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storm tossed sea
The waves were choppy and frothing with white. They crashed and burst against the rocks that surrounded the peer. The waves crashed and broke upon the peer, There blew a hellish wind that was there as well. It dared to throw man and beast about. It was mercy less.

I imagined the dogs of hell would be upon me. As I looked at the waves that tormented me. The waves were their gaping maws. They threatened to pull me from what I sat on to go beneath their murky depths. The water chilled my very bones.

The ship rocked and rolled beneath the deathly hellish waves that broke upon my vessel. It threatened to roll over to capsize. I clung to the riggings with my hands. Blood coursed and ripped through my very veins. The rope I held cut deep within my soul. Calluses would be there from this brackish sea, and this storm that rocked the vessel I was upon.

Blood ran from my fingers to drip and stain the deck. I had to keep hold or I would die. The storm was upon us. I prayed there were no more ships upon the sea than thee.

Its waves crashed and burst upon me as I hung there. Its huge waves washed over me. Threatened to kill me. Its waves hit me like a prize fighter’s gloves would a man before him. I was flung and thrown about like a sack of sand being lifted by someone trying to stop a deluge from coming in.

The fore and aft were awash in its gigantic waves. The deck rose up like it was a leaf in tremendous wind. Only to come crashing down again.

I heard a voice say,”We have found you! We told you not to dare go into the reef. But did you listen!”

I looked about for the speaker, saw him climbing up on the quarter deck. He was big man that spoke to me. I said,”I didn’t listen!”

“I know. Will you ever learn! You didn’t listen. Did you lad.”

I saw the brutes huge shoulders as they rose over the rail. He looked at me. He looked like a shadow, with the water falling upon him and me.

Lightning lit the sky. The thunder howled like a banshee. I swore I heard him, say this.

He walked towards me, as the waves crashed and burst threatening to throw him from the boat. Into the churning waves. He stood there, walking towards me, I was afraid his feet would not met the deck as he walked towards me. He kept on a coming.

I saw his hand reach for me. I looked into his face. To see a broken nose, chistled wrinkles, and bleu eyes, his lips were thin. I knew who he was my father.

I said, “Thank you. Father.”
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