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Prisons for the mind.
In verdant woods, tall trees I climb
but nothing aids my ailing mind.

One room, two beds,
another voice in my head.
Three roads, four ways,
I'm blinded by the Sun's rays.

Times of joy I've left behind,
will nothing help this madman's mind?

Five stars, six cups,
a crimson hue stains my touch.
Seven souls, eight-balls,
promise not to leave these halls.

On earthen fields, I'm running wild
yet nothing heals a ravaged mind.

Eläköön kuolema. 1
Tulkoon valtakuntasi. 2
Tapahtukoon tahtosi. 3
Vihdoin anna anteeksi. 4

1  Long live death.
2  Your kingdom come.
3  Your will be done
4  Forgive me, at last.

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