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Samantha was a sweet girl with a rough past. Angie... was the exact opposite.
"ANGIE!" Samantha screamed as she was being tickled, though she didn't enjoy it, she still laughed and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend. "Girls. Get ready, we have to drop Samantha off." Angie's mother said, walking into the living room. Samantha got up the second her girlfriend stopped tickling her and ran to grab her things. Angie pouted, watching Samantha pull jeans on and put Angie's hoodie on. "Babe I gotta go, I'll see you on Tuesday," Samantha said putting her shoes on as Angie kissed the girls lips. "I love you princess. Be safe." Angie said and Samantha nodded and left out the door.


Angie sighed as she looked at the time, 11:46 PM, there she was, a cigarette between her lips as the smoke lifted up and vanished. She knew it was wrong, after all she was only 14 but, she had gotten addicted to the smell and taste of cigarettes, though it wasn't very good. She continued to type away on her computer, as she inhaled the smoke through her mouth, felt the sting of it in her lungs and watch it flow out of her nose. She played with her lip ring with her tongue as she felt the burn... the same piercing she had done about 20 minutes ago by herself. Her phone lit up, notifying a text from her friend Maggie. 'You want a joint or two?' the text read, Angie ignored the text, she had told Samantha she'd stop smoking anything... she had already failed with cigarettes that night. You see. Meet Angie, she's 14, she trains horses, dances, and is a writer, she turned Samantha gay.., and now Angie's best guy friend, Gabe, was in the hospital for attempted suicide, she was gonna see him that weekend when she went to her dads.

That weekend Samantha would also be with her after she went to see Gabe, that is if she could pick her up. As if all the thoughts came crumbling down... So did the tears down Angie's tears. Her face was covered in tears within a few seconds as she sobbed and put the cigarette out.
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