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terror of the sea
" A ship sent out a sos signal." I said as I opened the door on this hellish night.

" The sea was rough, waves frothing and breaking over the deck. No man nor beast should be out in it," I said as water poured from my overcoat as I walked in the tavern. The barkeep looked at me, as he wiped a glass clean behind the bar. It was usually where I would go to drink after my shift. I am an ensign of the coast guard

"But we are the coast guard. It is our duty to respond," I said, the barkeep nodded in agreement and said, "Rough night! Be thankful that you made it back to shore!"

"That I am." I said as I took a seat at the bar.

Lightning lit the sky. Thunder howled and roared.

"Why were you out there?" the barkeep asked.as he stared at me.

"We received the ship's hale.!" I said as I accepted my glass of whiskey from him.

"so?" he said.

"Turned our boat about to sail into the gale force winds that were a blowing there," I said lit a cigarette and breathed in its plum for lungs to accept..


"So, we are going to check it out, We do not understand why no one has gotten back to us on the radio," I saId as I picked up the glass to take a sip.

"I see."

"So, our captain chose to send us there," .

Barkeep looked at the door, as figure came in from out there. A draft rolled in on me and him.

"The ship looked like it was abandoned. The deck was covered in debris from a fight that we assumed happened here. If it was abandoned, then it is ours. The sails were torn from their rigging. The bow and aft were just a churning to stay right side up, I said.

"It was then that I heard a sound. The sound was barely above our hearing threshold. In the gloom. I saw a figure turning to face me," i said and trembled just recalling the vision.

"I did not know what or who it was. Perhaps it was who sent us the SOS. I thought. The figure grew in size to the height of a man only bigger. In the murkiness with the water and this figure. I saw a shadowy figure shift and move from where it was standing towards me. I tell you,". I said.


"I felt a chill that filled my veins with fear. The figure turned to face me. It smiled, I saw fangs in its mouth. I reached down to draw up my weapon. It was a colt revolver 45 caliber rounds are fired from it. I drew the revolver, to be safe."

"What did it look like."

Well I didn't see it to clearly. But I know it saw it. As clearly as I see you. Its eyes were elliptical, they were golden. The ears were pointed, the chin was slight with a bump on it. His face was bearded. Musclar, heavy footed. I don't know how he kept upright with water and wind taht was blowing," I paused to gain some air.

The barkeep's eyes hung on me.

"He glared at me and said,” So you have come?”

“Why are you here.” I asked.

"“Because I am, I told you, humans, to steer clear of this region of the sea. It is mine!” he lifted his right hand up to show me his fist."

I shivered, not because I was cold. "Because of what I saw. Him!"

"He vanished from view, I was still there. Quaking in my boots." I said.

"I tell you. I saw him," I told my crew mates as I walked into the tavern. The chill of the water was still in my bones. My nerves were on edge. I knew that face. But from where I didn\t know/
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