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Done without a deliverer.
Special Delivery

Marissa began the long climb up the stairs to her fourth floor apartment.

“No mail again,” she sighed.

She had just inserted the key in her door, when her toe kicked something. Looking down, she was surprised to see an overstuffed envelope.

“My stars, what’s this?” she muttered as she bent to pick it up.

She hesitated.

Shaking her head, Marissa stepped over it and went inside. Going to the utensil drawer in her kitchen, she pulled out tongs and went back to the door. Gingerly, she picked up the surprise and carried it carefully into the kitchen.

Dropping it into the sink, she blasted it with water from the taps. When it was thoroughly soaked, she lifted it out, still dripping, and set it on her dish drainer. She put an ear down to the damp paper.

“No ticking.”

Carefully, Marissa opened the now barely damp item. A cloud of slightly the worse for wear magic dust half-heartedly burst from the wrapping. It spelled out:


“Oh no! It would have been so beautiful too!”

When the greeting settled, she saw there were other things.

“A wand!”

She picked up it up and hugged it until it cracked in protest.

“What’s this?” she said aloud as she fished what looked like a horse pill out of the quickly dissolving wrappings.

Peering at the tiny script on the cylinder, she read: “Drop me in a glass of milk”

Pouring some into her largest one, Marissa watched. A tiny cat grew in the glass. When she saw it struggling to get out, the new graduate helped it.

“You must be my familiar. I see your name is Hecate.”

Last, there was a scroll.

“A diploma! I didn’t know the Salem Mail Order School of Witchcraft gave one out!”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2199840