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Yar and Gus have been married and living in the same house for more then 50 years
Yar and Gus
It was a warm sunny day in Woodburn Oregon. The birds were chirping and the breeze was blowing just enough to make you want to stay outside all day. Yar and Gus knew what they wanted to do today the moment they stepped outside. It was their anniversary today and they wanted to spend the day doing what they did the day they met. So they booked a tour for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. One of Oregon's finest tourist attractions. They knew on this day 50 years ago that it was love at first sight, getting married immediately. During the tour they reminisce about their childhoods and past friends and family. They spend the day laughing and holding onto one another. Even the people around them knowing that it was true love and nothing could tear them apart. After the tour, they went out for ice cream. Still just enjoying life and the time they have had with each other. “Such a wonderful day hasn't it been sweetie? I mean if someone would have told me 50 years ago that id meet my one true love in a tulip field i would have slapped myself silly.” Yar says. Gus replies, “Yeah, well it has been quite a journey for us both. I wouldn't trade this life for a million others.” they walk back to the home they bought just a couple months after getting married. They have an amazing dinner and fall asleep in each others arms. In the morning, Gus wakes up first. Luckily he was big spoon so he doesn't have to move Yar as much to get up. He slowly stumbles to the kitchen and decides to make Yar breakfast in bed. Yars favorite was always frenchtoast with real maple syrup and an over easy egg. After making breakfast Gus sets it all up nicely on a little tray and starts walking over to the bedroom. He opens the door and notices that Yar hasn't moved an inch since he left the bed. Gus figures Yar is probably still asleep and will just wait until Yar wakes up. Gus thinks to himself “man Yar sure has been asleep for a long time now. Maybe i should wake him up? I don't know maybe I'll just wait.” An hour passes and now Gus is getting worried. He hurries to the bedroom and slowly opens the door. Yar still not moved since last night. Gus puts his hand on Yars shoulder. Its cold. So cold. Gus getting more and more worried. “Hey! Hey!” Gus starting to shake and move Yar ever so slightly. “Hey can you hear me?! I need you to wake up now your scaring me. YAR! Wake up!”. Still no movement or anything from Yar. Gus begins to cry. Horrified of what has happened to Yar. He doesn't want to believe it. Gus screams with all his might “Please wake up!! Don't do this to me!! Don't leave me!! What am I supposed to do without you? Who am i supposed to share my feelings with or go on walks with? Who do i pick tulips for now?” Gus breaking down into tears and sadness, falls to the ground holding onto Yars hand hoping there is some sign of life that will show itself. But nothing. Gus coming to his senses. “I need to fix this. There has to be something I can do!” without hesitation he rushes to the nearest church. “This is the only logical thing that I can do. I have to save my love!” Gus busts in the big heavy church door. The church is oddly empty but there is no time to lose. Gus falls to his knees, puts his hands together and to his head. “Please lord. I know im not one that comes to you for guidance and i know i'm not a prayer by heart. But please. Please help me with the love of my life. Please save Yar from wherever he is right now and bring him back to me. I have no one if i don't have Yar.” Gus finishes pleading to the statue of Jesus Christ. He hears nothing. Not a whisper. Gus becomes angry. Filled with rage he starts knocking down candles and knocking down books and banners. “Why won't you help me!?! Why cant you be here for me in my time of need!?” he falls to the ground once more. This time in anguish and defeat. He sobs over the mirror like floor. He sees something. Something floating down towards him. Gus looks up. “What? What is that?” he reaches his hand out to grab it. “Its… Its a pink tulip petal.” Gus immediately gets up and holds it up to the statue. “Is this your sign?? What does this mean? What do I do??” Gus hears a faint whisper in his ear. It's hard to make out. He listens as carefully as possible. “Go to him” the whisper says. Gus hearing these words, runs for the house. He busts in the door, breaking it down as he comes in. runs to the bedroom…. And Yar still hasn't moved. “I dont… I don't understand what this means?? What does this petal mean??” He looks down at the petal thinking so hard of what it could mean. Gus looks up from the petal towards Yar. Gus, still thinking Yar looks as beautiful as ever, finally comes to the realization of what he needs to do. A few months go by. Gus and some old friends and family are standing around Yars casket at the funeral. It's raining and no one is saying anything. The preacher in the background is giving Yars final goodbyes but to Gus the preacher and all the sounds around him are muffled. The people finally start to scatter away, giving Gus some time alone before the casket goes down. “I know that you passed away peacefully. But i can't help but feel responsible. You were in my arms. You were so soft to the touch. We truly had an amazing life together. And it all started on that tulip farm. I brought this for you.” Gus holds up and pink tulip. “I know it's not much but, someone told me this might help.” Gus places the tulip onto the casket and says “I love you so much. You were my one true love and you always will be. There will never be anyone in this world that makes me feel the way I feel about you.” As the casket begins to lower into the ground, Gus slowly walks away crying. A year goes by and Gus returns to Yar holding a bouquet of tulips. Every year after that he places another bouquet of flowers by the tombstone. One year, as Gus is walking up to Yar he notices a little itty bitty patch of tulips growing. So every year after that he waters them and waters them and waters them. Until they mature into full grown tulips. And every year Gus would visit Yar and he would talk to Yar as if He was there with him. Just listening to what Gus has to say.
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