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48 Hr. Challenge - Media Prompt
It was right up my alley when the music video, "Can't Stop The Feeling" By Justin Timberlake was talking about dancing. At a very young age, I have been in love with dancing. By standing on my dad's feet, I learned how to do the polka, hambo, and schottische. When I was dancing, I remembered how excited and happy I felt; that's how it all started. From that time on, whenever I would dance, it would take me from a depressed state of mind, into a more livelier and happy mood.

When I see people from all walks of life dancing on their feet, it gives me a good feeling inside. By having fun, it was good to see people actually enjoying themselves. Seeing others wiggling and jiggling their bodies to the beat and sound of good music, just tickles me to no end. Laughter to my soul brings a smile on my face.

Inspiring me to get in the groove keeps me alive and kicking. Jiving a little helps me begin to mingle. When you put your mind to it, it's amazing what you can do. When it's been rehearsed, a song that rhymes in a verse is so easy, when you can come up with a jingle. You can take a chance at romance if you follow your dreams, then you can see yourself kicking up your heels with a beautiful prance. When you've been greeted with a beautiful kiss, you may have been surprised.

If all these people can dance in a music video, don't cut yourself short; your confidence level can get up to a point of being in one yourself. By practicing real hard, you can arise to the occasion even if you're dancing in your own back yard. Be sure to disregard a bad rumor by becoming a real card at humor.

If you're worried about being slow, don't be. With your own style of dance, just remember to go with the flow, then you'll know just how creative you can be. By choreographing your own special music and dance, you may discover that you're more talented than you thought you were. Your originality can receive many praises, just by believing in yourself.

In the music video, the words are: just imagine, like the way we rock it, something magical, got this feeling in my body, sunshine in my pocket, got this feeling inside my bones, good soul in my feet, makes you want to keep on dancing, and, you just can't help yourself.

For making me want to get up and boogie non-stop, good soul in my feet are the perfect words for doing just that. To greet everybody, it would be very cool and very neat to click up my shoes by rocking to the rhythm of the beat.

Thank-You for this fine music video; it inspired me to keep on dancing with good soul in my feet, for something magical to happen, like jumping in the air with sunshine to boot.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, September 5, 2019
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