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by NG
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writing is an ideal job.Do you know the effort you have to pay?
         Among massive of opportunities, to be a writer is very special choice because the unique object you deal with is words. The biggest enemy you meet in this kind career is yourself. This is a lonely but prosperous journey. It requires insistence and courage as well as unlimited hard working in input and out put stories and wisdom. Miss Yan regarded professional writing as a kind of normal work. She nourishes a peaceful but enjoyable heart to embrace this lifestyle and working status. Someone has told her that a professional writer requires 30% gifted talent and 70% hard working. She was a bit suspicious with that judgement and discovered the answer in the lecture.

          What impressed Yan most in her early creative age was that she has been chosen to study in America by the American embassy to study writing for sometime. In the period of time, the American style training system in producing new writers was very strict and standard. This brings Yan an idea of studying abroad in America which has a deep and useful effect in her later writing life. At the very beginning, she has a very poor English foundation, but improved very fast in 1 year that she has passed the TOFEL examination reached 570+ score and got the offer to the college major in writing. She is also the only Chinese in the history of the university and she rewarded what she had done to gain the scholarship during the study time.
         In the lecture,it detailed the very methods teachers in the school training the students. For example, the teacher provided a noun and asked them to use more words to make the word more vivid and fresh. Or, sometimes,they need the students to describe a very tiny thing or objects and organize them as a part of the mind structure. They requires students to observe things by mind and heart,using the virtual eyes inside to give the answer of the questions. Maybe the gifted talents are very important in this industry but the skills like switch the psychological roles are also very useful and influencial.

         As a professional writer,she declares that to be responsible for what you are doing is more important than how much you are earning. This kind of obligation has urged her to step into a better situation to go across the difficulties. The writer, who has got a massive of unlimited freedom made her believes that she can't live without writing. She believes that we all have to accumulate and learn or even suffer for what we what to create in books.

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