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An elderly man is engaged in a phone-call to provide details bank for a stranger.
"That's great, we're almost finished with the process, Mr Oakely. Once you've done typing on that file, hit the Enter key to rename it."

"Alright, the Enter key. Let me see here for a minute. Oh, I got it, done!"

"Fantastic. Remember that picture of the envelope at the bottom of the screen we were working on before?"

"Yeah I see it."

"I need you to click on that so we can bring the email back up again, now that the file is ready."

"Is that a left-clicker or a right-clicker?"

"That would be a left-click, sir."

"Sorry! Just hit the right-click. Ok, now I've gone done the left clicker and the screen is showing that letter you wanted me to write."

"Nearly there, Mr Oakley. You can rest easy knowing that your financial affairs are secure after this has completed. All that's left is to attach the file."

"Attach? You been talking all new stuff to me. You mighta guessed already that I'm not used to this techo-wiz stuff. None of the youngins get nearly this far in showing ol' grandpa what to do".

“It’s a learning process, sir. With enough practice: it feels as natural as walking or climbing a flight of stairs.”

“Unfortunately, these legs don’t favor either. I’m surprised your company can make a profit helping old coots like me protect their money.”

“Well-err, it’s a Government grant. The Government wants to ensure your savings aren’t targeted by hackers or …. scammers. That’s why you’re sending these bank details and statements, so we can prove the job is done.”

“And how’d you get ma number?”

“The internet uses the phone, we detected a threat and traced it back to contact you.”

“I guess that makes sense, so now what do I do with this attach stuff?"

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