was damaged by an attack, by a spaceship. There were bodies floating about in space.

Lieutenant Winds lifted her eyes from the targeting screen, smiled, and engage the weaponry systems. Her hands hovered
above the buttons to control the weapon boards and looked triumphantly at Captain Mual.

The warning lights were flashing, there came bells were chiming, The emergency initialized.

Sargent Bucka stood there at the entranceway to the dock, where his crew would await him. He spied the screen on the dock showing
the debris. Sargent Bucka worried n exploration ship would encounter what harmed the dreadnaught.

The navigator was facing the screen. He could not move anything but a ball that was our ship as it moved about in space with his hands. He was bald and wore a gown. Our lives depended upon him doing this.. His eyes were closed, this meant he was in control of the ship absolutely.

We were on the bridge preparing for combat as we viewed the screen. Lieutenant Winds looked up, she knew that there had to be a ship here. There should be no ships here as the area had been unexplored.

“Where has it come from?” Lance corporal (communication specialist) Jewels said. Seated at the communication devices could see were an object. It was a couple of kilometers in scale the trail from the ship. She turned on the screen visual on it. She froze seeing it. There was a ship that was there. Wreckage all over the place.

“We just received an SOS signal, from that sector,” Lance corporal Jewels said as she pointed at the scanner to indicate the ship.

Captain Mual was in the middle of the bridge with hands clasped behind his back. He wore an overcoat and black slacks with a white silk blouse and a black belt hung a machine pistol, and sword. He was puzzled. This section was unexplored, there should be no ships especially from the Imperium here. Yet they found one there; one of their own.

“Check to see if there is anyone out there. Targeting the ship,” Sargent Bucka said was upset and worried.

“There is no one there, Aside from the ship that signaled us,” Lance corporal Jewels said.

“That is good,” Sargent Bucka said was relieved, watched Lance Corporal Jewels while looking at Captain Mual and the screen..

“Let’s check it out,” Wind said with a grin, Easy capital, the enemy has long since gone as she could not see it on the sensors, it wasn’t there.. Rubbed her hands together happily.

“We have to make a profit?" Captain Mual said as he made a bridge with his hands. Imagined the things. He would acquire by doing this. In the future when he began his journey. He was told it would be a good place to explore..Might be good place to explore..

"We will," Lance corporal Jewels the radio communication specialist was shapely and had a good head on her shoulders said sweetly watching Mual. Knowing what this meant to him. Desired to make him happy. She would, she knew it. She would! Wouldn't she? Nudging the champagne glass in celebration. She smiled triumphantly at herself in the mirror in her room leaving the bridge.

The vessel is exploring space to find new planets for new resources. It has been in space for many months it has left the range of radio signals or satellites and was able to travel warp 1. We received a signal of SOS on our communication device. It was from a vessel cruiser D class model Imperial spaceship. It was a military ship. Captian Mual pondered as he saw it. Why was it here? The ship had been attacked, by who? What had they done to deserve this? He did not know, but he could guess, what?

Sitting there silent as a grave.We could see light coming from the ship meaning there might be life upon it. It was a military ship, which meant he would be rich if he could get to the ship. He would get to the ship. He knew he could rely upon Sargent Bucka to get aboard the ship. He knew this was a certainty. He smiled as looked at Sargent Bucka looking at the screen. It took quite a bit of damage, totaled its drive. It is asking for help. The ship has been attacked.. It was an Imperium ship. It should not be here. This area had not explored that was what was he had been told.

Our bridge large enough to have ten people standing there. Having a communication device for radio and satellite. There was a chair where a man would sit to guide the ship through space; worrisome when entering warp, there were things there that posed a threat to the crew. The figure was a male named Ponderer, his only interest lay in flying the ship. A handle that was used to control the ship’s direction and radar systems. Captain Mual stood there, looking at the screen where Jewel pointed. There was aboard where a gunnery officer Mallet sat to protect the ship. There were switches to touch to turn on these devices. There was a targeting array.

Mual watched the ship. Dreamt of the riches he would acquire from this find. The ship they were on had taken quite a bit of damage, he could repair the ship. It was a dreadnought of the imperium. Designed to keep on fighting. It with a vast array of weapons on her. That he could salvage.

“Any idea, what’s wrong with the ship?” Sargent Bucka said as viewed the screen as where Mual pointed, Bucka knew what this meant, we will board the craft. He turned and bolted towards the dock, where his crew would be relaxing. Spotted them sitting there, relaxing.

He hit the button to raise the door of the shuttle. It climbed silently into the air. Stepped inside the shuttle drew up his laser from its holder. He looked over his security unit numbering ten including a medic on the deck. They looked him over.

Sargent Bucka smiled confidently, where the combat crew would be stationed to listen to orders and carry them out. He wore a suit of armor that covered his body from neck to toe. There was a clear glass bubble for was helmet, It sat inside the shuttle beside the pilot’s chair. The armor was white in color there was a box containing oxygen on it. The armor fits him as would a scuba suit. He was quick with his hands knew how to fight this was a certainty. He smiled confidently at the crew he was to send out to the other ship.

The squad he was attached to seemed at ease, they were confident with and were supposed to do. Sargent Bucka walked towards the shuttle, with them in tow. He had allowed them to get their weapons and armor. The armor was white, and it encased the crew members, there were markings on their armor. It was bulletproof and bombproof, there was a tank on their back to keep them safe from whatever they may breathe. He smiled at them, said, “I am going to need you to help me. Find out what the ship there needed. It issued an SOS. We received it and are going to check it out.”

When they got inside the shuttle they took their seats, five on one side, and five on the other. The shuttle was spacious They were wary of what they may face. They faced each other on the shuttle. The seats were cushioned, the door to where the pilot sat was enclosed.

Sargent Bucka took his seat as the pilot of the ship. The ship was streamlined, had no weapons. There were gun ports on it. Two chain guns were there to use to protect them. He knew the ship they were original would back them up. So, there was no need for weapons on the shuttle to protect it.

Corporal Stevie Janna the medic was female well built strong-willed and determined to do her job. She was long-legged, heavy built with muscles. she carried the cannon as she called it. It was a bazooka she patted the barrel of it and smiled back. Her hair fell in steep bangs down her back, the amour was form-fitting, it accented all her details worn and was blast-proof. Her lips thin and blue-eyed. Heavy bones and muscles to match.

Private Benny Fells a male was carrying the heavy laser, it is a rifle that fires heavy rounds that we're able to cut through most types of armor. He knew how to use it, and when to, He was a mite smaller than his Sargent. He also carried with him a sword to defend himself. He was long-armed and strong about the chest. gave him a thumbs-up signal to indicate he was alright. His hair was short had a beard and a mustache black hair, built like a bull, Deadly when provoked.

Corporal Joan Derrick was a female carrying a laser rifle. Was petite, her hair cut short, her eyes glistened and were hazel. Had full lips, well endowed were her bust. She looked at him a winked cheerfully. She was the sniper of the unit. She was tall and bull-headed. Redheaded with freckles. Her grin got to everyone.

Private Mark Jackson male carrying a heavy laser he chewed his gum that was always in his mouth. He was never without it there. Short but strong. Black haired and a mustache. He seldom smiled. He was quick-witted. His form was muscular. as he looked at Bucka had not a care in the world.

Corporal Johnny Heartas is a male carrying ammunition of the lasers and the cannon. Big and muscular, strong-willed. He drank a little too much. He had blond hair and a beard. He disliked working for the unit but knew he had to do this. Was massive. These muscles were most pronounced,

Corporal Terence Jonder is a female surgical specialist. Her hands were like a typist, they moved with the greatest of ease. They were long. Her eyes were Grey and were usually closed when she was working on a person. Gave him a thumbs-up.

Private Carrue Killata is a male combat specialist. She carried a crossbow and dagger. She was a brown-haired. Small in size, Delicately framed. Looked at the weapon she was carrying to see it if was missing anything, but all was where it should have been.

Corporal Roxy Mindel female technician for electronics Her eyes were red as blood from an artery. Her hands were thin and her frame petite had a big chest. She enjoyed her work, wondered what was up, and looked him over like he was leftover food from the mess hall.

Private Kilauea faced Bucka and said, “What are we doing?”

“There is a ship there. That has sent out an SOS signal, that we received.” Bucka said as he tapped the screen.

“I have been having nightmares. It involves a book in a room,” Heartas said, he shivered witnessed Bucka tap the screen.

“Not to worry,” Corporal Derrick said as Heartas winked at him.

“Don’t worry,” Private Fells said as he was looking at her.

“Yeah, right,” Corporal Heartas said, nervously looking at Corporal Derrick.

“There is no way, you have to worry about it. You have me,” Private KIlata said as he walked into the armory. With the gentle sway of her hips, she looked things over. Smile appreciatively

“Not another test,” Private Fells said as she drew up the heavy laser and the medical kit. Ran to the door to board the shuttle. Captain gave her the thumbs-up sign.


Bucka had to be careful as he flew the ship to the docking area of the ship that attacked. Watching everything, pieces of machinery, other things on the dock and bodies hanging in the ship’s docking area.

“Fraid not,” Bucka said as he maneuvered the ship to be able to enter the docking system of the other ship waited until he saw the light turn on, but didn't. There was no change in the light. Found was unable to put the ship down on the dock. The hatchway did not close to allow them to dock without atmosphere with support from the ship they entered.

“Be careful, I think the enemy may be aboard the ship,” Bucka warned upon spying the ship It did not look like the Imperium shuttles that should be there. He anticipated it to be the enemy ship. It must they were aboard the ship.

Bucka looked saw no threat there. It should have engaged, but did not. Bucka said, "So we are going to have to engage manually. It was risky. The chains had to be engaged. We are going to have to secure the ship."

That would take time, would be a danger we will be exposed as if we do this. We will be protecting ourselves from the enemy. Sweat ran from Bucka’s brow.

He drew up his rifle and walked out of the ship, watching the area. He had to be cautious to stay alive. His eyes danced from machines to crates floating there.

They had to be cautious of the air. They had enough for four hours, before the tank emptied. we do have enough Oxygen. With ease, Bucka thought.

There was another ship in the dock. It hadn’t come from the Imperium. Was heavily armed. The measures that we can not use, we have to use gaining access.


The ship that was there, worried Bucka a lot. It meant that the people who attacked the ship were still upon it. Seeing

the bodies drifting about in the docking area made it apparent that they put up a fight. There were people laying in armor like

Bucka’s own crew was.

The machines that were there were no longer having human’s to man them.

Bucka was worried that there may be more of them in the ship. He did not want to be surprised

by them. He emerged from his ship, he tied to the shuttle to stay with his crew.

They had to secure the suttle to the dock. Had to be sure that the other ship had no one

in it. Decided to swim over to the other ship. There was no handles on the door to enter the ship. There was a touchpad there There were symbols on it he did not recognize.

Bucka went back to his ship. Withdrew some c4 to destroy the ship where the enemy maybe. If the door

was to open it would explode. Never be able to fly again.


He returned to his shuttle, opened the door and secure the ship to the docking area.

His crew tethered together by a rope, Would have to do this with no mistakes.

His squad floated to the top of the ship to acquire the chains to do this

The docking took 45 minutes. we still had ample oxygen in their tanks. Saw doors to the docking bay locked and sealed.

Bucka’s squad found dead bodies of them both friend and foe. .Having died in their armor. The foes' bodies were in another form of

armor. They were drifting about. One floated over to where Private Fells was beside a crate tied down and saw a head of a wolf in

the helmet..

“The wolf-headed beings we suspected attacked the shiip. They have five fingers. It is dead.” Private Fells said over the

comlink peered inside the helmet..

“Wolf head. Wasn’t there stories about them involved in space travel?” Corporal Derrick said over the comlink..

“I thought, that was just a story that other space explores said to enhance their stories,” Sarge Bucka said, he had heard the

stories, but never believed it

“Well, seeing is believing,” Heartas said..

“I thought it was a myth,” Bucka said.

“Maybe we can take them by surprise,” said over his comlink to his crew, as he walked onto the dock. He held

his laser at the ready. He began to walk towards the next set of doors that were closed. There were windows that overlooked the dock, but

he saw no one there.

So, no one laid in wait for our arrival there. The doors were sealed. He knew he would have to push the panel to allow the

door to climb open. It had been sealed. Which meant that the atmosphere was inside the channel.

The door rose silently. The other door that slid up, now began to seal again. Watching he saw the small thing rise into the

air. He witnessed thing slowly beginning to climb and float away. They had to close the door or it would become decompressized.

They would be bleeding air from the ship to the outside of the ship. So he knew that there was no pressure to hold things down.

The air went.

There was were two doors there that had a screw-type handle on them. he was at. He began to wind down the screw on the

right side. The door he opened it in silence. since he wore his helmet, couldn’t hear a sound.

There sat another doorway there with a touchpad could have been sealed to protect the crew or whoever they were


A crew member touched the button on the door. The light did not go out or flash. It meant the crew sealed it. This also meant

they could be behind it armed. Was bloodthirsty fearful of who was coming in on them.

This made the hair on his head stand on end. Bucka knowing that he would be out of range for the radio to work aboard his

ship; once they entered the ship aware of this. warned.“We have to breach the door.”

Captain Mual said by the comlink to Sargent Bucka, “Get inside and find out what went wrong. Get back to us as soon as

you find out what happened.”

“We will as soon as we find out,” Bucka said as he lifted his hand to tell the squad to move into the ship’s inner workings. He

saw the door there, closed.

The door was sealed. It stood to reason that the ship’s emergency system was not online, They had sealed off the

docking system, meant they had no alternative.

“Okay,” Corporal Janna said as she adjusted the gun to position it before the door. The cannon was pointed there. The

gun would breach the hole this was something Bucka was assured of. She pressed the trigger.

The door vanished from view. Where the door was, was a glowing portion of light, and smoke rolled off the slag that the door

, now was. The door would melt. Smoke was a wash on the door frame.

“Got it?” Captain asked..

“Yes, we hit it,” she said back to him, she smiled brightly.

“Grab your weapons and haul ass,” Bucka said. As he lifted his fist up, opened it and pointed at the door.

“It will take some time to gain access to the ship, you realize this?” Mindel said as he looked over the instruments he was

carrying. Would be needed.

“Any information on the ship, that is there. We are about to enter?” Bucka asked.

“It is a class d Dreadnought. Was imperial markings on it. The ship is The Gauntlet listed as crewed by Captain Sonder.

There is no record of the ship being here. Perhaps it is doing as we are or maybe it was on a secret mission here,” Jewel said

“Why were there no indicators that it was there, aside from the ship being there,” Bucka asked he looked at Mindel watched

him check his instruments.

“I don’t know,”Private Jackson said as he looked over the ship’s passageway.

“Suspicious?” Corporal Heartas asked as he looked over Mendel's should see where Corporal Janna was going as she

lowered the ,cannon to survey the area where they were headed. She lay on her belly peering through the sight of it. Heartas

stepped over her, being careful where he put his feet. His boots were magnetic.

“Indeed,” Private KIlata said

“Can you see the doorway,” Bucka asked. As he walked with this crew towards the entranceway, keeping himself behind the

heavy laser and the medic. The ship sat there dromedary. The doorway had been blown. The door had been driven past the hinges of the

door. It lay on the wall. There was a passageway that went right and left.

A red light was flashing, to indicate that there was a breach in the ship’s exterior. It showed this to them. At least they knew

the energy was still working on the ship. Which meant life support was working here. That was good. Why had the ship’s docking

system was disabled did not make any sense to Bucka? Why send out an SOS? If you were not going to accept personal help?

Answer the communication that had to you?

Corporal Derrick entered first he looked to his right and left. The floor had a red stain on it. Then ran from beneath the

door. The floor shifted as his foot came down upon it. He was nervous, why had they sent out a distress signal and refused to

allow anyone on board the ship. He saw a bit of odd color that was there. It looked like it was black. Possibly a fabric. His

oxygen tank had a lot of air in the tank, so he did not have to worry about that.

His next footfall fell as he began to rise. The next person in line was attached to him by a cable as were the others who

were there. The next person looked a might concerned about this happening to him.

Corporal Derrick felt ill at ease. The hatchway doors were closed. This meant the ship was losing not atmosphere here.

The ship’s automatic systems should have sealed the ship from this problem. He checked his weapon, the charge was full. He was

reassured by this advanced further.

The crew with him were wary of what they were doing here. The seals for the door was blown never to work again. This

they knew as a certainty.

The ship was deathly quiet, this was due to the armor we were wearing. The silence ate away at our nerves. The only

things we could hear the sounds of our breathing, and our heartbeats as well as our voices on the comlinks. It was deathly quiet, our

footfalls were those of our marching stride was deafened by the armor..

We looked about in fear, what happened here, why had the ship sent out a distress signal. Why had we not encountered

anyone? Yet.

There was a right and left passageway ahead. There were passages about four feet apart from each other. Corporal Derrick

turned to see what was there. Personal lockers and weapons to be drawn were there.

This was where they would suit themselves up for a battle or recreation. At the end of these two passages were cylindrical

doors sealed.

There was a button on the side of the door. To decompress ionize the passageway. Corporal Derrick hit the button on the left

side. There was a feeling of movement they felt something begin to climb above them, they knew it was air. They were relieved by

this happening. The door opened, We walked inside looking about to see what we faced. Closed the door, to gain access to the

rest of the ship without losing any more air that we would need to breathe once our tanks ran dry.


“It feels like a trap. What have you walked us into?” Corporal Derrick said as she leaned against a wall and changed her

battery for her laser and glared at Sargent Bucka.

They (his squad) were standing before a wall that concealed them from view in the entranceway to the dock. They had not

drawn any fire there. They felt reassured that no one fired at them. They saw bodies laying about the docking bay, floating away

from it. No gravity here. Machines had floated away from the area. There was a ship that had been attached to the docking

bay, It looked, unlike anything that the Sargent or his entry crew recognized. It enormous. It looked more heavily armed

their own ship.

The dock was without any armaments of it. It was not designed to stop anyone from gaining access to it. Where the

ship would receive the vessels from other worlds and their own people in their shuttles.

“I don’t know, we are answering an SOS signal. That’s why we are here now.” Sargent Bucka said. wearing white
armor meant that they would be going to war. His armor didn’t cover his head, his helmet was in the pilot’s chamber of the shuttle.

“Have your sensors picked up any life forms?” Corporal Jonder asked as she peered out from behind the wall where they

were hiding.

Corporal Janna checked the cannon to see if it was indeed with her safety on it, She checked the sensors gave her no I

ndication of life.

She said, “Nothing?

“There may be someone or thing behind these doors,” Corporal Jonder said as she drew herself further into the corner

drew her bags with her, motioned for the others to join her there. The area around them right now, seemed dead of life.

“Than we have to get there. Don’t we?” the Sargent said as he looked at the doorway

Corporal Janna laid down in the middle of the corridor and fired the cannon at the door, she felt exposed being there.

However, she knew she had to do it. As soon as she did this. Corporal Heartas walked over and spun the wheel on the

cylindrical door.

` As they sealed the other door Private Fells did this. A shot came her way. She was afraid of this. It was not to kill her,

but a warning shot.

Bucka removed his helmet hand he heard a faint voice in the chamber to his left said, “Friend or foe.”

“We are here answering your distress call. Does that answer your question.” Bucka said to the voice, he held up his hand to

indicate he had heard something, here.

“It does, I will lower my weapons, step into the corridor,”. The voice said.

Corporal Janna saw a man stepping out from behind the debris that was there. He had in his hands an assault rifle, on

his back was tank oxygen she figured. His helmet was off. He had hair to his shoulders. Her body was encased in armor as well.

Private Falls got to her feet walked casually towards him. She was still in her spacesuit, began to remove her helmet. It

felt good to breathe air that wasn’t in a tank. The cannon still smoked from its muzzle. She brought up the cannon’s muzzle to

point at the ceiling. Walked towards him and said, “Friends?”

The figure was lowing his rifle to point ta the ground. He said, “Hi. I am captain Sonder. The ship has been under attack for

quite some time now. We have been fighting as soon as they appeared here. I don’t know how long we have been fighting seems

like days.”

“We noticed the damage. What happened?” Corporal Janna asked as she disengaged the firing mechanism.

“I rightly do not know how to explain it to you, I can not make heads nor tails about it my self,”the captain said as he put his

rifle back on his shoulder by its strap.

“Can you tell us anything else,” the sarge Bucka said as he stepped out of his hiding place.

Captain Sonders motioned for them to come forward. He smiled easily.


Private Fells walked towards him, the muzzle of his heavy laser pointed at the ceiling, he seemed relieved upon seeing him

there as did the rest of them. The force advanced towards him, he drew back. He stepped to the right so as that he could allow

them some shelter he was clearly frightened his hand hoovered about the stock of his rifle, he looked quickly over his

shoulders to see, what is there? He asked, “Did you see them?”

“See who?” Corporal Janna said as she looked at him trying to establish some type of confidence in him. The area looked

dimly light the area were quite always away from them. He almost suspected he would see an animal appear there. The floor littered

with blood and bodily tissue.

“The enemy who attacked us. They tried to get the item, we have aboard, It is something, we have to keep safe.” Sonders’

said brought the butt to his shoulder covering the area.

“Where is the item, you are talking about?” Private Jona said, carrying the other heavy laser worried. She wiped her hands

off the dirt that was on them. Where they presently were was where crates and boxes were. Some of the boxes were open. Her

blonde hair was done up in a page boy fashion. She was strong..

“It is the crew's area,” Sonder said, it has something about it that made the captain of the ship nervous. “I seemed ill at

ease when the item was received by us. The person who delivered it to us seemed relieved about giving it to us.”

“Where was this thing going?” Heartas asked. As he quickly about trying to see if there was anything to be further worried

about here. He held the ammo box in his two hands. It was a heavy lift even for him.

“Eighteen sectors away from here, It is for a trial, that is happening there,” Sonders said in explanation to its arrival

on his ship.

“What trial?” sarge asked he was now even more interested in whatever he was talking about. He hadn't heard anything

about a trial anywhere.

“Someone is accusing a witch of witchcraft. The beings that attacked us, told us they wanted it. If we gave them it. There

would be no trouble. The thing is the evidence that we have to bring to the trial,” captain Sonder said with a grimace. It was

as though they were pulling teeth without any pain killer to fix it.

Corporal Jonder could not shake the feeling that he was worried, his eyes darted about the area, the rifle held when not

in use. His hands clutching the rifle as though his life depended upon it being held there. He spat out some saliva after he

removed his helmet from his head. She was skilled with a scale and gauze for the wounds that they would receive if she was

needed to do this. Was afraid of something.

Captain Sonder release his hands from the rifle He turned and lead them further inside the ship. He seemed nervous and
said, “Follow me. We have to be careful, I don’t know if the enemy has left the ship. Mind you from what I have heard over my
comlink they are still here.”

“What can you tell us about them?” Sargent Bucka asked as he wiped his brow to keep the swear out of his eyes.

They made a turn walked quite a ways inside the ship to arrive at a door, it looked like it was the bridge of the ship. He
slipped the gun on safety. He eased open the door.

A mess. The helm empty of life, there was nothing there that indicated life. There were bodies strewn about in the
chairs where the crew would be sitting. There were a few soldiers who were there also, The soldiers were dressed in combat
armor a lot better than the group who had come a calling to help them out. Dead. The garment was fatigues, that they were
wearing. There was a body with a crossbow bolt through its back. The body had pointed ears, there were fangs in its mouth an
appearance of a wolf or dog for its head. The hands looked to be human-like, the feet were in boots.

The bridge llike their own. It was spacious and filled with controls that would aid a ship in doing whatever they were
doing. There was a screen showing, where the ship had been harmed. Where there was no more atmosphere. Huge
sections look like they had been taken out, by whoever attacked the ship. That explained why the sensors weren’t working. If
dressed in armor having oxygen tanks to breath with, then there would be no signatures.

There were bodies everywhere. The panels that aided the ship had been damaged. It was a wonder how they sent out an
SOS with all this damage here. Some panels were about waist high, which had chairs beneath them as did their own ship.

“Is the radio still working,” Corporal Mindel asked, as she headed over there to take the seat of the figure in it. The
figure had taken several shots to disable it from a heavy laser if she was to judge the size of the wounds on him.

“I don’t know for sure,” Captain Sonder said to her, as he watched her lower the body to the floor.

Corporal Mindel put on the headset to start working with it. Said,” This is Bucka’s squad. Can you hear me,”

Inside their own ship, Lance corporal Jewels had been trying to communicate with them ever since they walked inside the
craft. She was relieved by hearing the voice of Corporal Mindel. She said,” Yes, we can hear you. Is anything wrong? Or have
you made it to the bridge? And that is why you are communicating with us?”

Sarge walked over to the body lifted it from the floor. It was heavier than it looked. The bolt went through its chest in the
front. He turned the figure over so that the captain could see it? He asked,” Who is this?”

“One of the parties that tried to board us," Captain said, as he looked at it. His eyes rested on its face. The nose was long
and had a black triangle of it, the mouth was extended to the tip of the nose.

“Who are they?”

“I don’t know, but they knew we were coming here?” Captain said. As he looked away. There was a body on the satellite
unit, its head was cleaved off the body. The head lay on the floor of the ship in this room.

Several other bodies were here. one of the human’s sat in the chair of the navigator, it head had been cleaved from its
body. The figure was seated before the orb. The orb had been damaged, which meant the ship was disabled. Blood dried and
stained the body of the human and the ball that supported the ship.

The humans were dressed in the clothing of the imperium. There were six personal dressed as guards for the bridge, they
were dead. One of them was a chard mass, there was no armor on the body it had run off of the body. He lay pushed
against the wall to the right of where the communication officer was seated. The communication officer was still there, with a burn
mark on its chest cavity. Seated in her seat, a laser lay on the panel where she was to work.

There were bodies wearing fatigues, their heads were wolf-heads. They were eight feet tall. An assault rifle was used to
kill one of them, They had human-like hands and feet in boots. Few of the others had been hit by laser fire. Their weapons of
choice were laser type weapons, and medieval weapons like a heavy crossbow bolt which tore through the armor of people
manning the attack systems. It ripped a hole in his chest the size of two human fists.

The wolves could be killed. Sitting before a panel which the sarge recognized as similar to the one that the captain wore. This
body was sporting a bullet hole in the back. The body facing the panel before him, its hands rested on the firing panel. There were
a few bullet holes in his back. There was a body of wolf’s head and human form beside the human’s body on the chair as dagger had

been driven into the person’s chest,

“What happened?” Sarge asked as he looked about he was bewildered by what he saw. None of this made any sense. Who
would dare to do this?

“We were attacked by them,” the captain said. As he peered into the sergeant's eyes, his eyes shifted nervously about,
cleared his throat, rubbed his hands together.

“Who are they?” Sarge asked as he wanted to know what was going on here. The ship was where it should not have been,
there was no record of the ship being anywhere near here. Was this classified? If it was he did not want to have anything to do with

“We don’t know,” the captain said. His voice was breaking as he said this upset. Spit.

“What were they after?” the sarge said, he needed to know the answer to this, but this was not in any way his mission. He
does not work for the imperium? Well, he does in anyway. The Imperium has sent him here.

“I suspect it was something that we acquired at the last place we arrived at.” the captain supplied, nervously. He quickly
looked away.

“Can you show us what we have been sent here to help you with,” Corporal Mindel asked.

“Yes, I suppose I should. But there is a possibility that some of them are still here. Micheals report, you are to man the
bridge,” captain said over the comlink.


The Captain Sonder lead them down another passageway. It looked to be where the crew would stay on the ship, he drew
up his rifle advanced down the passageway. He didn’t make so much as a sound as he did this.

They could hear the sounds of a battle going on. Well ahead of them. They saw lights and explosions had gone off here.
The walls marred with scorch marks, and pieces of explosives lay on the floor. They saw a corporal leaning against a wall. He held
an assault rifle smoke coming out of its muzzle.

They stayed behind captain Sonder, with their weapons held at the ready. This place looked dark, there were no lights that
were on the area that this was. They heard sounds of weapons being fired. They saw lights explode from the explosions. Lit up
the area. Some people were hiding beside the doorway. These people llike those that the captain saw

One of the soldiers drew something up and threw it into the passageway before them. They were al most on top of him. He
did not see or hear them. His only knowledge at the moment was that he had to clear the area.


As they had begun to back out, they saw black flames climb up the walls. There was a coldness to these flames. They were
frozen in place as fear held them there. They saw mist rise up from their armor, they felt the chill of these flames.

The other members of the squad stood there/ Just outside the door to the room there rose a wall of darkness. They were
unable to enter the room, screams. Also, animals barking and snarling. The embers of the squad that were outside of the room tried to
walk into the room, They found that they could not move a solitary muscle towards the room. They were frozen in place.

Although they only saw darkness. However, it was as if there was a wall there instead of an entrance to the room. In the
darkness they saw a two shadowy forms that looked like dogs. Their eyes glowed with an unholy fire, When their maws opened
they saw huge sword like fangs, fires and smoke rose out of them.

Inside the room, the soldiers were there. They were unable to move, It was as if they had been put into a mold that they
were unable to break out of it. They saw animals whose their shoulders were four-foot height. The dogs looked like dire wolves. The
wolves charged.

They were afraid.

Private KIlata thought, I only saw a woman and a baby in here aside from a book. There were no more dogs or wolves that
were there. Certain of it. He refused to believe it, but the wolf held him tight to the floor like a thousand-pound weight. Its muzzle
was on his throat, its fangs sinking beneath his flesh. He knew it was not true. Yet he felt them there on his neck, Pain rolled and
consumed him.

Corporal Heartas lay on the floor, the dog's fangs began to close in on his arms. The fangs were running with fluid, whose
fangs were foot long. Heartas reached out and grabbed the dog’s muzzle. Its eyes glowed a fiery red color. It cut through the

darkness as a hot knife would cut through butter with that much ease. The fangs tore a gaping hole in the armor at the wrist of
the hand holding it there.

Private Kilate felt a chill as the fluid touched his arm, and the fangs sink beneath the armor. He felt blood began to flow from
the wound. Released its muzzle drew up his weapon. It took him a long time to do this. It was what appeared to be hours if not days.
Afraid of what it had done to him. He screamed, “NO!”

The gun went off.

The room was suddenly immersed in white light. They could now see, but they saw what they did not want to see. The dogs
were there.

Jonder had been held upright with the maw of the dire wolf on his throat, Corporal Jonder had brought his gloved hand
held the dog’s muzzle from coming down on his neck. Private Kilate was also visible the dire sized dog had his throat in its maw.
Unable to move now the dog had him. Feeling the fangs sink into his flesh The armor did not stop them from doing this to him.

Slowly an eternity the dog vanished. Its fangs turned to mist. The damage it did was real, blood ran from where it touched

down on him. The dents in the armor were real too. It was visible for all to see.

The wall of darkness faded to nothingness. The others there saw nothing, just the two of them laying on the ground arms

moving as though it a fight. But there was no one there to fight.

“What the hell happened?”Private Jackson questionied trembling.

“I suppose, I should have warned you.” the captain said.

“You suppose?” the Sargent said. What did you think, I would do. If I knew this to be fact, Send someone in without any
precautionary things to be done.

“The book is possessed,” the captain said as he was thinking about what the Sargent said. It made sense,

“The book is possessed! You say that, now,” the Sargent said as he glared at him.

“I did indeed say, that,” the captain said as he watched him back up.

Corporal Janna chooses to run inside the chamber and drag out the two who were in there. He saw the book lay on
the bed. Its bindings open and the pages lay exposed to the light. Something crawled across his back and his shoulders.
He felt a chill crawl up his spine, he heard heavy breathing, There was no one there to do this, under his arm lay one of the
two brought out of the chamber. Saw he was not in the hallway. Somewhere else. Saw an open cage. There hung a key from his hand.

The bars were bloodied and had flesh dangling from the cage. He looked about and saw beneath the cage which hung above the

ground blood and decrement. There stood a woman holding a bowl of what he took to be eyes. She drew her nailed hand into the bowl drew

one out. Blood and a tendril hung from it, She smiled at him, popped the eye into her maw.

Her skin was scaled, her face was that of a human’s as it had a nose, mouth, and eyes also hair that grew upon her head. It was black

as night. Her eyes were elliptical in shape. The pupil filled the interior of the eye. She said, “ Yes, I thank you for coming here!”

“No. I did not come here!” Heartas exclaimed. He reached for his weapon a pistol. His hand slipped right through it. Was
an image of one instead of being one, He tumbled to the ground.

The rest of the squad whirled about to see him. He fell to his knees. He pleaded, “NO. Release me!”

“What’s wrong with him.” Private Derrick asked as he watched Corporal Heartas knocking his revolver out of its holster to
arrive on the floor. Derrick jumped on him before he could do anything else.

“I don’t know,” The captain said. He looked worried about what he was seeing happening here at the moment. He
did not have anyone of his ship do this. What's happening to him. There has to be a reason that this is happening here. What’s
the explanation for this; there has to be an explanation.

Private Derrick fought with Corporal Heartas to try and make Heartas realize where he was and what he was doing
there. Heartas struggled and fought as though his life depended upon his eluding his capture. He saw the woman trying to
capture him. She held him. Heartas fought till he was exhausted. Derrick relieved when he stopped.

The other two who had emerged from the chamber. They seemed very afraid of what they saw there. They were bleeding
from bites by the animals that vanished from view. The animals that were not there. Yet they had evidence of the bites on their
flesh and their armor.

The cause of this was a book! How could a book do this? No one read any of this book. Yet they saw a baby and an old
woman holding
the aforementioned book. When they came there. The Sargent thought as he looked at the captain who leads them there.

The captain looked relieved of them finding this out. There was a reason to know this, did that come one wanted the book.
They willing to kill for it. Whatever this was? it was important; to find it.

Sargent went back to the radio to confirm what they had found there. He was afraid of what this book had meant to someone
else. They tried to kill to gain access to it. He was afraid of what they had found there. The captain seemed to be so casual about its
being there. So, calm as if nothing phased him.

He said,” Jewel can you hand your comlink to Captian Mual?”

“Captian Mual here,”Captian Mual said as Jewel handed him her link, she looked upset.

“We have found what they are carrying to be what the other ship wanted to acquire?” Sargent Bucka said he sounded
nervous and afraid of what he found. He knew Captian Mual believed in demons and ghosts. That was thanks to their going
through warp when the demons could attack the ship. He also believed heavily in god. He would no doubt ask God to protect
the ship. As Sargent Bucka seldom saw him without his bible near his right hand. Sargent Bucka could rest assured of this

Capetian Sonder as his skin turned pale just from hearing this, he was frightened and knew that Bucka did not say
anything was not real and so he said,” What is it? That was responsible for the destruction of their ship?”

Sargent said, “A goddamn book. Is what?”

Captian Mual looked at Jewel who had handed him her comlink. So he could communicate with the squad that was
there and he asked,” What is it you said. A book. What book is that important to gain?”

“Captian Sonder, this book is possessed. We have experienced that ourselves, two of my soldiers were attacked by
something. That bite them. It drew blood and punctured their armor. So, we know it is real, but we did not see anyone there
that could do this. And another soldier has come down with a hallucination of a woman eating eyes. Her skin was scaled.”
Sargent said.

“None of this makes any sense?”Capetian Mual said as he looked at it, bits of it still falling away from the ship littering the
area where it

lay. He knew of nothing or no one who would attack a ship like this. It was an imperium ship, that made it feel more loathsome.
Who would dare to attack a ship such as this.

“You're telling me, I saw it and know it happened here,” the Sargent said he wiped his brow with his sleeve. The fabric did
not draw up

the fluid there. The dried clay and metal did not do this, Sarge did this as he tried to reassure himself. The armor felt cold as
Ice as it touched down.


“ I understand!” Captian Mual desired to keep his ship safe from what the other ship had aboard it. A possessed book
did not sound like much of a threat. He knew possessed things were diabolical objects. He did not know how the object would do
something. Worried about what it had did in the ship. Letting us know it was possessed.

Corporal Mindel heard more of the soldiers engaged in combat with the enemy over the comlink, before Sargent Bucka
got there. So, she knew that they had been fortunate thus far. She had told Sargent Bucka of this. So, he could decide what
they would do here.

“So, what do you want us to do?” Sargent asked as he had told him this. He felt he could feel fear in his voice as he
spoke over the comlink. His voice was breaking up. He struggled to speak. His voice came in gasps.

“Leave the ship!”Captain Mual suggested, he did not need a possessed book in his possession. He had enough problems as
it was with his crew of the ship.

“I don’t think you understand. That is an imperial ship. That means that they are the people who will have our heads on a
platter. If we don’t do this!” Sarge warned, what was he thinking, It was an imperial ship that they found here. Wasn’t it? Yes,
The imperium would be asking questions about their ship being here. Where they had headed in the direction of it. Even if they
did not meet it. They would want to know what they found there in its place.

“We can claim we weren’t here,” Captain Mual said as he thought about it he smiled as raised his fist up as though to
throw a knock out punch, inside the bridge of his ship.

Jewel sat watching Captian Mual, smiled confidently, and said, “We still going to make a profit. Aren't we?"

Captain Mual did not hear her, knew they had better leave the ship alone to protect his ship. He wasn’t still


“What happens when they find out we were here.” Sargent Bucka said as he tried to reason it through in his mind. He found,
he was afraid the Imperium would think. He knew they would not be impressed with him doing this? Would they?

“They won’t,”Captian Mual said, hoping he would listen not challenge him.

“What do you mean?” Sarge Bucka said, could not grasp the situation or captivate Mual what said.

The captain closed the comlink.
“So the discussion is over. Great! I will not allow my captain to commit murder. I don’t know how many
crewmembers are alive there. But I will do my damnest to help them leave the ship.

He opened the comlink to Janna and said<” Ask Sonders how many of the crew are still alive?”

“ 1600 thousand give or take a few.” Capetian Sonder said.

“Lovely, we will have our hands full of trouble.” the sarge said.

“What's wrong? Sarge?” Janna asked.

“The captain wants us to leave. He doesn’t want anything more. Damn him!” Sarge said back as he closed
his fist
envisioning his hands about captain Mual’s throat to squeeze the very life out of him. To have him understand what he was asking

them to do. He knew these thoughts could get him killed at the very least. Thrown in the brig at the least for the rest of his life.
Neither one of these thoughts were appealed to him.

“How do you propose to do this?” Janna asked as she heard the numbers that he was wanting to send over to their ship. The
ship will be crowded. Someone farts we all will be dead.

“We will find a ways to do this.” Sarge Bucka said. He was worried about what he was intending to do. The ship's crew had
to be saved. They would make some fine coin for that relic that this ship[p had in it. All they had to worry about was what our captain
would say if he finds out I brought it aboard. Or the wolf faced people find out we have it.

He walked back to where his squad was. “We will take your crew with us and also the book, but no one is to speak to
about the book,” sarge warned, his crew waiting for him.

“How are you going to do this?” Corporal Kilate asked as he had seen what the book had done to the two members of the
crew. It could harm anyone who came in contact with it. Was there anything they could do to protect themselves from its effect.
She did not know for sure, what they could do to protect themselves.

“I don’t know for sure.” Sargent Bucka said. Approached Captain Sonders and whispered,“What can we do to protect
ourselves from it?”

“I think, there is a carrying case for it?” Corporal Better said hearing Sargent Better. Having recalled the four people

brought in the book. It was in a white box. It had on religious markings to protect the crew from whatever it was that they
brought it in with.

“Where is it?” Sargent Bucka said as he watched him shift and move about as though afraid his feet were and hands
shifting about. His skin was white as snow.

“In the chamber, where we put it!” Corporal Better said as he looked Sargent Better.

“Are you sure about this.” Private Fells said as he looked the Sargent over, there was sweat on his brow, his skin looked a
little pale. Opening and closing his fist was worried about something, He felt that it was the book. Their own captain would not

be impressed with its arrival there.

“Yes, I am, “ Captain Sonder snarled.


The Captain sent out four of his people to acquire the book. Sargent Bucka followed them to the chamber. He watched as
they walked into the chamber, having to be careful. They walked silently to get to the book.

The book lay open. The tallest one walked over to the book and reached out to gingerly close the book. The book
closed without incident. The two reached the box, opened it without marking a sound. The fourth member of this group
reached out to help the tall one to lift the book into the box.

It took forty minutes to do this. They were wearing spacesuits. The two were carrying the case to the other two. They
slowly effortlessly closed the case, closed the clasps on the box.

The captain wiped his brow. The box was the size of a metal ammunition case.

“There’s more to it than what you are saying to us. Isn’t there?” Corporal Derrick asked knew how the captain felt about
things were possessed. They should be destroyed on sight. Not carried away by us. It would not matter how much capital could be
made on it. Was trouble. What it meant. There were no two ways around it. The captain would want someone’s head fro this.
Corporal Derrick knew that there was no way he could talk him out of doing this. He knew the sarge was counting the coins he
would gain if he brought this to someone desiring these objects. There were quite a few cats that wanted things like this.

Corporal Mindel came along quietly as they looked things over. She would get them to their ship. She looked hesitant
about what Sargent Bucka was going to do. She was afraid, she would have been scared further still if she knew what he
wanted to do. “What is the number of the crew we are having board us?”

Sarge gave her the figure.

She winced, it would mean that they would have quite a bit of difficulty in doing this. She knew it would mean trouble for
the crew of the ship.

Sargent Bucka got back to their captain and told him that the ship was going to be taking on their crew.

The Captian skin grew very white, trembled as he said this, “What do you mean? I told you to leave the ship. Didn’t I?”

“I will not allow you to kill them. They are human beings. It would be murder if we were to do this. Won’t it?” Sargent
Bucka said, hearing the anger in his voice. Bucka had to steel his nerves as he did this. He could very well expect to be hanging
for the yardarm of the ship, if the ship had one of them. He knew it didn’t. He felt fortunate, that they did not have this.

“You may kill us all. With what you are doing! Damn you!”Capetian Mual said as he walked the shuttle bring him some of the
crew. Just yet


The shuttle arrived at the docking station. The door opened and the people came out of it. They headed towards the person
wearing a spacesuit was there to guide them inside the ship. The people looked wary of what they were doing here.

The ship went back to the other ship to have more board the ship they were on. It would take a couple of weeks to have all
the personal leaving the ship to arrive there. The rooms would filled with these people.

The book needed to picked up and delivered to the ship. The crew who were there did not know that Sargent Bucka
had brought it over to the ship. He had arranged for the book to be carried over with it in a box that was sealed. The box was able
to keep the book safe from scrutiny of the captain. He had told the other captain this also told him not to speak to anyone
about it.

The captain choose to have them destroy the other ship. He felt it would destroy the possessed material aboard the
ship. He watched as they destroyed the ship. He smiled and said, “There the problem is solved.”

Sargent Bucka smiled as he thought, the object was possessed,captain Mual belies he destroyed it. I am fortunate that
the ship has been destroyed. However, he has to think it's gone. I have to allow him to believe this. However, how will I explain
the two members possessed by it.

He put his hands together knowing full well that it would be noticed. When it’s maligancy was felt.

They walked back to their quarters. The two affected did not appear different or so he prayed. Their dreams were
affected by the possession of the book. Corporal Cindy Jonder was sensing that something was nearby. This something
caused her to be afraid, She saw a deamon walking towards her. The deamon had six legs and a torso with four arms, the
arms had five fingers a piece. The feet were cloven. Its head had thousands of mouths and eyes. There was no nose or
ears. The torso looked like a man’s torso. It began to walk towards her.

She opened her mouth to scream, Her scream was deafening. The deamon took no notice of it. It laughed uproariously.
And said, ”Quiet. You know you are mine? Don’t you?”

The scream woke the other member of the ship who was stationed there. She lay in an upper bunk. She peered down at
her. The light came on. The other three beds were vacant.

Sargent Anne Draw stepped onto the floor to look at her friend screaming. Her skin was now no longer pink as flesh usually
is, but white as chalk. Her hands held the blanket to her chest. Her knuckles were white from blood loss.

“What’s wrong Cindy?” Sargent Anne Draw asked as she touched her hand. She drew her hand away as though afraid.
Her eyes opened as she looked into the eyes of Anne, Her eyes were huge. Anne knew she was frightened by something,
but what she did not know.

“I don’t know, I saw something. I was dreaming I guess,” Corporal Jonder said, “I must have been.”

“What did you see?” Sargent Anne said, tried to calm her as she smiled at her and patted the pillow that was beneath

Corporal Cindy Jonder’s head.

“I can not explain what I saw, but it frightened me,” Sargent Anne Draw said as she glared at her. She was afraid of what
had happened to her. There was an explanation that she was frightened.

Corporal Jacky Heartas could not relax. She had been given a room with which to sleep in. Calm as a grave. Quiet as
the dead. It was her room, She should be able to relax. Yet she could not. She was pacing around in the bed. She could not sleep,
she had to get to that box. She must get to the box. When the door opened, she burst through the door, In her hands she held
her heavy laser. She knew she would not be stopped until she got there.

She had to get there? Had to destroy the deamon that.


Corporal Jacky Heartas walked steadily down the hallways get to where they put the box. He did not know for sure. But

knew who brought the box. Where they would put it? He felt he should be able to figure it out. He put the butt to his shoulder by

its strap. He had to look calm and casual doing this.

He entered the mess hall. Was food being served. Smelled the aroma of it as it waffled into the air. Thefood looked very

good, it was excellent. He grew hungry from its scent and saw it having been brought to the soldiers there. It looked most

appetizing. Seeing Corporal Tony Mateas lifting a cup up to drink.

Corporal Meteas was the woman he was looking for, as she was one of the people who carried the case out of the ship and

was a body-builder. She hadn’t a noodle in her head to think with. Whatever she was told she did. Looked at him as he stopped

beside her table. Her brown eyes rested on his face. He looked frightened by something. What she did not know.

He said, ”Where did you put the box?”

She looked at him again, trying to figure out what he was saying. The flight crew who brought the crew of the other ship

back had a box with them. Was this that box he was asking about? If so, no one should know about this box being here. She

asked, “Corporal Heartas, what are you talking about?”

The mess hall had quite a few members of the crew here along with the newly acquired crew as well. A few heads turned

to see who was speaking. A few of the new personal looked worried. Three of four of them rose from where they sat eating and

drinking. A private walked towards the table, where Heartas and Matea were. He glared at the Heartas. Slammed his huge fist

down on the table. Hoping to frighten Heartas to leave her alone.

He stopped just behind Heartas reached out to grab him by the shoulder. Heartas quickly turned about and grabbed the

man’s hand in his own grasped his elbow and threw him onto the floor on his face. The man drew himself up from the floor.

The people cast their eyes towards the table. Some of them moved about as though to get to their feet.

Meteas slowly drew herself up, glared at him as he watched private get to his feet.

“The box Sargent Bucka had you haul out of the ship?” Heartas said, he was not going to allow that box to be aboard the

ship, Knew what it contained. Had to be destroyed going to see to it.

“I did not see any box. Did you Charles?” she asked the person who was seated next to her. He was deadly with his feet

and hands. He smiled easily. Heartas knew how deadly he was. Saw him fight, Saw what happened to the person he fought.

His body was muscle, and what wasn't muscle was built for speed and grace in combat. He was what their Capetian Sonder

needed an MP for he was it.

“This box poses a threat?” Charles said as he glared at him. Looking at the others gathered behind the private. They

drew back as they saw him rise. When he was to lookat you knew what fear was.

“It does,” Heartas said as he looked at him and choose to back down. “The box is aboard isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Binder?” Meteas said as she sat down. the other sat back down.
again, She eyed

her meal, drew up the cup to consume it. Coffee was as strong as iron is hard.

“I know it is here? I hear it calling me. It wants me to find it,” Heartas said as he turned about and headed out the door of the

mess hall.

“The box is calling him, Something must be wrong upstairs don’t you think?”Charles said as he watched him walk away,


why he was armed. At least he hadn’t wore his hat. If he had it may have been more enjoyable for all who were here.

Meteas wondering about what they had brought from the ship to their own. She hit her comlink to communicate

with the Sargent that brought the new personnel from other ship and the package that the crew were nervous about having been

brought out of it.

She said, “Sargent Bucka.”

Bucka was having a cocktail in the bar when he heard her voice over his comlink, he said,” Bucka here/. What’s up?”

Meteas said, “Corporal Meteas here, there has been an inquiry about the box. We brought aboard our ship.”

“Who made the inquiry?” He snarled, His skin drained itself of blood, he was concerned. He needed this information never

to be spoken of before its arrival on their ship. He knew what this book could do to his own crew members. He closed his eyes

and saw the dogs biting Heartas and Jonder on their arms and neck. The fangs sank beneath their armor into their flesh. Was

frightened by these dogs doing this to them. Worried about Captain Sonders speaking to his captain. If he did this. He would be

headed for the brig. If not killed on the spot.

“Corporal Heartas did this.” Meteas said as she looked about the mess hall been aboard the ship, when she arrived there.

Someone from the ship that they aided in leaving their ship.

“Damn, him. What did you say?” Bucka said, hoping that she denied seeing it. Much less helped in moving from there

to here.

“I don’t know what he was talking about? Do I?” Meteas asked curious about this. More curious then ever, what was in

the box. What is the technicians of the box. Why was Heartas so interested in the box.

She knew where she had left it. In storage bay three. She would have to find out now. What it was? Wasn’t going to

find out.” She got up and headed towards where the other captain was. The one who had been aboard the ship. From what

she understood would be probably talking with their captain.

She headed towards the bar on the ship. It was no doubt where he would be would be no doubt there. She walked back to

her room lifted her purse from her locker. Walked back to the bar. The bar was filled with people. The bar was filled with people

walking about talking, alking loudly amongst themselves. There was music that poured through the rafters. It was packed, so tight

she could not move a solitary inch without stepping on some one’s foot. She looked about saw Captain Mual talking rather

animatedly at another person dressed in the garb of a Captain Sonder of the imperium.

He looked concerned, his eyes glanced away from Captain Sonder as he was speaking to him. It looked as
though was

distracted from whatever Captain Sonder said. His eyes were upon Sargent Bucka as he stood there at the bar,

Meteas looked at the captain, she tapped one of the people there to speak to Captain Sonder. The person had to strain to

hear hervoice. He nodded. .

He looked over and saw a brunette with silky blonde hair. Her eyes flashed briefly, at him. He turned and left Captain Sonder

standing by himself. He continued to talk.

He struggled to leave the person hea s talking to, It took him a considerable time to arrive before her. His uniform looked

like it had been through a battle, it covered in blood and flesh from the combat that he had undertaken. His Grey hair was long, his
eyes were gunmetal grey. He was tall. He said, “You wished to speak to me? Miss.”

“Its corporal Meteas, sir. I have been thinking about the battle on your ship.”

“You are interested in the battle are you?” Captain Sonder asked he did not believe that she had an interest in the

battle. Concerned, her features were fetching. Her form was thin as a whip and her legs were long and sensuous. She waited a

moment as she thought about how she would broach the problem that had been set before her. Thanks to Corporal Binder’s

insistence to see the box.

“The beings that attacked us,” Captian Sonder said, “They looked like wolves, that could walk on two feet and having

two hands to hold weapons in.”

“And what did their ship look like?” Meteas asked as she watched tears brim his tear ducts and flow down his cheeks.

“The ship was huge twenty kilometers in size. It was bustling with weapons. They used their torpedo first to hammer our hull.

Our crew tried to fire at the launch tubes, than they hit us with their cannons and lasers they cut us to ribbons.” He said, as he

recalled it, his memory of it frightened him. It sobered him up from what he had drunk.

“It dwarfs us, in size and scale.” Meteas said as she herself longed for a stout glass of booze. A good-sized gulp of it

would do her no harm.

“The enemy sent out several ships to board us. By arriving at our docking system and ramming the ship. The ship tore a huge

rent in our ship. Trying ti find what they sought.” Sonder said as he looked at her.

“They gained access. How did they get to your bridge?” she asked as the door to bar opened and few other men petered

out of it.

“I can understand that. They forced their way through the ship. Our crew did the best they could do in this matter,” Sonder

said as he stepped inside the bar.

“What were they seeking” Meteas said as she held his hand in hers.

“A book. That’s all.” Sonder said, he turned and looked away from her, his skin grew cool as absolute zero. She saw smoke

ooze off of him and crawled into the air.

“You had your crew killed for a book.” Meteas asked trying to decide what she had heard was right.

“That’s right?” Sonder said. He pulled his arm away from her grasp, and threw out his right hand to strike her.

“Why?” Meteas said she could not understand what caused him to do this. She was not afraid of him. She stepped aside from

this hand striking her.

“This book is able to keep the deamon held in its bindings. There is a trail that this book must be brought to end this. The

hunger of the book bought and sold souls because of it. That is what this book represents!” Sonder said. “Let me be! Damn


Other people emerged from the bar. Meteas thought I had better tell. Captain Mual this and right about, now.


Meteas walked into the bridge later on that evening to talk to Captain Mual. The bridge was calm and peaceful. The

navigator looked at her as she walked in, Jewel knew she should not be here,

The person handling the navigation did not see her arrive. Sargent Bucka was there watching the screen to see if anything had

come into the sector.

“There was nothing that could be wrong.,” Captain Mual said as she walked onto the bridge.

Corporal Meteas frowned as she saw Bucka there. She knew she would have to talk to Captain Mual privately. She


“Captain Sonder, I need to talk to you. Privately.”

Captian Mual looked at her a might confused, he smiled broadly as he turned to speak, ”What is wrong? Corporal Meteas.”

“It is serious. I have to talk to you in private.” She warned him as her eyes hung on Sargent Bucka; they did not waver from

where they rested. The captain's eyes followed hers to face sarge Bucka. Wondered why they rested there. Her face twisted in

disgust about something, that he could not rightly understand.

“Of course,” Capetian Mual said as he walked towards her.

“Thank you, captain,” she said as they began to move down the empty corridor that Meteas had come from.

As soon as the door shut. Captain Mual asked,”What is wrong?”

“Captian, do you know, what Sargent Bucka had brought aboard the ship?” Meteas screamed her voice was louder than a

gunshot without a silencer as she looked him square in the eyes.

The Captain Mual did not know, what she was talking about. He stared at her, waited. Finally said, “Yes, I know that he has

brought aboard our ship the crew from the other ship. I told him not to, but he refused to listen to me.”

“Than you don’t know. Do you?” Meteas said as she looked at him stonily into his face.

A couple of people walked into the corridor to see who was yelling here. They looked as though they may have taken

exception to this.

When they saw Corporal Meteas standing there yelling at the captain. They were dumbfounded seeing this and hearing. One

of them said,”Captain are you okay?”

“Yes, Lieutenant.” He said to them. “The corporal wants to tell me something? Don’t you?”

“Well, the Sargent has brought something. That he shouldn’t have brought aboard the ship. You should talk to Captain

Sonder about it. He is afraid of it!” , she said as the lieutenant looked at her.

“Do you need my help, Captian.” the lieutenant said as he walked towards the two of them. The other member who was

there stopped at glanced at the Corporal yelling at the captain. He knew no one should do this.

“I don’t think, so. Calm down, Corporal. Calm down.” he said as he held her wrists in his hands.

“I am calm.” she said as her voice broke, ”I must tell you to talk to Captain Sonder.”

“You don’t give orders to me, Corporal. Do you understand me?” Captian Mual said as he glared at her.

“You have to...” she said, tears were running out of her eyes. She trembled as the fear rolled through her. She felt to her

knees in deep sobs,

Captian Mual turned about and left the area.

She rose to her feet after a while of crying there, she chooses to go and find out where they put that metal box. She had to

show the captian what she was atlking about, maybe then he would listen to her. She decided.

She had to protect the ship from this book,what it did to the crew members came in contact with it. There were.three

dead people because of it. One acting a little odd. The book was the cause of this. Wasn’t it?

`Maybe she could have Captian Sonder tell Mual what he had found when he took the book aboard the ship. There were

odd reactions from some people involving the book. That maybe how she would do it. She walked away, from the area she was in.
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