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a story about a handicapped woman
Fawn Nightingale Heights
Diana was a handicapped woman who lived in Waverly Heights she was a young woman struggling to fit in. She often lacked a lot of self esteem. She didn't feel whole until she went to business school and learned computer. She did not excel in math or in essay writing she had no idea what she'd do with her life. She wanted always to be a nurse but now that she's older she found that she liked writing even if it was not very easy for her to do. She asked her fiancee Graham and he said for her to go for it.
Due to her past experience she knew what she had to do but unfortunately she lost a lot of her writing books and other things because of a recent bed bug infestation. It was very hard for her to cope with the constant irritant of these bed bugs. They were already in the walls of there over thirty year style apartment building. There were a lot of problems with the up keep of the building. Grant tried to help but he was limited in the time and energy he could afford to put in. Grant was busy with the local Stallion games he chose to run. Also he was already deeply committed to his volunteer involvement in the Prince Edward Island Diabetes Association. Diabetes is a long term condition where a persons body doesn't produce enough insulin. People have to take their meals on time and they can't have any sugar..Donna was with busy being a full time housewife and grandma. Jackson was busily running around taking toys away from his older sister Lindsey. It was still hard to have bed bugs and cockroaches and be unsure or unable for Diana and Gregg to fathom how they could be constantly living with bed bugs. This heard for Grant because he had paid this man Barney Dicks to clean up the place. Really hard to believe it there was 18 bags of clothing and other things. It was just very hard to be living through this. Aside from this Occasionally Diana and Gregg still think of their penguins and the many squirrels outside. Penny would shortly be a product tester. She would hope that everything turns out for the best. The days are becoming colder and shorter and the climate is changes some days
are hot the weather and the ice in the arctic while watching television Diana and Gregg learned this Penny wondered what she could do to help oh the three R's reduce reuse, recycle. That could be a big start and continue to recycle at home. Diana went to her test at the healthcare hospital she worried prematurely because she was given a straw and asked to blow out and then drink something that resembled a lemonade mixture and wait 30 minutes in the waiting room and repeat the procedure. Also in a week the results would be sent to the Dr. Penny just received a reminder call it was a recorded voicemail message/ Also Penny heard a treatment for paralyzed people that can help them walk. Penny also thinks about the thamide people whose mom took the named drug for nausea Penny thinks they should compensated. Because equipment alone is costly. She had a social worker Diana Wayne tell her that custom orthodontics are only a small amount of money of 50.00 that doesn't cover everything. Penny told Diana about Dan who had the same mental illness that Diana also suffered from. Also Diana suffered a Stroke and was unable to work. Sometimes people ere unable to talk and were paralyzed on the one side. But there were Stroke Recovery Association groups available where people could go to physiotherapy where they were given a range of range of motion exercises to stretch the stiff muscles and make it easier for the clients to move about. Also there were a yearly Christmas Party and games day and weekly art classes and a speakers bureau the closeness of the group and knowing people weren't alone and could have a friend to understand meant wonders to someone who had suffered a trans ischemic stroke and couldn't work or talk anymore or their families may break up as a result in some cases some clients were left with a mental illness or an anger problem as a head injury. But they had a feeling of belonging. They got a reminder of Bed Bug Spraying but nothing for cockroach spraying this time. Bug and Scrub didn't show up .Penny has a colonoscopy coming up on this Thursday so she should call telegraphese Hospital and find out when they have to arrive because they have to arrive earlier. Penny has to find if Gregg and her self have to book a medical trip from Social Assistance or take the Bold and Faster Transit System. Christina the staff supervisor sent down 3
a note to Penny that the shoe covers were here Penny replied shoe covers Grant is taking care of the shoes on prescription from Dr. Favio he is the nice foot Doctor that Penny goes to for her foot-care. No this was for the booties for the staff ordered through a home care worker named Bud Simon, Kelly Driftwood got it mixed up home care does supply them not independence for All. She is recovering from gallbladder surgery. So was Sally at the Knox ton Food Bank. There was test that Penny to on November 8,2018.
Penny ha diverticulitis Penny was worried about the people in California with the wild fires.
People should count their blessing which is what a lot of people forget to do. Praise should go the fire
fighters battling the blazes anywhere. Gregg went Prince Edward Island Housing Project to get a swipe card for the door. Staff like Penny and Gregg and they want to help Penny but the frustration for both of them is they can't find needed materials. Penny and Gregg slept a lot this weather makes a lot of people sick. Penny and Gregg went to Penny's Dr. she thinks she does have Barrett's derogates but the biopsy was thankfully negative. Penny does now have barrettes esophagus and she has diverticulitis
Now they have to again get sprayed for bed bugs and cockroaches. A staff person with the nickname of
Victimless Shelly Slide a staff person for the group who when Penny asked her if she would help her make the bed She said I'm not doing that. We are not supposed to do that Kelly Dryden phones and said Gregg makes the bed anyway. Penny was searching the internet and found a picture of a small dog named Lucy she was injured by another dog Penny thought where were the owners of the dogs.
This pet lose 3 legs are prayers are with this beautiful pet. Grafton Vet hospital is usually on the locally television. The duchess of Cranberry England was here to open the vet Some animals were strays and pregnant or needed operations in Cranberry England. Lassie was a collie in the early 1960's and this is a remake of the movie from approximately 2005 Lassie is a collie she is living in the woods the family of one child Timmy is about to get a visit from Lassie and a doggy named Maxine Lassie has come home. Lassie heart was faint she was checked out by Dr. Bunts and then the Vet team of Doctors
brought her to see Dr, Brunt and lastly Lassie was returned to her new family. And his granddaughter
Olive thanked him for the kind generosity he bestowed on the 8 year old boy named Master William Hawkins. Who was a now kindred spirit for the boy and his family. Penny has been sick with a follicle infection which was caused by bacteria and was put on medication for five days. There was a lot of bleeding and puss released and appeared very uncomfortable.
Penny received appropriate medical attention.
Cephalic were resistant to medication.
She received a call from Green Earth.
They said thanks for signing a petticoat
against the use of plastics being dumped in the oceans
so many animals have very little chance of surviving in the many years to come. Companies such as eateries have to change the way they do packaging of their products. The had a program on Market for a difference. Over the last month Penny spent her time writing poetry. She told Gregg when he gets his new freelance writer job working at this business firm called Accidentals Are Ours to Save there is a lot of business people and they work to recycle used computer parts. Gregg just has to type up the needed reports. And Penny will continue to write on the side she is collaborating with Francine Cartier- Ford. Francine has written a number of books such as Recycle that is the way to go. And recycling in today's World we can survive. Penny saw her squirrel friend Lexi running across the roof of an apartment building when Penny had pet rats they are very smart and can laugh just like humans. There has been current shows on drug abuse her mom Sally was on Chrystal Meth so she was and is addicted her five children can't endure her constant drug abuse. This woman can suffer from a drug induced problem..
Dementia also can be bad for people especially when they drink remove all the alcoholic beverages and seek support for their violent behavior drinking with dementia can cause brain damage. Seek support
from Alcoholic support Association. Penny and Gregg went to a world gospel choir they sang some up beat gospel music with when the Saints come marching in. Wait til I get on my robe Ipharadisi Jesu Munyembabazi Moving Up, Melodies from Heaven. I’ll fly away, Stairway to Heaven.
The last was important because their gospel choir sang with the band heart in Winnipeg Manitoba. Penny and Gregg were visiting relatives when they received two free tickets to the concert. It was an hour long concert and it was an outstanding performance and proceeds go to the churches community garden program from the sale of these great cds. Hopefully the church can host the choir again. It was nice that so many people were in attendance and that a kind lady at the church gave Penny and Gregg two complimentary tickets that meant a lot because 10.00 per ticket to some can be costly..Penny and Gregg went to church. The church takes about mothers and they had a play. I also was on Facebook and saw this puppy whose neighbor was abusive to the puppy even after the owner offered pay for damages the puppy’s legs were removed why people are cruel to defenseless animals, Put a lot of the puppies and other animals can excel at life like babies and children with disabilities. Penny wants to leave with her classroom and children that anyone can excel when somebody believes in them then they cam believe in themselves. Hercules was fitted with prosthetic limbs for his front legs and he was able thrive with the rest of the clan. Penny wanted also to mention even some animals who pass suddenly can leave a lasting circle of love. Which is just like moms and dads and family members and our friends.
Just take the time to say that you love them. Penny had respite and they also went out for Chinese food and smoothies later. And Penny could not get her card to work it usually has to be 4 numbers and not to carry the pin number with any other identification because with in the first year Penny lost her
possessions and had the pin number with the bank card. It seems like the world isn’t so trusting anymore. Just last week there was a shooting and a stabbing but you just have be aware of your surroundings. Buy an alarm carry less if you’re attacked yell fire. Are just a few Penny and Gregg
know about. Penny and Gregg’s book Sunny Stream and tales sold out on the shelf at Cols man book
store in Prince Edward Island..
Penny and Gregg found out they need another mattress cover as theirs has a broken zipper.
Bed bugs are sure a pain to get rid of. They will have buy another one but their funds are pending. Penny when she was up and typing on her computer and thinking about her deceased pets and what they meant to her. She spotted an article that said bed bugs have been around for one million years.
Bed bugs are still here. It’s hard living cheque to cheque The amount that you receive is 470.00
Our rent is paid direct. We are responsible for our cable amount 70,00 phone and the internet 130.00. Tenant apartment insurance is 30.00.Not everything is covered some medications, and bath lifts need to be approved by the individual case worker or financial worker.
If the social allowance makes a mistake it is clawed back as an over-payment. The.. .system claws back dollar for dollar. So Penny set up her will on line because if you don’t your family has to have everything in probate. So Penny saved that and Gregg will have to decide when he or if wants to make one..Penny and Gregg went to meet what they thought was the respite worker. Shelly called and said she couldn’t find them but Gregg didn’t see her yet as she called Diana the on call supervisor. So Diana said they’ll wait til Monday.
Also there was a gay pride parade Penny thought may she could write about other people’s negative attitudes can make it hard even dangerous when we don’t accept others differences whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. Ir’s their choice. It’s similar to racism attitudes. Or inequality of anyone it is not right. Just like when men get paid more them men for doing the same job. This is hard if your native, and handicapped, or refugees we as people can be too judgmental it is still not right. Penny painted Gregg another picture and because it’s good to sign it she did Wednesday June 5 th is also
Gregg’s 59 th birthday. Penny and Gregg saw animals Gregg’s family owned before maybe Casey and Skipper wanted to wish him a happy birthday. Penny's computer had a virus which meant Penny told
Gregg their writing may not saved but luckily it was. Penny and Gregg’s face place account not easy to replace and Gregg’s Grey flight e-mail also Penny’s This is it poetry for the novice and established writers of poetry, Gregg will help her in a few days, Computers Penny thought can’t it be cured with a medication everything is more advanced now a days..Due to the extreme heat everything Penny and Gregg seemed to do to cool their apartment didn’t help them feel cooler. Gregg is allergic to plant life so he is just all but passed out on the couch..But when the heat rises it can be dangerous most people should stay hydrated with a lot of water and use sunscreen and a hat.

Penny and Gregg have purchased a mattress cover for their queen sized bed it wasn’t cheap its cost was 74.00 which included tax. If it wasn’t for bed bugs it may have been not as costly.

Today is Canada Day July 1st and Penny and Gregg just stayed home the same with the 30th of June her parents would have been married 68 years of marriage. Happy Anniversary Caroline and Gordon Dockland. Gordon was a welder and Caroline could cook anything. Gregg’s father was a Radar Com Tech in Cold Lake Alberta. Gregg had to help Ronny a lot of the time he also suffered from Schizophrenia and Diabetics and had Autism and was mentally challenged. Gregg’s mom Jean was an avid bowler like Gregg was. She passed away from complications of Diabetics also. She also had Schizophrenia. Jean put together a video from the hospital she lived at in British Columbia. Penny and Gregg saw a documentary about Schizophrenia. Penny heard that self cutting was Ernie’s problem. He was a Doctor of English but no matter how educated he was the paranoia and female or male voices continued. To plague him. Ernie had the feeling of being watched..It’s people’s perceptions and judgments that hard to take. Ernie Paulsen had a family of four 2 boys and 2 girls. Eva and Jane didn’t have the disorder but Ryan and Lennon had the disorder. They were twins so they has a higher risk of Schizophrenia . Chemically there is too much dopamine in a persons system. Penny knew a friend Lindsay who suffered a brain stem stroke. The voices constantly tormented her. She was affected with one arm and both her legs were affected. She was married and had three boys Paul, Brent, and Trevor. They were all married. One of her sons dialed 911 when she suffered the stroke. Penny and Gregg know people with heart disease one man Martie had a stroke and his heart valve broke off he died in his mid 50’s. Penny remembers fondly his bright demeanor and his cherry red scooter which he skill fully drove in to the Stroke Club. Ernie Dawson lacked self esteem and would often feel depressed. His biggest desire was to help everyone but Gregg told him you have to look after yourself and rake your pills on rime. Ernie had a mental health worker and now so does Penny.. It will take her til about Christmas before she gets one because the waiting list is so long.. Penny told Diana about the art class that she goes to at Stroke Recovery Association Gregg and I are starting back after 4 years of not attending due to the bed bugs. There is bed bug spraying this Wednesday the preparing of the suite..
This wasn’t too hard this time because Penny and Gregg paced themselves and have very little left to do which is good. Penny ran over Gregg’s foot with her electric chair so it has been bothering him..He is watching the Transformer movie right now.
Gregg can’t find his swipe card and has to borrow Penny’s keys early today Penny worked on another short story which included the pet squirrels who like to run after one another and race up the maple tree. Penny and Gregg usually feed them food from the local food bank. Also they bring dog food for a male dog named Spencer and his sister named Brandy they are as taken with as Brandie and Spencer are with them.

Penny and Gregg went to Knox ton Heights church for the food bank. Gregg was exhausted while trying to carry a potato sack and a small cart. Gregg was suffering from his allergies and a cold.
Just 50 years ago was the first walk on the moon.

Penny heard of a real situation this man we’ll call him Brandon Wayne was a 21 year old student of teaching at the University of Whitefield The article continued on to say in large print that the young man was bitten by a bat.
Rabies symptoms
discomfort at the site of the wound
Cerebral dysfunction,
abnormal behavior

fear of water also called hydro phobia
If a vaccine given by a Doctor or nurse the person can survive. So be sure to get vaccinated and do your research into these disorders so you can be informed to protect yourself

Today Gregg and Penny went out to go see the squirrels who really liked the snack bars and blueberry muffins. It was fun when Amy and Amelia were chasing each up the nearest maple tree. Margot a neighbor was helping Penny throw the snack bars up in a hole in a tree. Penny has a pressure sore she has a Doctors appointment to check it.

Penny’s nurse had taken a swab of the area.
Penny a cat who was an orange color called Trident who was treated at the vet they put a muzzle on him which didn’t look too comforting. Maybe just put some soft music on and explain to your animals because they don’t understand what they’ve done wrong. There was a swipe card that Gregg lost which either the staff Emma had said ir was either a caretaker or staff she said that bot everyone would know Gregg’s last name I told Katrina that please give it to him. The schizophrenia was becoming apparent because of Penny having a pressure sore or a boil. And the side affects of the antibiotic are diarrhea and indigestion. These problems trigger Penny and Gregg depression. ####
Penny saw the nurse today and the went out to Boston Hut and Gregg had perogy pizza and Penny had Fettuccine Alfredo. Also they saw Andy and Olivia they still think of Abby and Lexi when their rats when they see them run around after each other.

So the bills are paid Penny still owes 90.33 for the cable bill at the end of August. They were busy preparing for the bedbug and cockroach spraying on August 12 th.
So they will finish later.
MSRA is a penicillin resist super bug . So right now Penny can’t immerse it in water. Penny watched a pet show Pat Grady where helpless animals are left there or mistreated there was a lot of darling animals please consider adopting one animals are great but don’t neglect or mistreat them one such dog was named Willow after Penny’s former pet rat she had eye problems and fur off her coat after much love and carrying she was adopted by a loving family and she became their forever friend..Please don’t be cruel to them volunteer or foster them so they can be your forever friend.

Penny and Gregg are going to the function for Penny and Gregg’s nephew and his wife this Friday
It should be a good time. It is in the Museum of Man and Nature in Prince Edward Island. Audie and Ollie were living with Grant and Dawn in this big house in London England so they had to book a flight to come back for the wedding reception. Grant found a reduced price of 141.00 per night at the Brocklaine and they accept pets for 25.00 extra so Ollie and Audi were thrilled no Kennels for them.
Her sister Holly had told her about the option when her and Darryl went on a trip to London England. Yes it’s great my little dog Misty and her daughter Sparky were thrilled to go with them.
Penny and Gregg are still very happy to be going to the reception. One of the staff Alana is from another country her husband is the security guard his name is Allie. Gregg and Penny are still combating bed bugs and cockroaches..
A malamute husky we’ll call Heidi needs to lose weight.
Natalia is a little poodle who is three months old and has trouble standing hopefully A pet for everyone has a veterinary who can help her.
She couldn’t be helped so she had to be put to sleep hopefully she is in Gods garden with Penny’s pet rats.

Bella a two year old cat fractured her tail. She has to have her tail amputated poor black cat.
Then another precious dog named Lola had a lump removed. This was only a build up of fat what a relief for Billy. He was able to join his owner and other dogie friend who came to the clinic to cheer him up..

Penny and Gregg went to a wedding reception for Penny’s nephew Eric and wife Rachel who originally got married in Los Vegas it was good to see Tim and Julie, Jenny and Rick and see Natalia and Mike, They are expecting a baby hopefully everything will go well for them. Tyler and Chanel brought Penny and Gregg’s great niece and nephew Jacob and Londynne. The were very sweet children..
Their grandpa Grant was nice enoug to call Penny and Gregg and find out how they were.
They went out for lunch and had french onion soup..
Penny and Gregg paid their bills and bought groceries and them paying for Bold and Faster Transportation..
Penny was interested in different cultures. Women have to wear a head covering when they go out in publc. Muslims believe in the Quoran.
But we must respect them all and not try to add or remove wording from them.
Gregg went to use their microwave but the cord is damaged.So she called the housing department for Nightingale Heights anf the maintenance engineer said I don’t know if they put them in but they can replace the vord. So Penny called Grant and she explained to them that they put in new microwaves on October 15, 1987.
Grant said call them in week and if they can’t replace it call call Grant and they will get them another microwave.
Also they went to Knoxton food bank and the food bank was last week. So they have to go next week.
They were outside and they saw the daycare children and little Olivua a little adopted friend of theirs.
Penny worked on a writer’s site critiquing other people’s stories. Penny and Gregg always watch Pat Cullen for the love of animals. One dog named Colo had been abandoned had a injured leg and she went into surgery and she was re homed.
Penny amd Gregg go to the poles in one week the parties are Green- the Live and the Make money fase for the people. But one is working fot more support for educarion, the Make money for the peoplr wants to put more money into healthcare. The Negativity patty wants to testore Healthcare and hire more nurses..
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