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by Xiea
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2199878
It's for the WdC media prompt....
She danced that night like nobody was watching, probably because nobody was watching. It was late night and she was cleaning up the restaurant for the next day. "Shake it up, shake it up!", Taylor Swift was yelling her lungs out into our protagonist's ears, and she made her sing even louder by turning up the volume of her headphones. She swayed her hips, tried a failed hand stand and grinned like a fool. But she danced and danced. She threw her arms up in the air as if trying to hold on to something invisible there. This was the best time she had had in the past week.

As she danced, she began to recall all the shit she had gone through in the past week. She had been robbed and was so broke that she had to work as a waitress in some random restaurant, her parents refused to support her financially because she didn't take up the course they wanted her to, and in her worst time, her best friend, the one person she could share her woes with was busy seducing her ex boyfriend.

"Best friend, my ass..", she said, shimmying as Taylor rapped," ...My ex man got his new girlfriend..." She held the mop like a metal band vocalist, treating it's handle like a mic and putting her right foot forward challenging, and rapped loudly trying to make her voice overpower Taylor's. She headbanged to some melodies of the stupid pop song, snapped her fingers, tapped her foot, clapped her hands; she was unstoppable that night.

Suddenly she noticed a man standing behind the counter, watching her with a huge smile on his face. Her entire body recoiled and came to a halt at the sight of this stranger, and she stood still, feeling extremely abashed. She removed her headphones and asked," How long have you been standing there?"
"How does it matter?"
"Everyone leaves the restaurant by this time. I stay back to clean the place. I don't understand what the hell a customer is doing here. The place is closed and you shouldn't be here. That's how it matters. But actually, I don't really care about that. You saw me dance, didn't you?"
He smirked, widening his eyes in amusement and said," Oh yes! That was fantastic! 'Best friend, my ass' huh? Encore!"
"Shut up you moron!" She snapped at him. "No one was allowed to see that."
"So now what?"
"I don't know, you have to forget everything you saw somehow. Hit your head to this wall or something, see if that works."
"And what makes you think I'm gonna hit my head on the wall because you asked me to?"
" Nothing... Just leave... and let's both not mention this encounter to anybody for God's sake."
"I have a better idea, Paloma." Said the stranger looking at her name tag. "I'm Justin Timberlake and I got the permission from your manager to stay back and check out this place for a music video I will be shooting. I really loved your moves. Would you like dance for this music video I'm shooting this weekend in your restaurant?"

And that's how, Paloma got to dance in the music video of "Can't stop the feeling" and was seen by a million people across the world.

(PS: I obviously don't actually know how she got the part in the music video. Please don't look at this piece like its a real account, because it's highly impossible for a real account. Who just leaves a famous singer in his restaurant to check the place out without any assistance? My story does, because it's my brainchild and I might as well tell you that Santa's real in my world because I can do anything with it. Hope you liked it.)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2199878